Thursday, July 31, 2008


Its one of those days, am just feeling blue. I have a head ache and its been going on for like 3 days now i sincerely need to rest, not feeling too good. I thank God for life and opportunities to make things right & better. I am beginning to yearn to pray and am happy about that cuz all things by him(God) is joyous, peaceful and perfect one cannot go wrong with God.
I miss Nolar so much , he kinda keeps me level headed and makes me believe everything would be alright hmmm i cant wait to be with U!
Well its the weekend by tomorow and my uncle & his family are visiting form ATL, need to go do some grocery shopping and cooking. Also am finally shipping off my g/friend's baby stuff to her in Nigeria phew! finally. Anyways i av nothing much going on at the moment its past 10 and i'm the only one at work.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Its mid- week and i cant be any happier, its been a tug of war getting me out of bed these days.
I'm at work at the moment and i could not wait to share this with you. Ok so am sure u've read on my blog a number of times about my goals, what i was inspired to do, how much i wanted to follow my dreams well for a while now its kinda been like a chaotic world in my head what i wanted. I remember to pray and just leave everything to God, at his time when he has nursed me and he feels am ready for it i guess ill be up for it ..... my thinking!
This morning as i was in the shower, it just came to me a very random moment and as i smiled thanking God for a revelation of great things to come, everything started falling into place as i speak to u my mind is working, thinking of capital, publicity and all the ingredients to start this off. I am excited and ill definitely let u in on it as soon as it materializes, am keeping my fingers crossed and even as much as ill love to share this just keep your fingers crossed and "WATCH OUT FOR ME".
Lord i reverence u and am grateful for this idea, i take no credit lord and commit this project into thy hands, and today i make this convenant with u, this would be used to testify of ur goodness and the greatness of mind u have blessed me with. THANK U.
Anyways thats that, am excited and i'm beginning to see it all coming together, pls ur support and prayers would be appreciated and wont be forgotten.
For now ....Stay blessed

Monday, July 28, 2008


Good to be back hope u all had a swell weekend , mine well ill say was blessed thank God. Am back at work and hoping more like believing it would be a favored week for me.
On my way to work i was listening to some songs and i heard Monica's "Just one of dem dayz" how i longed to be a teen again phew! those days when things seemed Uncomplicated, parents provided everything for us and the reality of LIFE was carefully hidden from us till we were of age to face it, lol guess its our prerogative.
I have another set of interesting playlist but right now am listeming to ENERGY by Keri Hilson its a lovely song and am quite impressed with her vocals she is leading the way to the leagues of the renowned R&B singers. Former Destiny's child Michelle williams am grateful to God for, all the while she was in the group, she took the punches, the sarcasim, the humiliating comments as being wrong for the group, being a shadow of the group and all. When the group decided to split we all thought it was the end of her career, but i held on to something "she never for once fought for the SPOTLIGHT unlike her counterparts Kelly & beyonce who at all times outshined them.
In 2007, Kelly released her debut album which later got sidelined by the release of Beyonce's album and it got me so mad wondering when would this girl learn to just back down (BEYONCE) as usual the tussle was on and kelly's album got trashed and though beyonce's album was not as good as her debut album as a solo artist with DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE she still managed to top charts , get her spread in the monthly vibe magazine and our very own kelly got herself a dark & lovely spread and on the jet covers... what a shame.
All along, michelle stood back and watched not forgetting to pray for a headway in all or this chaos and as the good lord would have it, Ms Michelle is out with her new slamming single "BREAK THE DAWN" i bet she would grace the cover of the Vibe magazines with no other destiny's child trying to outplay the other.
Michelle Williams am happy for U, ur single is great, inspiring, lovely and classy video no cracking of hip bones or need for double D's to show she is a diva in every sense.....
Mola's net....
P.S - another song i recommend is from the most successful idol from Clive himself... Ms Carrie Underwood- JUST A DREAM

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hey y'all
hows everyone and hows ur weekend been? mine has been relaxing and yday evening went to the movies to go watch THE DARK KNIGHT, awesome storyline and concept, its sad Heath Ledger is no more his acting was second to none in this movie! And of course loving Christian Bale, my charming British Knight hmmmmm.......... i have a weakness for all these British men and a whole lotta other things ill keep in the private thots of my head.
At the moment am trying to relax as much as i can and prep my mind for another week so i dont get up all grouchy tomorrow. I need to hit the gym hard tomorrow , jeez had Ice - cream not had that in months and today was cuz i had my girl over or else its not even a question of having it but ill let it slide and just make up for it at the gym tomorrow. So far enjoying working out again and am beginning to get toned and i'm loving it and cant wait to get in to shape bet y'all can't wait either lol.
Ill definitely be back this week and keep u posted on whats going on at my end.
Love Mola..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ON MY WAY TO WORK..............

