Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its been almost 2 yrs since my heart was ripped
I miss u so much Paul, My friend  I am ere crying in my room cuz i cannot talk to u
U wlda av been the only one who cld understand me right now, listen to me ramble
Not say a word, till I am done, den clean my tears, take a drive to choc-royale
Or we listen to ur Alternative CD's while u tell me about how u miss G or
What D was up to again, Times like this my heart aches so bad, God truly knws
I wld give anything to hear ur laugh again, I remember our plans for fashion school
Archie, u did not tell me what was going on, how cld u deny me this?
Why did u tell everyone not to tell me, I knw its been a while but i miss my friend
I need you so bad now, cuz ull av told me what to do thru the clouds................
Archie we miss u, I av 2 friends now Glory & Danisa my God we miss u in different ways
Its just not fair u are not here to see us, celebrate what we r all doing, while we wait on U
Ur fashion sense was taking Nigeria by storm, everyone was loving ur designs
I knw ull av been so wanted right now, dressing celebs and all Gudness Y?
God i cannot question U but u took my friend from me wen i was just enjoying....
The fruit of our friendship, appreciating sumone who took me for me
Sumone who wanted nothing from me, God forgive me, Paul was precious
He was so selfless, i remember nights wen i wld just call and he wld drive down......
Not conscious of time, all he cared for was he was there when i needed him...
Who wld be Paul for me, God i av u and i am grateful but...........................
I wish i did more for Paul, I was far away, he was getting excited about me getting married
I wld av seem him this trip home (Nigeria) i wld av hugged my friend,
Oh death ur hands are terribly cold, my heart is constantly bleeding for my friend
I try to move on I cant Paul was special and always wld be.......................
We miss u Paul :-  Glory, Ifueko, Danisa, Kagho, Yvonne, Henry, Ebo, Mewo, Akome, James, Emeka, Matthew, osagie..............and so much more of the lives u touched!
Paul I miss u so much!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Happy Belated fathers day to all the father's out there....
I was reading an article and it said, on mother's day
Mothers get the most calls but on father's day........
More collect calls are made, I paused and thought hmm!
Men have become victims, fighting back av become futile
Generally Women believe men are the ENEMY,
Men try to prove otherwise only to be pushed out to the cold
So now as the women try to find friends, the men result to being the enemy!
Now whats that saying again "Be careful what u wish for"
I am not a feminist, I am not on a Pro Men campaign but........
Its high time we celebrate this men, we can hate them, blame them
Their children love them regardless of the hate the mothers feed them......
U walk into the prisons and the men tear up at the picture of their kids
Half of the time, the fight for survival and the measure of his worth as a man
Lands him in Jail, I am not condoning crimes, but if they got a lil support,
a lil love, a lil understanding, a lil security, Men r truly like babies.......
Men no disrespect but, they need to be nutured too, see past the Machoism
They get insecure too, they get scared of failing as a Man, husband or father
Sum had to look to the streets to learn to be a man
Sum had to be beaten down to learn to fight back
Sum had to learn to control anger by watching their mums get hit.....
Sum had to watch their sisters cry thru heartbreak.....
To learn what not to do to another woman.......
I know we say they are liars, cheats and all what not yet.....
The good ones r still not appreciated enough........
Celebrate them, let them have a reason to come home,
Women we know we r our own Poison Ivy.............
A man refuses ur advances and u go all out to destroy his home
Now wives, understand that rather than fight in times like this
Ur weapon is ur knees and lips to GOD, it seems cliche but its the truth
Men are made by God to care, protect and love us............
When u make a man feel he is invaluable to U his value wld never be seen
No man wants to feel like u can handle it all the time even if you can
Let them handle it, its their sense of pride, the moment you do it all
The less of his value is what u wld see not realizing u av been ...........
Too busy being both the Man & Woman in the relationship..........
Dont let the bedroom be the only place u regard him as a Man
Give him his respect and let him be a Man to you..............
Now this is to the abled men out there, I am certainly not talking
To the junkies, excuse of a man, husband or father , the liars or cheats
No they are out there, but the women seem to stick to them more??
