Friday, August 26, 2011


God understand his children perfectly and the reason why he gives us our NEEDS

But human beings take for granted the feelings of others in various forms
In friendship, relationships, business operations, marriage, parenting!!!!
We cant pre empt God at the same time dont blame God for ur tardiness
Emotionally lazy pple are not Lazy to me they are plain selfish
Life is what it is we take if we can keep getting but what abt the giver?
When the giver is finally sapped out what happens???
This is where the true selfish xters come out at the same time
The givers are to blame cuz they never know when to stop or say NO
In a relationship we might be what we NEED for each other but
The power of WANT shld never be undermined, not even in this day
U can be all I need but If I dont want u I would never realize MY NEED
An important reason God's timing should be respected and appreciated
Every Man wants a wife, home keeper, kids and a home to come to but
Are u the Man she wants?
Every Woman wants a husband with a fat bank account, a socialite (for some)A money bag, father to her kids but are u the woman he wants???
Little things we take for granted are the mighty cracks we watch cave in
It seems trivial at first but A relationship is not about COMFORT its COMPROMISE
I know life hapens, work, kids, making ends meet but if u take a second to think
Where did all the fun go? Now its Morning, breakfast, kids, work, home and Gudnyt
Why wont it be alright to look elsewhere?
It is normal the stars fall out of the eyes after some time together but
Also once in a while indulge in putting those stars back on ur partner
I have this saying....................
"When the landlord mistreats his house, the Tenant becomes a Lord 2"
This goes for both sexes, Never Ignore ur partner's WANTS
What u think is absurd to give to ur partner someone else thinks its a token

No one's life is going to be the same as urs, reactions wld always be different
Some of our wants are misplaced and selfish true but lets be careful
We dont get too wrapped up in our comfort zones to make others uncomfortable
We might NEED each other but do we WANT each other
Think abt that and maybe open urself up a little to giving in to a WANT
May God help us all in our sojourn to find bliss

