Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am just thankful for my years on this earth
Many times I have taken the wrong step,
Many times I have made the wrong move,
Many times I have swayed to the wrong music
But God always comes thru...................
I would be graduating in less than a week
2 yrs ago I started my MBA out of a desperate situation
Not knowing If I could do it, If I had the brains for it
Semester after Semester my gift of writing came thru
My grades were awesome and I was filled with awe!!!
One semester almost knocked my dreams out............
I literally gave up on God I had had it with the trust he had in me
The tests he put me thru, the situations meant to build me
But I just gave up and opted to break................
But God in his awesome way watch me crumble
And picked me up piece by piece and put me back together
All by himself wiped my tears, held my face, hugged to himself
And whispered its ok my daughter, watch me and trust me
He changed an impossible situation, what ill call BURIED
And breathe life into it, what was closed became revived......
I was shocked to my bones, I hear pastors talk of almost over
And God came thru but experiencing it myself.............
I shared this testimony a while back on my blog
God has been good to me despite my mess.............
I am amazed at his love and belief in me still cuz
I am not perfect, I am a pile of mess but still.....
He treats me with care, bathes me and cleans off the dirt
Everytime I call he is there, every tear he catches............
While millions serve him diligently I get caught up
Serving myself, getting a thumbs up from the Devil
When sapped out of all the interim joy, I realize
The only sustaining joy is God and he never falters..........
I am not a saint nor wake up this morning with a conscience
Everyday God has been awesome to me, even thru selfishness
I am grateful and in total awe, I get a chance to say THANK U
And come sunday Ill put my fingers to rest at UMUC.........
God thank u for finding me worthy despite my ways.......