Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey y'all
Hows everyone doing ? hope swell... moi ? i am good, God has been amazing his love is totally out of this world and sumtimes i am just too embarrassed to go thru what he has sacrificed for me and how i av shown gratitude. In all, he loves me regardless and each day i learn new things abt life and how he wants me to vision the world through his eyes.
So back to my topic....PANTIES!!!! i was in the restroom at work and 2 ladies from the opposite office suite came in and as we each walked into the loos, both were talking about Panties and for like 5 mins we were in there laughing as they joked about the different kind of panties. One said "Girl you knw u r getting old when you start to put 'em granny panties on".The other said " Girl shoo, putting them strings on sumtimes aint just my thing in the mornings....i was giggling cuz 2 of us were not in strings obviously.
My take...we have different kinds of panties and i guess depending on you personally or what makes u feel sexy, panties most importantly are meant to be comfy period.
I love BOY SHORTS i think its the best kind of panties ever Y? i believe in less is more, u dont have to bare ur butt to feel sexy, once in a while yeah for ur own private shows, but sitting down and the V keeps popping up is totally UNCOOL.
I never was a fan of strings, way back from college it just never really appealed to me , dont get me wrong i do wear dem when needed and i mean WHEN, but just the thought of having my bare skin on rough jeans?? no it couldn't stick. I mean why can't we just wear these granny panties and call it a day? everything is intact and less prone to bacterial infection .
It took me a while, i had a room full of girls who had all types, ropes, buttons, lips, teddy bears and i wld look and be like its better u dont wear anything this is just like wearing nothing, but the confort they felt i never could understand. Then of course the frenzy got the guys and they always wanted to see a girl in strings, all i can say is some HARDWORK!!!
Then i discovered boy shorts......i dont knw about anybody else but personally it puts the C in comfort, its sexy and c'mon girls a show for ur man leaves d imagination in overdrive than when its all out in strings PERSONAL OPINION no need to shoot me.
I cant lie i love granny panties, some r cut a bit sexy and still seamless so its still worth it like the hanes, victoria secrets and all i just believe u should be comfortable in your under garments, considering a lot of factore like COMFORT, BACTERIAL INFECTIONS and my mum always said this (GOD FORBID U AV TO BE STRIPPED IN PUBLIC FOR HEALTH REASONS, U MUST BE READY TO EXHIBIT CLEAN AND AN EYE POPPING UNDERWEAR)  not in her words exactly but what i could come up with after so many years of her warning us about cleanliness with underwears.
Anyways like i stated earlier its a matter of personal opinion, i am not condemning strings its just not a FORTE i would only wear it if it is compulsory to, thongs r more comfortable for me. I have friends who believe otherwise but panties wont be the reason why we wont get along (smiles).
As kanye west said of his girl AMBER ROSE "She's got an ass that cld swallow up a G-string" tru dat which is why ill also say ur butt type shld determine if you are in strings or not or rather get ur size, some ladies wear strings and its hanging out of their crack, that is just an awful sight to behold. For my big butted ladies, yep its cool to show ur butt and all but sumtimes a full panty firms up ur backside incase u did not know, if u have a big butt u need to exercise them to be firm, u dont want to av a wobbly backside, dat just aint cute....
So my pples, whichever one is comfortable and makes you feel sexy pls by all means wear it as for me i say it out loud BOY SHORTS baby!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hello everyone,
 Nice to be ere again esp with positive energy lol, the last week was crazy for me as i said in my earlier post, it was a ride i wish to forget well maybe not. i cld not say much on my blog cuz the sis might av seen it, her bday was on Saturday, so her boyfriend planned a surprise party for her and urs truly had to organize the whole shin ding without her knowing, cuz she is NOZZZZZZY.
All discreet, my assignments whipping my butt, work, out shopping, getting food to be catered, invitations and all, dont get me wrong it was not like the ball or sumfin but in the time frame i was overwhelmed phew!! glad its over. It was fun and and my love to all the lovely pple who came out, may the almighty celebrate u guys, the Sis was shocked and overwhelmed, she is a shy person so dat crowd all chorusing surprise just numbed her entire anatomy , lol, Damola way to go bro!!!
Back to me, so saturday was the party, cleaning up and all was fast and i went back to my math assignment i still had not finished, i cld not do much my brain was in overdrive so i slept, i cld not even eat during the party was just thinking of too many things, i danced though, o yes naija beats r it and i wld never NOT MOVE MY HIPS TO DEM!!. I wake up sunday all knackered and remembered i promised my girl to honour an invitation to her church for a programme "Be Enpowered" Christ Embassy, she has invinted me like 3 times now considering she did the catering for the party, i told her i wld come and den the day creeps in and i am thinking, i av till midnight today (sunday) to submit this assignment bla bla bla, i had not taken a shower by 4.20pm it started at 5. i decided ok maybe ill just not go but den my spirit said GO, i dashed into the shower took a quick one, got dressed and we rolled...
I AM GRATEFUL I LISTENED TO GOD, i was so blessssssed and he touched me, it was too powerful, even before the pastor got to me i was like burning all over and the spirit of God just took control, i wont even lie, sum times as he was preaching d word , i was dozing in my mind but he said sumtin that jolted me back to life "THERE R 2 TYPES OF PPLE, THE ONES WHO R INSPIRED BY THE FEAR OF FAILURE & THE ONES WHO DARE TO DREAM OF SUCCESS" c'mon it was like i got tazed with a gun, thats my word for this week and i shall speak forth into my circumstances and believe, it was a word for me cuz he knew i needed to hear somethings considering i av not been constant in going to church... i missed it so bad and i can tell i am headed back sooner than the devil thinks!!
So i get back home abt 9, desperate housewives and assignment, u see i am hilarious, thru sleep and sum chicken i got thru to it and today i woke up ready to battle another week but this time with God and priotizing.
Back to work now, hope to see u soon, shout out to my blog daddy & mummy Bagucci & Solomonsydelle..they r too nice to me , Lol.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its been a helluva of a week, i dont knw what to say but it really my fault. I have an assignment to turn in on sunday, not even started, friday i am out to go make my hair, saturday engaged in ither things...gosh how do i do this...
Today i came home saying ill rest and wake up later but then all these stupid distractions, tv, the net et al, i av messed up i can teven front , my whole week has been overworked, yet work aint stopping either. Is there time for personal spring clean as well?
I am so mad at myself but ill try and do what i need to do, hopefully with good news, y'all be safe..