Women complain wen they get the guy who adores them , treats dem like Queens
The unfortunate thing is they mess it up for the women who wld appreciate it..........
Men ill also say the cover aint the gold look at its content b4 u will ur life to her......
Men & Women are interesting group of people, but they are too bent on revenge......
Revenge for the one who gave them hell and destroy the one bringing them paradise.....
Men are wonderful people and the truth is we cannot do without them.....
Everytime u complain be sure a thousand are singing his praise out there
No one is saying lower ur standards, No one is saying be a slave but.....
Be rest assured every girl wld neva tell you all she does in her relationship,
The things she tells u she cannot take she has taken worse than that from a man......
When you make a ridicule of ur man in front of the world, u go back behind closed doors
Then make up, Ur man wld still be a carricature of a being to the world............
Men pick the right ladies, dont go about with Jezebels.............
U all come back destroyed and expect us to fix you NO...........
Women are not meant to fix, manage, accept or be numb to unacceptable things
God designed us to give and get the best of one another, when u give ur best to swines
Dont expect to make a haven with a Swan and not meet up halfway..........
Lets celebrate one another, life is too short to get choked on irrelevancies.....
Leave ur past where it is, and take a risk by walking into the future.......

Friday, June 11, 2010


Woo hoo! how is everyone doing? I am so gr8 phew!!! My semester ended 2 days ago and it was an eventful end. Ok we had a team assignment, we had a presentation to make to the class, here is the thing, i do not love speeches, give me a pen and paper ill write but a mic u sent me to my death (well not literally).
In all of these doubt and fear, a team member was a no show, the other could not get on the net, i had to basically finish the slides and scripts in less than 6hrs, I pratically was juggling my work, my boss's constant calls, BBM's, and my concentration on this project.
AIM: So as a Team we are to make recommendations for a virtual team concerning a project and the various training, technology, performance assessment and all the Business Managerial blabs! It was crazy researching, citations, scripts and prepping for questions that might be asked, hmm! well i did all i could concluded the research, inserted graphics on our power points and got ready to leave the office at 5pm, ok u knw how when you have a dead line all the possible wrongs would start to happen. Got to d elevator, had my fone in my ears, Oga wont let down he had to speak to me, then BBM's important once kept beeping red, had stuff in my hand, got downstairs yes RAIN!. i finally made it to the Bus stop got on the bus and lo and behold i had entered the wrong bus checked the time 10 mins to 6 Oh! dear, now i had to cut him off the fone boo sorry this love wld happen after this finals. I was nervous of presenting, i had the power point in my flash drive, team might av been waiting oh! it was one of those days o yes! But the love i got from my people on twitter, Sumtimes we all say twitter is addictive, its sumtin to be banned  but i say its therapeutic for me....I write like i see no one, unfortunately sum pple think dey knw u more than urself and try to tell u what u r saying when u knw what u really are saying (LOL) yeah confused u there right! I LOVE twitter met the sweetest pple and yet sum obnoxious lots on there.
Ok back to my finals, i eventually kissed the sky and took a cab trying to go over what i was going to say yet it still did not make sense. I got to school eventually, the team met briefly and we headed to class, of course we saw other teams looking all sharp and ready, we looked at each other and just hoped for a miracle.
The first group went, all tech and precise and had good talkers, then we were next, we are 5 on a team, i was second to the last, the ones before me were NERVOUS all shaky and half the time seemed they were not making sense even though we had our points, well urs truly got her turn and i started by saying, u av to forgive me i dont do speeches real nervous...............den God is all i knw took control i never for once looked at the script in my hand, i was intriguing them with all i was saying and the nods got me all fired up.
I finished and the last girl came on said her piece and we were applauded whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I was so thankful and we had a bit of debates and questions thrown at each other, but our lovely wonderful professor Dr. SANDEEP PATNIAK,  i cant forget him so gifted, a true professor yet a human being, he cld relate with us and i just bless the almighty for such favour others dont have it that good.