Tej(C) 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Reading and listening to Celebs
Recently Jada and Will Smith
Got me thinking abt our mindsets
And the models we choose as we forget
Who we really are..................
I am going to talk on something a bit controversial
Love, Committment, Trust, Communication & Connection
I am from this school of thought called weird
 I am just a realist, as a young girl I had my life planned
The perfect man, profession, marriage, bank accounts
But as I grew up I began to realize
The burning secrets our parents had
The pain, confusion and frustration our parents musta had
My generation is packed with hypocrites
Who just hurt themselves in guilt
We are also not as spiritual, we run to man stead of God
I am a party I am not blameless but I tend to see things different
Pple go on with battle of the sexes, blaming who for what
Guys go on about machoism, how they are created to rule
Girls are now bold enough to claim the bitch and live by it
In all these is hidden pain, desire, confusion and judgement
When 2 pple are together, it starts like its forever but
We forget life is in phases, love stands the test of time and fails
Expectations birth pressure and disappointments al the time
2 pple in love forget tests wld come and bail when its show time
I hear girls say Men r to take care of them TRUE but
No one and no law states its a man's role
And thats the problem, our man made laws
A man who feels the need to take care of u
Over a guy who wants to? I Wld rather want
I believe in old fashion love, birth out of care and concern
These days its a status, competition to show and display love
The constant do's and dont's have brain washed our thinking
A woman shldnt cook, stay over at a guy's place
A girl shldnt call, should comb thru his place
A guy shldn't spend, or  go to expensive places
A guy shld just go for the cookie jar c'mon in this century
When wld this immature thinking stop?????
A guy and a girl meet biased with expectations
Emotions truly make u go out of the ordinary but thats why
They are emotions, people take it for granted which is
The anger both sexes carry and nurse LET IT GO
Hypocrites, Trying to control another person's life
No one's situation can be the same as urs
If u r in a relationship and half of the time u r an investigator
You dont need to be in a relationship
As we grow I would expect us to be truthful to ourselves
Ladies, we lie to ourselves a lot always blame the guys yet
We have a part of the blame, especially those who have gud men
Its hard as it is with all the vultures outside
If u like a tall, sophisticated, rich guy (imperfect world)
Dont date a short guy, brash guy and broke out of pity
Leave him for sumone who wld appreciate him
Dont fill ur loneliness at someone else's happiness
Guys if u just want sex, dont lead a girl on
We latch on only because we believe we can make u see
If u see a lady dont demand a slut and later call dem a bitch
U destroy the self esteem of a lady and make her feel worthless
Laugh at ur sleek ways and complain later in life?????
U break her for the one to build her back WORK HARD
We both destroy one another and it shld stop
The word No shld not be hard to say
Learn 2 Understand it must not be MUTUAL
We fail to see the one who adores us looking at the one we adore
Every relationship has its ups and downs
If u choose to be with sumone u av ur reasons
It doesnt mean loose ur identity or a sense of who u are
It doesnt mean get caught up in ur partner and loose urself
Love fizzles out we do not understand the fire burns out
2 pple cant be a 100 all the time its called a compromise
Its not worth it to keep trying and
The reason (person) is not even bothered
Romance is important we get caught up in life
Only to get a wake up call maybe a tad 2 late
U wld always be attracted to someone its life
Everytime u try to talk to sumone doesnt mean u want sex
Friendships are mistaken for certain expectations
Unfortunately these friendships are
Needed as much as u want them
Ur man or woman cant give u EVERYTHING
Beating urself abt talking to sumone else is setting urself up
When u talk into things it only feeds off ur worry!!!!
How do u explain a marriage where its Good morning
Breakfast, kids, work , home, news and goodnight
A relationship where its just obligatory
To call, say I love u, do nice things
Its just how it works, we must revive the fire
It is happening in many homes but pple r just mute!!!!
U must communicate as much as sum dont like 2
U find a nest then u r the bad one girl/guy
Find out what is missing in ur relationship
Men! majority complain of sex getting boring
Do u ever find out what ur woman wants????
Women are pleasers, men are takers only a few r givers
Sex is an important thing in a relationship
So also is communicating and compromise
Men r not as patient to get the ultimate from their partner
For women u av to make love to her mind
Then u av her body!!!!!!!!!!
Her mind is the door to her sexuality, its d power house
Sometimes we want a fast session get with the mind
Its all give or take, U av to get her relaxed first
People have different sexual orientations
Men be patient enough to teach and
Be nice enough to correct ur partner
Dont shut down or make her feel like a failure
Tell what u want but at the same time Listen to us
I say it all the time a Kiss is a powerful tool for women
A kiss, touch drives the message to the mind
But if as a guy you r kissing her to just get ur Johns attended to
Then u miss the point, both of u have to want attention
Imagine the drive of such desires to be satisfied??? Exactly
Its a complex thing and I hope to get into a discussion
With mature, realistic pple on these topics we shy away from!!!
Take out the do's or dont's ur situation is peculiar to u alone
Never make anyone's experience ur yard stick
Let ur emotions go sometimes enjoy it
There is no rule handing d cake to any sexes
We are all created to learn and discover ourseleves
Dont have ur walls up, let go
Dont cheat urself out of life
Love is beautiful, Loving someone is selfless
Sex is wonderful, a mind connection
With the right one is pure bliss
Friendships are sacred, keep an open door
Dont be too stuck up we r all channels
Attractions are normal, dont get too judgemental
Control is God given, running away only draws u closer
Communication is key, rejection is not murder respect it
Feelings dont have to be mutual, understand that
Never judge anyone if u cant feel their heart
Life is unfair, I try to be as fair as possible
Disrespect is not cute, Maturity is hella sexy!!!!