Hey y'all
Its moi again and of course u can tell am hyper tomorrow is friday, phew! need to be outta ere. It took me 45 mins to get up from bed this morning, sleep is so goooooood hmm hmm hmm why can'T we have a Holiday and call iT SLEEP DAY trust me it would be so honored.
Anyways so am here getting ready to get on the bus to work only to get on it and had to sit beside an annoying MAN yes i said that cuz i thot men were to be courteous, manly and sometimes people like this IDIOT i sat with today just makes us disregard our fine & better halves. Sorry brothers this guy just pissed me off on a work day , hell no u dont want Me in a bad mood..... The bus was crowded and there were two seats one in between two thick women which would have been uncomfortable for all three of us considering am a thick one too lol, then the other was by a window which the guy could have moved in so ill sit and not disturb the peace of others in that area stead, he turned and made me squeeze thru , thats ok he preferred to seat out but then spreading ur hunch of a back on the seat and ur legs like u r in ur living room did not fly with me. C'mon i was trying to adjust and all he did not even budge by now my insides were hiking to a 100 degrees but i played it cool after like 5 mins i was like what the use of my thickness so urs truly spread my shoulders and relaxed also, jeez on the bus why would u sprawl ur legs like that and for a man quite abhoring, i was mad.
I got down from the bus and cld not hide my anger had to tell my sis who kept laughing how annoying some pple are, cuz i dont just get it. U would see a pregnant lady, or an individual carrying a baby and standing on the bus and ur gumptions dont tell u to think of the child and get up or even for the elderly, hmmm sometimes i wish i could slap or beat the unruly acts out of people and i guess its ok for me to say THEY LACK MANNERS ON THIS SIDE OF THE WORLD.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hi y'all
Hope all is well on ur side of town? mine's good and we hope for better.....
So i was listening to my sis talking about the ESPY awards she watched last nite and how the miraculous story of NFL player KEVIN EVERETT touched her, it touched me beyond words of expression myself!!! He was trying to tackle another player almost 250 pounds and broke his neck, it was diagnosed he might not work again a 25 yr old youngster ....... i was short of words.
The ESPY awards yday hosted by Justin Timberlake presented him (KEVIN EVERETT) with the perseverance award and got a whole lot of people crying as they listened to what ill rather call his TESTIMONY instead of a STORY. He was told he might never walk again, he tried to reassure his friends, team and loved ones even in his misery and looked on to GOD.
I now sit down and look at myself and the fickle things i complain about when:
I have my neck on its spot,
My arms are able to stretch,
My legs are walking not a stick or chair,
I can see the beauty of Nature,
I can smell the rain,
I can hear my murmurs,
I can taste everything,
I am breathing with no aid just as the lord filled my lungs with air,
Yet i complain:
Am broke........... what about the beggars out there
Am big......... have u been to places like the Sudan or somalia where hunger is the order of the day,
Am single.......... do u know how many people scream for freedom from the prison of a marriage/relationship
I have too many friends.......... they make the world go round
I dont have any friends.........God might be trying to keep u from trouble
My parents are annoying................ If only u knew the % of children admiring ur life
My siblings are a pest.......................An only child's fantasy
I hate my job....................I am such a victim, have i checked the dailies to see people layed off or people under the bridges.
I hate my boss............. well u r still on the job, so hate him all u want

I can go on and on about things I complain or u complain about but it just hit me how UNGRATEFUL i had been not thanking God for all he has done for me, what he has saved me from and what he is orchestrating for me. I have people in worse situations than i am they still give God their praise how much more me?
I have almost everything no matter how much more i want, he is faithful when am not, he never gives up on me when i do on myself, he is the best friend ever now i wonder what is my problem???
Thank U dear lord for the GIFT OF LIFE

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ONE OF DEM DAYZ...........

Hey everyone,
Hope u are all fine? i believe so. moi ? well its just one of those days i seem to be asking a lot of questions, reflecting on some past, trying to deal with the present and wondering what the future holds for me. I am happy but at the same time sad, its hard to understand me sometimes and again its not,i have many of my friends tell me am as plain as white paper and its true.
I seem to be loosing my grip, well well let me not bore u am just in a place now i cant even comprehend.
I have been watching Heroes if u knw me by now u shld knw i watch all these shows once their seasons are wrapped up so i dont have to anticipate till the next week for an episode, so far am done wiv season one and it was such an interesting one, HIRO is such a trip especially when he tries to call Isaac mendez, Isak mendez its a cool show and am about to get on season 2 at least it wld take my mind of all this uncertainties............