He helped me improve my writing skills and i can say this class though me a great thats how my finals went, we took a group picture and he asked us to reach out anytime, i sure will he deserves appreciation and u never knw when ull need a recommendation.
So now i am ere chilling its friday, the World cup starts today, the fever bug caught everyone else and i am just same old me , about to do comedies or a movie, soccer just aint my thang!
Alrighty loves hope u av a blessed weekend!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yay! pple was up?? Happy Nu Month to everyone and its already the middle of the year i am uber excited.. How are u al doing hope gr8? Urs truly has had a real ryde is al i can say but i can tell u i am so smiling right now. First, specials shout out to my ladies, Funkolaani, Solomonsydelle & Myne whitman fellow bloggers like me but they are true readers of my blog which i seriously think is not half as interesting as theirs yet they take out time to read my ish!...Love u guys!
So the last time i was ere was abt a month ago all jaded and all, of course love stinks, well so i thot lol! I had a bit of a situation and i thot so dejavu, so not doing this again, it was just too much to deal with at the time, had school on my neck, work was just not anything to write home about and den HIM! like i said it was a make or break situation and i already signed d dotted lines on the latter but when God says sumtin concerning u no one can alter it thats what i av come to realize. I am not the saintly of persons, i am a far cry infact but sometimes the second chance God gives is almost like u should say Lord pls take it back cuz u realize how much ignorant u av been of who he is, how much you have taken for granted, how much u had forgotten he existed till chaos become ur cloak.
That was me! I was just in on too many daily activities, had misplaced priorities and stopped PRAYING biggest attraction of hell, I knew i had to pray but i just was not motivated to, but aving true friends and a grounded family is nothing to be taken for granted.....It was a crazy time and i say al the time twitter is therapeutic for me, i get on and say rubbish as much as i want, av pple understand or misunderstand ur intentions yet it takes my mind away from the real issue.
Invariably we said BREAK it is and GOD shut us up by saying he MADE us we cant break US, we took time out and reflected on what was going on, what was making us go crazy and realized we stopped praying, and we took each other for granted period! A whole lot of other personal stuff but those 2 things kill relationships fast, i say all d time variety is the spice of life, u av to keep it fresh as much as u can, communicate which is sumtin i do not do to well! Working on that ill rather shut down and burst after but ladies i am no expert but its better u say what u want, how u want it cuz MEN i av accepted are just babies, i av tried to shun that mentality  but they truly are! phew!
All these long story I am good, in a perfect place, learned a lot, Understood Prayer is it or nothing and worship is like the oil that eases the friction between, TRUE WORSHIP melts the heart of GOD.
I went for a women's retreat this weekend and a lady read a scripture that has been marked in my heart forever, I am sorry cannot remember the verses but ill find out..paraphrasing " true worship to God pleases him, and when we worship truly from our hearts the 24 elders in heaven bow down in worship to him our maker " So if the elders in heaven bow down in worship to God who are we not to loose ourselves in worship and see what God wld do for us?
I said earlier i am no preacher. i am a far cry from a saint I am just a wroking progress sharing my highs & lows on ere and i hope someday some experience wld touch a soul or help sumone out!
So the paper i was hoping to make a good grade on despite the chaos on my mind....I made a B+ and my prof was real impressed with my writing, so u see i do function better in crisis even though i thot i wrote a whole bunch of what did not make sense, it just goes to show how much we under estimate ourselves atimes...A bad habit i av!
I av one more week of school before my next semester, 2 weeks of time off and i intend to watch movies, TV shows i av missed and read my stack of novels, DETOX from twitter and catch up with the real world lol! i say that all d tyme but my beautiful followers just attract me back!
I hope this is worth reading , thanks still for getting to this very last part cuz ill leave u with this...............
Everyone wants to be the BEST, but y dont u try for once being the PREFERRED, we all r good at what we do, we av a lot of pple who do best in the same things using diff techniques but instead of H8ing av ur audience and be satisfied in the qaulity of what u give out!

Teju Mola