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey y'all
Whats going on out ere? Me its monday and trust me i am not in d best of spirits , i wonder if i wld ever love MONDAYS. Weekend was xtremely short and the rain and weather not to pretty.
I got up this morning and thought to myself, let me get some prince and get married and call it a day with this hustle, up early, get to work, come back assignments freezing ur brain Lawd! i need some vacation rite abt now.
I wonder what i got myself into , this MBA thingy God I look to u cuz i cant believe this is how nervous ill be getting for an assignment CRITICAL THINKING that title is a brain tumour already, my head is in no condition to think , it needs some TLC, sum shopping spree and uhm.... whatever ur mind wanders to, lol., well i guess i need to be a step ahead right, so ill sit my butt and do this program, pls to those dat love me pray for me (LOL).
So, whats new???? My Twitter got a new fam solomonsydelle yay! i am proud of our generation, or should i say we should be grateful to our parents then pat ourselves on the back for turning out the way we did, there's a lot of positivity amongst us, we r all thinking of a better life for our kids tomorrow, so i guess this is d part we say THANK U to our parents, back then we were like jeez cant they just back off but if they did who knows how we wld av turned out.
Some of us went thru the rough path, parents struggling, hunger pangs and doing all they cld so u can go to school, some of us had the luxury, all the comfort either way they bursted their hearts out to make sure we get a better life than they did, i hope we rememeber to say THANK YOU, even if u remember wearing a shirt for a month. or change into the best designs in this world, one thing remains out of a 100% of my generation more than half of us r carrying that torch of success and i am proud to be in this lifetime.
So back to my assignments , ill be back soon, BAGUCCI TAKE THIS ..... lol

Sunday, October 18, 2009

E GBA MI!!!!

