Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Barka De Sallah.............

O how i miss home (Nija for show!!!) all the rams & cows have unfortunately come to their demise, its not so festive down ere just a few companies clocking out early from work.
My boss came in all in some nice woodin ankara, he is El-hajj Suleman as well as Esq, unfortunately for him he catches no break cuz he clients keep swimming from far near, jeez go home and stop buzzing my ear.
Its been a crazy day, the phones been buzzing, had so much copies to do, faxes, filing and all, now who would have thot my mama would choose this day to pick on me and get me 100 degrees and over, Lord give me sanity in the nearest future cuz i for see a whole lot of boiling points lol.
Nolar, thanks babes as always u calmed me down and i really dont know what il have done without u, i love u so much and i thank God for u and ur wisdom. I cant wait, cuz i knw this is one of the best decision i have made (wink). Enof of my dovey right i can hear u say that (Patient) lol anyhoos am here counting down till 5pm and its 3.21 right now ill be back soonest.
Today was just a bit of the chaotic life of any human being ere on earth in Bush's Country.
love always

Monday, September 29, 2008


New day, new week and heading into a new month phew! this year took a sonic marathon well in some cases good and some not too good but in all am happy!!!! God has been awesome and i cant complain. So my weekend?
FRIDAY went to pick up my dress from the tailor which i so dreaded cuz my naija pple wld av done a better hospitable service and to make matters worse I DID NOT WEAR THE DRESS am upset i wasted my money not in this Caricature Economy of Bush. Watched the Presidential debate and i really wanted to pull McCain's 2nd falling chin with his idiotic strategy for the use of WAR in every international relations with other countries, it was clear cut my, your man, our man, BARACK OBAMA floored him with FINNESSE, CALMNESS & KNOWLEDGE of what the priority of a President to his country shld be.
So i had to go thru my closet and found the perfect and convinient attire (smiling) it could not have been any better, at this time it was 2am Good night.
SATURDAY, O my head hurts like crazy, once i dont get my adequate hours of sleep its a volcano in my head.... i layed in bed till about 8am, got dressed and dashed to the gym with my girl bunmi. It was fun had a lovely 45 mins workout and headed home to change for our outing (WEDDING), as usual got ready and bums was runnung late i was frustrated already making up and all and having to wait that kills me like some extra weight on my face. Eventually , she came and we headed out wen we got to the venue it was packed am sure the whole DMV was in there, saw a couple of old school mates and ran into my father's caucus of friends (ONDO MEN) always partying.
The highlight was seeing my dear patient (wink) it was nice seeing u finally. we all chatted, danced well..... they did i just sat all thru and after much spectation we left the party about 2am. Got home and slept like a baby.
SUNDAY, went out did a bit of grocery and came home to cook. I was supposed to have friends coming over but as usual i should know my girl better she stood me up. it was a nice sunday anyways cooked but the A/C in my apartment was down so the heat tried to get in the way but nah still paved thru. I called my Ace, my girl Mrs. Audiffren and it was good hearing from her , i miss my girl and she is due in Nov. wish i wld be there, also got to find out a couple of my friends getting hitched nxt wk Sat. waoh! seemed a lil reality check was creeping in but i was happy for my girls.
Towards the evening/night i was just relaxing, facebook seems so un appealing these days and my sis was in her game of soccer, wish Nolar was ere. I was about to look for a movie to watch and i remember i had a BOLLYWOOD channel... yes i love indian movies and for weeks i had been waiting for SEETA AUR GEETA and finally it was up yday, my night was made, i watched it and fell asleep only to wake up this morning and DARN!!! its monday again.
Monday... work so far not too bad for a monday and just the thought of WENTWORTH MILLER on my screen tonite makes it worthwhile. Mwah!
love u all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey pple
how r u doin? sorry been out of touch lately, hmmm i tire for myself too.
Let's see have i been doing anything extraordinary (sigh) unfortunately no and every time i want to just go on and blog, sumtin just creeps up. Been relaxing........ SO NOT
lately and get to work all a whimp like a soaked cloth!
Life is good, cld be better but hey i am grateful to God, its been a trip on facebook lately cuz i wonder who came up with this NEW FACE OF FACEBOOK, its all distorded, ur mind is all in a muddle and my eye sight went from 80% to 60% trying to look for everything on there,Now i just go into my mail and call it a day its tiring.
Am yawning too, cuz am dry nothing much to write for now stuff has happened and things r looking up ill definitely let y'all know was up soon. Cant wait to get home, av my friends from 1G4 days (1004 Housing Estate) as we call it G4 then coming over and we wld all play catch up. O yes! am also going to cook and can hardly wait, ill be back and try to blog regularly now.
Stay blessed!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What If???

