Thursday, April 30, 2009


What it has taught me:
Love its such a beautiful word, it brings the greatest pleasure as well as the excruciating pain ever felt by the heart of man kind.
Its allergic to sweetness, kind heartedness and selfless ness
It appreciates, cold hearted, mean and selfish pple
It never last, its for the old and elderly
Its pain is never forgotten, but its pleasures vanish with the wind so swiftly
Some pple just believe its not meant for u,
Its not as forgiving, thats what beats me most......
It says one thing but gives another......
Love needs a hospital, cuz its disease of insanity spreads like wild fire
People who dont deserve it get it, such a shame
People dont need to sweat for it but they do
Its under rated by the un appreciated ones

What i thot it was:
Beautiful, un abashed, greatest pleasure and God inspired
True and honest , a silver lining in the clouds of lost hope
Loyal and tested, confident and with standing
Self less and giving, but maybe i was re-living a fantasy
Maybe i was wishing what cant be
All I knw is God is the only one capable of love

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bday Month!!!

Hey Y'all,
Happy New month and O yes! April Fools day to u all. funny i thot i escaped any form of joke till Mr. lu (Bibi's beau) played one on me and it def got me hard lol, Nyce one machie.
So hows everyone doing hope gr8, i am just where i am, but i knw i am excited for the unseen things God has in store for me. Its my bday month and he started showing me his wonders by re living a thot of mine. I am trusting him and i knw WHAT WOULD BE WOULD BE......
Hmmm! i am just taking all in strides, so much is going on, has gone on and definitely wld happen so i guess its time for me to sit back and watch, i knw i am speaking in languages i can only understand but thats the idea i just had to express myself.
Though a friend told me today, he understands me better when i write seems i am more of a writer than a talker though my mum wld strongly unfortunately my family members dont think i am shy and truly i am , so i turn on my mouth or my daring side to wave off my shyness. Anyways i am rily thinking of dusting my manuscripts and keep my pen going, cuz u never knw...
On the other side of my world, lets just say things seem chaotic and volcanic if there is a word like that lol, but i knw God is not asleep and this drill wld only make me stronger, better & smarter, so till the shine after the rain guess ill keep going even though it seems bleak, it feels excruciating, and looks like a lost cause i wld give it one last try.
Tomorrow ill be back cuz for everyday till my bday ill write and let u knw how i feel!
Peace & love!!