Teju (c) 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011


The poison that knocks ur sense of smell.............
Its attractive like a bottle of cologne..............
U love the sweet smell but never tasted it...............
Ur eyes gets locked on the bottle.............
Saying if only, the bottle is so attractive...............
U reach out and its heavier than U thought
Its hypnotic, u r gone into a trance.............
Slowly u get a glass and pour..................
It has no taste thats the deception................
The bitterness would stop you
The sweetness wld consume you
U drink your fill, ur head starts reeling..........
Ur eyes are blurred, ur grip is loose............
This poison swims slowly into ur system............
Taking over, weakening you to a pulp............
Helpless and out of breath..................
Poison wins as it engulfs you..............
No matter how much you detox.............
Its traces never leave, u always taste it..............
Potent is its Power!!! POISON
Teju (c) 2011.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hallos everyone,
I am ere and just felt like blogging on this one topic.................
I was discussing with a friend and some things crossed my mind........
People may argue different but I believe a Kiss is POWERFUL
Its the first step to cooling the flames of attraction............
Its the first action or gesture of true love, friendship.........
How people get crazy from lack of sex, some get from no kiss
There are various ways to express a kiss................
A kiss on the forehead - Appreciative love
A kiss on the cheek - Friends/care
A kiss on the neck - Passion, Desire, deep
A kiss on the lip - Friends, lovers, a bold step
A kiss on the shoulder - Love, passion, appreciating the body
Then we go deeper.........The French Kiss as we all call it.
If you are passionate about a kiss then this would make sense
If you are liplocking and there is too much saliva going X
If you are liplocking and constantly try to catch ur breath or
Your teeth keeps clashing then you are not interested in a kiss...........
A kiss can never be enjoyed with closed lips (many guys do this)
Catching ur breath - u are probably nervous, fast or rough
Good breath is a pathway to enjoy a kiss....
Before you kiss someone there has to be an attraction to enjoy it
A kiss sometimes is as filling as SEX (dont jump me yet) but its true
If you have an attraction and you let all that fire in a kiss trust me!!!!
Recovering from a good kiss takes years, you always touch ur lips
A kiss should be spontaneous, subtle,
A lot of feeling of the lips and passionate
Now this is for someone who wants to enjoy a kiss.............
Man guys are not keen on a kiss we ladies all know this but.....
You can make him love it, instead U do the initiating
You calm his nerves with a good kiss, the important thing is.....
Feel ur lips dont be in a rush to explore ur mouth.............
Tongue & Saliva are not the tools for kissing its ur LIPS!!!
When lips meet they are meant to be parted not closed..........
Sometimes let the other person kiss you as long as they want
You dont have to be in a hurry to return a kiss let them feel ur lips
A subtle peck on the cheek is felt than a quick smack.............
You remember you got a smack but u touch ur cheek after a subtle one.
A kiss ignites foreplay, the hands are not as magical without a kiss........
The magic of it is why we close our eyes, its an out of body experience
When 2 people have been on the edge, hearts racing, eye contacts...........
Desire builds up, its different when its Love, Lust or Pure Chemistry..........
Sometimes a kiss breaks the ice, its no gun to ur head for sex................
A kiss between people with Pure Chemistry is taunting till it happens........
Friendship builds from such or relationships break................
Sometimes a kiss should be left at a kiss, an excuse for sex destroys it all
A kiss with people in love is ever refreshing, most times its not french
Its always the lips and thats what keeps it alive, French kissing all day NOPE
I know people say when u are married for years ................
One should be able to kiss with morning breath well.................
Lets be real, u want to keep swallowing bad breath and germs from another
Keep it clean dont fall for the myths that leave u confused..................
You cant have ur mouth unbrushed all day .................
And want to stick and swallow my tongue and expect a vis a vis................
People do it and its great but what is wrong in a clean mouth?
Reason why I said Lips are the essential with a KISS,
U wake up in the morning mouth full of Saliva and u want a french kiss
Thats not love, lets not base frivolous ideas on love....................
Anyways b4 I digress, LUST is always the wild thing................
Kissing without even remembering how the lips felt,
Biting, clashing teeth, bursted lips,well crazy passion once in a while
But sometimes 2 people in lust dont even want to kiss..............
It makes no sense, its all about the body but.............
The day a kiss happens know gradually a sense of care has crept in..........
A kiss is powerful, its passionate, its a slow poison that streams in ur blood
Enjoy a kiss better with ur lips than ur tongue, part ur lips ................
If u cant catch ur breath, hold each other relax and................
Let ur lips take you to paradise.................
So for the first time i discussed something this bold on my blog............
I just felt to share u definitely know its a passion  I have :)
I do understand a lot of people might not agree but hey try it.............
Kiss slowly and dont be in a rush to stop ur lips from feeling!!!
(c)Teju 2011