So hows everyone, i apologise for being away too long, all of a sudden seems i can't keep up but nah am spot on! Anyways whats new with y'all? urs truly got nothing under her radar just trying to live the perfect & righteous life as much as i can but the people of this world just know how to get under ur SKIN.
Ok, had this guy who had been calling for over a week now to speak to my bosses and either they r unavailable or out to court, he is rude and so unrefined for a guy ( my opinion). Anyhoo he called yday and i guess i had had it he went off acting all stupid with his smart mouth had to let him know i was an AFRICAN WOMAN, there is no way in hell ull shut an african woman down and cut the phone on his dumb self, lol sure my bosses would soon be getting a report of un satisfactory customer service but sorry dude my bosses r my No. 1 fan.
On my way home......
So i was on the ride home , listening to my added collection of naija music , am loving my bruvers and for some reason KOLOMENTAL, TIMAYA, KI NI BIG DEAL & E DON HAPPEN.....FAZE, TIMAYA, NAETO C & P-SQUARE respectively! So i was in my music zone and suddenly saw this red head boy sitting right by my side, ill never forget his name TIM BEDFORD, he was writing & reading at the same time, some pre calculus assignment i think and it hit me, someone must av sat down by Bush one time never knowing he wld be the wackiest president in American history, someone must have caught the train with Obama, McCain, Hilary Clinton and all this great people at one time or the other dined, fought, ate and even dated them..... i looked at this little lad TIM and thought to myself i could be sitting to the next President of America, the next man who would travel into space with a discovery, or the next celebrity watch.
Life has a way of throwing all it can at us, if we allow ourselves to get carried away with power, hate, racism, crime rather than appreciate, love one another, respecting other's individuality this world might as well just cave us in.
My sitting next to Tim made me appreciate the hands of friendship & love to a total stranger cuz u just never know.
Peace & love....... Mola

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It would always be a memorable day in the lives of every American as some celebrate an escape from death , others are bereaved thinking of their losses and their loved ones as they remember how the cold hands of death took them away!

Seven years ago..... New york was just another city with its hype and buzz, the streets busy with the Taxi cabs, the Old men wheeling their carts of Rolls & Hot dogs, fashionista's crossing the white lines to make it to work and the subway packed as usual with everyone making their way to work.

The Unforgettable hour... 8am everything turned to a nightmare, the planes crashed into the WTC, glasses shattering, the rumbbles of the concrete walls, the steel reinforcing everything giving way and human beings jumping form buildings and those on ground running to safety where there is none.

Its a sad memory as many recall what happened, how some were so mad about the traffic cuz their boss would be mad they did not make it in time to work, some even at the WTC, alas! it was an escape from death not to say those who lost their lives deserved it ......... a moment of silence & stillness for everyone who died that day( God rest their souls) and for their loved ones behind, may he give them the strength to keep their memories alive in their hearts).

I hope and pray those who dreamt this unfortunate event and brought it to reality, the almighty would cast upon them the justice they deserve cuz from the lame man's heart, they deserve to be dangled in front of their loved ones with grenades as NECK LACES AND BELTS and left to die with the timing of a turtle... slow and begging to die!

God bless u all, we grieve with u and pray for u to find peace!


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hey y'all
Yep weekend, had a quiet one and it was so rewarding, stayed indoors all day catching up with old friends and watching movies! i think for the first time in a long time i am well rested and my mind & body is prepared for the week ahead. Am so grateful to God almighty for his undescribable miracles, favors and mercy all wrapped up in one weekend, it only affirms my belief that HE NEVER FORSAKES HIS OWN.
Its quite sunny out there and i am beginning to wonder what wld happen this time for winter arrrgggh! i dread cold days anyways not much happening at my end. Me? enjoying life and grateful as it is.
Ok just had to chip this in am watching a reality series " I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY" if you watch the show maybe ull know the 2 pple am about to talk aout BORIS & KENDRA, in this episode they r up for elimination and from all reviews i feel Boris is the weakest link, how do u sit on u fat ass texting all the time while others r bursting thru hoops getting the job done? and Kendra ill forgive this time cuz her phone was not charged but the other white dumb blonde is only for Boris cuz they av a stupid connection..... they think. i love Mike & kendra they get the work done and not looking for teams against the others. I wish i was a judge cuz Boris wld be out. Once in a while we have our down times which ill say is what happend to KENDRA but BORIS is just annoying! Bloody Snitch... for a guy he is worse than a woooose.
Anyways ill be back as the coming week unfolds.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy New Month!!!

Hey y'all
Sigh!! its just one of those days believe me. Had a nice weekend and monday inclusive me and my girls hooked up on snday went for a bday party it was fun all day trust me with Bibi & Da costa it was a crazy day that started with a phone call as early as 7am with an emergency girl time but so worth it..... Monday had costa sleep over and Bunmi came over too it was a holiday to remember and it was a memorable one cuz Prison Break premiered.
It was cazy like 7:30 pm me and my girl Bimbo kept calling each other texting i almost had goose bumps as 8 approached.
8:00pm.... Bimbo and i gave each other a break to take in the craziness of PB and I for one had to get air, Michael Scofield is hawt! enjoyed every bit of the 2 hr show, about 11pm my girl Bunmi left and i did a good job telling costa to stay over and trust me we went all out in the food dept but i had fun and am glad we all hooked up on sunday.
Thats thats am just trying to get myself together and that drought season is ere again, turning me into a grouchy old bum, my poor baby said i have been snapping of recent i feel so bad. Damn girl got to be on peps! cuz i am a nuisance when the red flags start waving in the financial dept, but i thank God I have a forgiving and patient partner, he hardly gets mad and i really do feel bad cuz i knw i av been such a grouch and nag lately and poor baby just tries to calm me down by comforting me hmmmmmmm..... am thinking how do i make it up any ideas????
Some things are coming to mind and he so deserves it anyways thats me lately and as time goes by ill feel u in, Ill be putting a few pix up from our crazy day on sunday.......
Love u all and be good