Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UNREACHABLE by his grace

I woke up this day June 22, and got out of bed and mumbled sumtin in the likes of a prayer, had my shower and rushed off to work...got to work 9am and counting down to 5pm my daily routine for the week. On my desk at work , i spoke to my Dr. he called some prescriptions in for me and i decided 5 on the dot i had to be out ere to get on the bus home.
I got to the pharmacy for 5 quite alrite but for some weird reason my name was not in the system, the attendants were all with sum stank attitude ( i thot) and eventually wasted my time and finally had my order in .............the minds of human beings.
My friend called me from canada abt a train crash in the metro region of MD/DC which i commute everyday to and fro but thot it was maybe a fault or sumtin, how wrong was i my lil sis had gone on the train before the one that got crashed and i was arriving to board the next only to find out that GOD had saved us from an accident in and out 45mins.
I had friends call but did not knw how bad the crash was, spoke to my sis knowing she is ok got to fort totten around where it happened and found out that the trains had stopped commuting and we had to travel via shuttle buses, luckily i got on one and got home thanking God casually that we were alrite how ignorant?
I got on the internet and got on CNN.com only to see pictures of the crash, i had no idea how i got on the floor and started thanking God thru joy and tears WHAT????????? it was disastrous and the thought of me commuting that very track everyday for the past 3 yrs made me pause and wonder what audacity do i av that i cannot take time out in the morning to pray b4 i leave the house for protection "the things we take for granted".
I am grateful for the calls and just the loe around but mostly i am appreciative of God teaching me thru ydays incident that he has a purpose for me being alive, those who died or got injured r pple like me and i am no better than they are, my heart goes out to each one of them and the families of those who died including the driver of the latter train "may her soul rest in peace".
Bless u all and may the good lord continue to protect us as we step out everyday, lets make it a habit to say a prayer in whatever we do.
Peace always

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday blues......

Hope u all r having a lovely weekend cuz i am. Its sad monday is creeping in so bad :(
So whats new on this side ?? nothing much, friday glad to be home for the weekend, and lets just say some unwanted chaos cld av been avoided.. but in all i guess God knws best. On a lighter note been aving a really wonderful time generally and can see its going to be a brighter future.
As usual, today is easy as always and i went to fix my hair this morning and it turned out nice just the way he loves it, lol. other than that i am just home watching shows, catching up on stuff i cld not do during the course of the week.
I went to smoothie king today and got a new flavor, normally i stick with the strawberry kiwi breeze but today i went on the indulge and took the pinacolada paradise hmmmmmmm its bliss.. no wonder its called paradise. ok nothing much to say anymore just wanted to hola and wish u a lovely evening......

Peace & love

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Haloha pple,
it feels gr8 to be on ere and comfy as well. I am fine and well thank u, not much has been happening but the days keep bringing its own dose of splendour, surprises and blessings if i can say.
Its the middle of the year, and i must say this year seems to be running faster than a speed boat, it was january like a few days ago.....guess its true time waits for no man , make hay while the sun shines cuz in a blink yday is gone, today is going and tomorrow is abt to come. I hope i am not blabbing, this is for me and everyone one else out there, lets try and draw out a plan and just keep moving, circumstances might not be favourable but rather than sit in and sulk, get out there and do sumtin to change it, keep moving u might get lucky and have it changed.
I was reading my Daily bread and came across this interesting exhaultation " A poem written by John Newton years a go about a Kite, this kite dreamt of being cut off its strings.... if only this string cld be cut off, i cld fly higher, if this string was off me ill be free to do what i please and on and on it went till one day the kite was lucky enof to get detached from its string, happy it was but not for too long cuz it ended up in the ditch"
So like human beings, we r tied down to some situations, circumstances, committments, relationships and we scream freedom, God might be telling u otherwise, he uses the strings that tie us down atimes to elevate us, the kite was elevated when the strings were attached but not to its satisfaction, but things went downhill once the wish to cut loose from the source of acceptable elevation was granted.
Sometimes we need to take a step back and think of a reason why God has us where we r, it might not seem pretty, u might want to attain more height but God knws when and how best, lets leave it up to him and sit back to enjoy his flight of heights cuz surely we wld attain them only if we believe and trust him.
Have a blessed mid - week
Peace & love

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hiya pple,
How r u hope gr8? i am superb thank God and ill keep thanking him till i leave this world cuz he has been faithful beyond imagination.
Its been raining all day, so much for Spring i need summer to creep in fast dont like these cloudy days esp wen i am far from warmth..... (lol).
So here i was trying to figure out how i was going to seek for my leave cuz AKS u never can tell, but i typed my memo and brushed it up after so much hesitation i made my way into my bosses office and handed dem each my memo AKS is a law firm with 3 partners. Anyways it was approved phew!!! and infact i had been looking up to God for sumtin from them and seems it might come thru God is sure awesome.
I am super duper excited abt my trip cuz i missssssssssss my family back home and it wld be gr8 seeing dem, Nolz, my grandmum esp gosh i love that women to death, my aunt and so on the list is endless believe me and just need a breather from ere for a bit. I am happy i get to be around family though.
Lately i av been on my Ipod and the net getting songs as usual but for some reason i am feeling 9ce and his PHOTOCOPY song, the Proverbs r shock waving and i tend to appreciate is use of them who says culture is nothing they lie, cuz its the edge of the sword of a community. Hmmmm what else nothing much , just reading books and right now i am abt to finish a Nora Robert book and go on to another book by Jude Deveraux, amongst other things i love to do, Reading, Music and some nice alone time is my therapy to fresh thinking and relaxing the body & mind.
Ok so i need to get back to work but soon ill be sharing another playlist with u of my recent compilation and less i forget theres this buzz abt twitter so let me fnd out what its all abt and keep u informed cuz i seem to be the last on this Bon voyage....
Peace & love