Monday, January 26, 2009

SO FAR........................

Hey y'all
Its been a min, how are u all doing i hope gr8? I just remembered back in the day wen we write letters and we ask whoever is the receiver of the letter if they are well if so "DOXOLOGY", LOL its a gr8 feeling to go back memory lane sometimes.
So whats been happening to me??? nuffing much, had my girl come from Florida for the weekend and it was fun, met a couple of her other friends and real cool people too and one of them happens to be d fastest rising CHEF of our time Ms ORIGOYE entrepeneur of NYLAH'S CATERING very cool chic and down to earth, cant wait for her to storm Nigeria with her expertise.
I have to tell u my hilarious ordeal going to drop off the rental we used for the weekend.....My girl drives to the airport and sets me up to drop the car at the rental, gosh yday was hilarious i was freaking out, literally my palms were sweaty, funnily i dont knw why, guess cuz of the crazy laws of this state of MD, my permit was expired and i am driving a rental car what other charges do i need to be thrown in jail?? lol, a ten min drive took almost an hr i got lost driving towards my Iyawo's house (Kemi) only to find out she was at my place, then i tried to place a call i got an SOS signal, cld it get any worse? Hmmmm, anyways i parked at a corner and luckily saw this good samaritian who told me i was 3 lights ahead so i turned around and boy was i elated wen i saw the signal "RENTAL CAR RETURN", it was phew! All i can say is thank God i made it back in one piece. Yvonne i am sure going to get u back even it takes 20yrs..... lol.
Other than that, i av had a blissful 2 weeks and it only gets better, i am loving each day and grateful for it all.
So till i see ya all its Peace & love

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of those days

Hope u r all doing swell? I am ere counting down to 5pm... today has been one of those days where it seemed to av started nice but all of a sudden i am down.The aftermath of the Inauguration of the first African American President (BARACK OBAMA) is still overwhelming on this side of the world.
The past couple of weeks have been pretty tense in the United Stated but Thanks God the walk thru Pennsylvania was smooth, now the first family are back to reality to face the praises and critics of the world at large.
So moi? I really feel not like me today, i looked into the mirror to see maybe its the hair cuz i think that has to go, its a remedy for me once my hair do has lost its bounce my appearance is not a fave. Ok so i see the hair but i still feel funny, i think its the xtras i am dragging along and once and for all i need to cut it off, take it off or loose it forever arrrgghh,
I am tired of dealing with this whole work out routine, diet, u get inspired and loose interest half way into it..I am trying to find what wld keep me on track or like OPRAH wld say i av fallen off the wagon how do i get back. I envy those who dont need to shed weight i feel like mine is a curse already hmmhmmhmm!!!! i need motivation.
Dont get me wrong i dont have any complex at all i am head high with moi and i wld say blessed as well with the lovely friends of mine who love moi, on the other hand for fitness and health i amDETERMINED to pull thru this time gosh!! i sound like a broken record.
Hmmmm! i am on this fantasy ride and believe me i dont want to get to my destination yet, if i have one? its pure delight and i am happy with the roads this ride is taking me thru and to ....................

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey y'all
Hows everyone doing? hope gr8!!!!!!!! So far urs truly seems to be doing fine.
Its 12.10 am in the morning and i am listening to Keyshia Cole "TRUST" and its on repeat that track takes me to another level.
I actually watched her show and followed it thru till the end where i got to see the launching of her new album with the prestigious in the music globe at her release party in Atlanta, Monica who ft on this track i love, jamie foxx, john legend, seven, producer kwame who makes xplosive mixes and many more.
I listened to other tracks and i am sure i am buying the album, Make me over is club banging, Dont stop, "This is us" i actually dedicate this track to two of my special friends and ill surely be singing it to Nolar, forgive me i'm in the R&B mode but enough of that go listen to the album... for all the lovers out there and those who feel "LIBERATED"
So here we r preparing for the INAUGURATION of the first Black President Barack Obama........
Its kinda nyce to witness the whole frenzy and maybe cuz i av never been a part of the past presidents, i feel the hype about this has a different air around it. Washington Dc is beginning to welcome visitors from out of town, preparations are in motion and for the pple i call labour force of the U.S wld be home at least 90% of them since the day before is MARTIN LUTHER KING day.
I am sure my office wont be closed and that sucks, i am going to try and wiggle my way out cuz jeez this is not sumtin u go to work for we all shld sit at home, relax and wactch OBAMA fulfill the DREAM, cant wait for it.
So still ere listening to my track and oh yes! got 2 new tunes from my home land GIDI by ALAPOMEJI the man called 9ice : LE FENU SO with lord Ajasa and BERE MI (ASK OF ME), i am so feeling Bere mi and i av to give it to 9ice he is the true indigene the way he puts in idioms & folklore into his music is a signature brand that cannot be contended with for a long time. Bravo.
What else hmmmmmmm.. spoke to a dear friend who inspired me to write way back from 98 and he encouraged me to share a note i posted on fbook and the comments and encouraging words were so overwhelming, I am humbled and grateful to u all.
I am in love with writing cuz, it helps me express myself in ways that i wont have ordinarily been able to and it also helps me reach into depths i did not knw i even had, for that am grateful to u time flies.
I better go to bed cuz for sum reason my body aches, yes i started working out ( Trust me i m tired of hearing me say it too) lol, need a critical body massage infact, need a vacation, need to be spoiled spa & all the works with the best hands.
On the real i think i am kinda loosing it now, ill av to come back & check tomorrow if anything i said here made sense off to bed i go.
Stay positive....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year & Thank U!!

Happy New year to u all, hows life with u? I presume gr8, i am so delighted to be blogging and so so grateful for life and another year in totality.
The New year was relaxing for me, i was indoors all day cuz i had been to church the night before and so glad i was, as i prayed into the year of 09. Though a part of me still feels like i av not spent enough alone/quality time with God cuz this is a new year pple and i'm not going into the whole cliche thing of a New Year resolution i need to take action on what i need to do. I am glad i av been given the opportunity to live another day and as each seconds goes by i want to make meaning of it.
I hopefully wld keep y'all updated on meaningful things this year and more so ill use this blog as a means of testifying to the good ness of God in my life and am sure he wld be there for u this year if u just hold onto him.
Yesterday i struggled with spending time with God and i could not cuz the previous night which was sunday i did sumtin i should not av done, i am not proud of it, but i am glad i'm beyond it now , cuz yday my spirit man struggled so hard to just be in the presence of God but i was too hard on myself and could not forgive me for what i did...............but God is a wonder, later on in the evening i went home and just as the devil was going to make me do this again i made a CONSCIOUS EFFORT and said u knw what i can't bear to feel the way i felt all day again and immediately i just thought how it wld make God feel and thats how i overcame it.
I was supposed to av blogged yday but i just did not feel right with myself and to top it all work was crazy in a funny aspect.
I'm glad i can share this with u cuz it means i am done with falling for the devil's trap in that particular situation, its a new year and i cannot afford to play into his hands the first few days of the year u can imagine what a year that wld be. We r all sinners but hopefully we start to realize the need to do right and serve the lord because at the end of the day "ITS WAY BETTER WITH HIM".
So here i am wishing u all a prosperous year and i believe so much in this year for gr8 happenings in the life of my family & self as well as so much testimonies to share. Father in heaven i am indeed grateful for the chance u have given me , the favour u bestow on me and most importantly the unfathomable love i cant explain.
Thank u Lord .
Love always ......