My wonderful pple,
Wats crackalaking?? yep today we r using the ibonics of my motherland (9ja) :). So hows everyone doing gr8 i suppose!! I am ere as promised, so wats new with me not much...the wknd's been gr8 other than yday which was Saturday was a cursed day to go out and run around which i fell prey to.
I had a doctor's appointment, had to go all d way to DC to go meet up an aunt and the rain was just messy, c'mon its winter the rain shlda ended with spring but wen this whole climatic "ish" is just going out of radar? rain did not fall as much in Spring but fall is crazy and can u imagine constant showers for 4 days and temp keeps dropping?
Yday just no pure let me put it like dat, i wore the wrong snickers, my socks was soaked, my feet was frozen as the coldness crept from my feet to my entire body, lol lets just let yday be cuz at the end of the day it was not as fulfilling :(. Anyways i got home and had to finish my assignment, meanwhile the previous ones i had done, i kept checking back for my prof feedback since thursday, finally he commented on it and wow giving me an EXCELLENT i am so grateful cuz i was freaking out, so yes i am on the right path.
Hmm what else? ok need to complete my last assignment and just relax in bed today, though might av to dash to the store my pantry is EMPTY, and i av my aunt coming over, so i need to get started on stuff early aiight, boo is not feeling too well eh yah! pele me too i am sick at heart jo all this loneliness too much for a sister but God is Good.
A special shout out to my wonderful tweetfam, gosh twitter rocks and i need to detox myself but even akaBagucci dey twitter so ill just enjoy it...Ok tk kr guys hoping today brings u Joy & Peace Undaunted.

Mola '09

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes , i av been bad to u blogger i knw, cheating wit twitter mainly, fbook has been a side kick but after all the love fest, i guess its true what they say Ur first love never dies for me its writing.......I apologize to all my dear readers who i abandoned knowing they love to get a piece of me, i am back now hope it counts.
Its great to be back, great to feel refreshed and i am grateful for life and the ups & downs it swings my way, so like i said been out of the loop a lil bit and i cant lie been aving maaaaaaaaaaad fun on twitter.
Met sum really cool ass pple, have a twit fam wiv d best pple, twipples (my own persons) o yes even a twit@ :). I av to give it up for my girl cheeks she's been holding me down on there and now i am ff her back to blogging lol.
I need to lay this out , so here i was intrigued by the humour of this dude apparently he was an arrogant nonentity, in my usual mode always ready to meet pple and just hit it off but guess he thot i was a groupie blaaah  pple can be so shallow minded..incase he ever finds out , i am happily a girlfriend with da hottest dude ever, u knw wen a guy lays it on u in every way ,wits, looks, swagger, LOVE what else wld i ask for.
I also have to give it up to my BFF osagie, he straightened me up cuz he gets this jovial side of me but from a guys perspective he gave me the right word to cut the crap and appreciate those who love me.
Anyways so i am done with him and then came along twit@ he is so sweet, i cant begin to even tell u , cheeks ill send u the link WINK!!! lol.
So nuttin much goin on ere, its COLD, rainy these days and just general same ol same ol, i av been doing great, till i heard a sun sad news yday:
Lost an aunt of mine in a fatal accident , her husband is in critical condition and i am trying to hold it togeda, I look at their children and my heart breaks, they cant even mourn their mother cuz they r waiting on the father (sigh) how life can be, just in a flash everything changes.
My heart goes out to the BABALOLA family and i hope the good lord comforts dem over their loss, Love u guys and i am praying for u.
Nothin much happening right now, but ill surely be back need to go check my assignments and see what my prof had to say, tata guys and be back soon.


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today has been an off day for me, cuz I miss u, want to be with u, want to walk this road called life with u.
I hope right now as u sleep, i creep up in ur dreams and make u as restless I AM without u LOL
Love u babes, mwaaaaaaaaaaaah!