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hello everyone,
Hope ur night was wonderful and y'all had enough rest (Kemi) anyways not sure if theres anything called enough rest except you are on bed rest. As usual am at work, i got in touch with my lovely friend today back home in Nigeria, i missed her wedding by a few days when i went on vacation last year and she gave me a website to view her pictures, O! she looked adorable. I must say her photographer's concept( i like and might be using him in a bit (lol).
So i was observing my alone time with God, " lord knows i try to spend time with him" and am grateful for his everlasting love. Anyways during my quiet time i read from OUR DAILY BREAD today's teaching and it talks about PRAYING, we all at some point find this difficult to do it seems like the simpliest thing but its the hardest sometimes..... I struggle to and its just the grace of God that keeps us all.
This teaching made a point actually two points and it ministered to me, 'If jesus felt the need to pray whats our excuse' I had never for once acknowledged or felt the significance of Jesus praying but after reading todays teaching i thought to myself .......I have no excuse and truth be told Prayer is the code to unlocking the mysteries of this life and it takes communication with God , its not that hard and i believe if we seek the holy spirit to guide and teach us we would become shields of our lives from the damned world beyond. It takes a willing heart and a purged mind and all this is attained by admitting we need the help of the H.spirit.
The second was my favorite "luke 11:9-13" we are priviledged to be called sons and daughters of God, we have access to everything we need all we need to do is follow in the righteous steps of the father. In the world today its hard to do that cuz our flesh beats us down sometimes, but then we kneel to pray, giving thanks and demanding for different things, sometimes we get them sometimes we dont either because its a delayed answer or its not God plan for us. But i have come to notice that when we ask for something and it seems the wait is long we give up but in my reading today there it says, when a child demands something from his parents and they refuse he persists whether by crying or throwing tantrums eventually they give in..this same act is likened to our relationship with God, we ask as he has asked us to and we should keep reminding him till he gives us and not unless its not his plan for u he never falters.
WE SHOULD NOT AND CANNOT GET TIRED OF ASKING GOD FOR OUR HEART'S DESIRES, UNLESS YOU ASK U CANNOT RECEIVE...... even if he knows ur wants if God does not see ur desperation for it a billion others are praying and demanding for the same thing and even more so its just assumed you dont need it. As human beings we ask "How bad do you want it" BE PERSISTENT AND PRAY RELENTLESSLY

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


He said "Amen" as they finished praying and got up to leave as his parents kissed him good bye and he was dropped off at the airport. All decked up with a sling bag across his shoulders, he smiled as he made his way through security and boarded his flight. The Pilot announced the take off and in a relaxed mode he said " Alas here i come AMERICA, God's own country enough of this damned life here am going to the land flowing with mik and honey".
It was a long flight but worth it as he strolled out of the airport waiting to be picked up by his friend, all he could do was stare in wonder at the place called AMERICA, he looked at the people, he stomped on the ground severally saying am on America's soil, O father this is it, i'm MADE as he saw his friend approach him and they embrace one another......

The Alarm goes off and she's like O! jeez why do we have to go to work, y? a few more mins and she snoozes again only to wake up and get ready for work in a hurry. Take a shower, getting dressed, need to make some breakfast and yet kicking against time. The toast is done , she's waiting for her coffee and the time is 7:00am, the bus leaves in 5mins, forget coffee she says ill grab some at Starbucks or caribou on my way to work and with her bags, her shoes in hand and the toast she dashes out the door and makes her way to the bus stop, phew! made it in time for the bus.........
Years have gone by, and he is beginning to understand the system a lot more better, he gets back from work and checks his mails, hmm same old bills now he sits and ponders was the Tv back home deceiving? Mcdonalds had very appealing adverts on Tv but i spent a yr and a half working the deep fryer and its definitely not what we see on Tv, the houses, the stars, the money($$$)...... he can only thank God he has a good job, a car to move around and at least my credit is ok but is that all i want he asks???? My American dream!!
I have to make it here i can't keep living in concentric circles i need to break into the cycle of the prestigious in this country. His dream is becoming a SLAVE'S REALITY!!!
It takes a while to make it but patience and strong will would give you a head way because this concentric circle can rope u in till you get lost in it.......THINK and have a PLAN.....
Its 5'0 clock wow thank goodness cant wait to get home been working my tail off all morning need to get some rest. She leaves and boards her bus home. She makes some dinner and goes to bed dreaming of her knight rescuing her from this world of slavery and it feels good, it seems like forever and then the buzz!! again cant believe its 5am already meaning work calls, tossing and turning after snoozing like twice she finally gets up and the same old routine begins again..... this time she says i cant wait for the weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey y'all
How are u? hope all is well wiv u.
Its another week like i said yet another day, Monday was not bad afterall it was like any other work day and i seem to think the rest of the week would go by smoothly. My Sunday was restful and i guess thats whats kicking into my stress free week as it is.
Over the weekend in the streets of london my darling cousin got married to his other half and i am congratulating them on 'ere. My cousin would probably not forgive me i was supposed to be there but we all knw the drill things came up. CONGRATULATIONS MR & MRS OMOLOLU ELEGBE, wishing u a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE its funny though i remember when we were all younger and we all played and lived like we would never grow up, my lovely brothers i thot would never get hitched are all struck by the love spell... am happy we are all stepping into our parents shoes and hopefully do it better than they did and stick together.
Now to moi, i had been struggling with some decisions for a while and asking for clarity and its a whole lot worse when everyone around you think you are making an irrational decision anyways i asked God for wisdom and a long time friend of mine called me up and i believe God gave me the wisdom i needed.
He told me not what i wanted to hear but was objective and i really do thank him for making me see its about me and not anyone else.
That said i look up to God for a clearer vision and provision for the plan drawn out for me.
I love u all and lets keep praying for one another....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

BABY SHOPPING / QUIET WEEKEND....................

Hey y'all
Hows ur weekend going? pretty cool i suppose mine has been exceptionally interesting, as usual was indoors friday night and watched T.V and on Saturday went baby shopping it was soooooooo cool. Thinking? hmmm nah not mines helping out a dear friend.
Babies are just a blessing on earth aren't they? well its been a cool experience am sure most people in the store thought i had a bun in my oven, lol at the time i was in the store i so wished i had a bun, lol anyways thats about that. Anyways am home chilling nothing much is happening at my end which explains why i have not been on my blog lately but i promise ill try to stay on.
Well lets see how the rest of the day goes, my girlfriend and her husband are supposed to come visit MR & MRS OLUFEMI IBRAHIM, so am going to cook and ill be back.......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


People help me praise this God, this everlasting, amazing God. I heard some good news today and infact a testimony that has birth new meaning into my life.
When they say "let Gods will be done" they know what they are talking about, i look at myself and feel like whipping myself for the times i have questioned God, complained, worried but as human beings its in evitable. I am challenged spiritually, cuz the days go by and we just allow life happen to us, we accept the things that come at us whether good or bad and its not meant to be so. "Do we expect to continue in SIN and expect GRACE to abound or have answers to our prayers when we dont even pray????
I am beginning to get clarity, his expectations of me, my attitude to circumstances or life itself , my spirituality hmm its all falling into place what i need and ought to do. Hopefully we all get it right and allow God be God!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hey y'all
How are u guys? hope all is well and u r doing gr8. Am here alive and thankful to God almighty for one of those days u just sit back and instead of complaining u say THANK U JESUS it could av been worse or u cld av been dead regardless u r still alive.
I am known to be the mother of all worries and allow things get to me & at me but lately am beginning to understand life is just too full of dismays and i better get used to it. Enough of that,
Yesternight i decided to make gravy, i have never made this sause before but i was determined to make it and it turned out real nice.
I woke up dreading to go to work my usual but i av come to notice once am out of the showers its a lil ok then i get to work and its like arrrgh!!!, anyways i got on fb this morning only to av my darling friend (Lola okeya) post pictures of some of our high school days and wow it was a sight to behold. I av had a good laugh believe me some of those pix were hilarious. Anyways thats about me for today hopefully ill be back with something more intriguing and am looking for inspiration so till next time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

THIS ROAD CALLED........... LIFE!!!!!

I thot i was certain i knew the road, i was convinced i had it all figured out, but to my dismay i had no clue. Now am beginning to discover this road branches into several streets all confusing and looking like where am headed exactly. I can't call anyone its out of reach, i can't figure my way out am totally lost and i cant stay still i need to get to where am going phew!!
I am beginning to panic, maybe i should have researched more before concluding i cld make it out here on my own.
Many atimes, we feel like this, we say, if we act it and then we start to believe in, gettting lost to this road of life. I admit i feel like this atimes, i probably feel like this right now but i realize sometimes its hard to go thru somethings but like they say 'if it does not kill u it wld only make u stronger' Determination is a key factor, and a sense of Responsibility.
Life beats whoever caves in to its, road blocks & hitches, great men & women today tried and tried before they got to where they are or they've been. Sometimes we tend to follow a certain hunch or feeling this is the way to go, some ignore it, some follow it both could be disastrous or excellent choices but the point being if u are weary of a particular situation or circumstance for too long, maybe a different approach might work.
It did not go well with "A" does not mean it might not favor ur situation. We are all destined and blessed in our own ways, give room for the mistakes, uncertainties, fear and all but rise from all of that determined to turns things around, "Make things Happen not let things happen to u".
"Life is a Piano whatever tune u play is what you would hear"