Monday, November 24, 2008

THE YEAR SO FAR........08

The year is certainly coning to an end, weeks av gone by and all of a sudden lately my mind has been wondering............
What have i achieved this year,
What am i proud of letting go,
What did i do better this year compared to last year,
Whats my goal for next year,
How am i celebrating the end of the year,
Hows my spiritual life, emotional, financial ...etc.
Now i pause and i realize, so many times we pass thru the various months of the year and when its nearing its end we start to pressure ourselves to do things we cld av done over the past few months in days.
I am a guilty party trust me, its been a roller coaster of a year for me .
The interesting part of my year seemed to have been the first half of the year, i loved every moment, all the new discoveries, a lot of my friends & family got hitched, babies on the way and i got to celebrate with them.
I'm indeed thankful for my friends who made it to the altar this year and am so loving the mothers too i am a God mother to like 3 kids already and all boys aint that sumtin? lol.
This is therapy for me writing this and just to share and let u knw sometimes we av those down days or times but the best gift one can have is surrounded by true friends and vessels God uses to uplift u, encourage u and make u feel like u r not alone.
This 3 pple were there for me, listening to me and advicing me from experience & wld listen to me anytime of the day and ill like to tell u guys i love u very much and blessed to av u as friends
Shorty Thomas: Girl u knw i got ur back any day and love u loads.
Jobzy: What wld i do without u, far away yet so near, ur encouraging words & mails are like.............. u knw!
Yetty mama: i wonder how ill av survived ere without u! got mad love for u and foshooo its been real babes!! lol
My iyawo & bumz i cannot express my gratitude for being there always esp u kems, U rock!
So enof of the acknowledgements am in a good place now and sincerely it had to do with my girl!!! God truly is amazing and i keep discovering his amazing love for me, his favour upon my life and the hope i av in him...
FOR THAT AM GRATEFUL O LORD, and i knw soon ill be shouting ur praises to the heavens for your blessings to come.
Peace & love

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Am sure by now y'all knw i love to take pictures and i dont necessary enjoy putting my face up there on fbook but i av no models lol.... but i love photography a lot and i randomly take pix of friends and mess with edits and software to create unique pictures.
So on saturday Nov.11th 2008 i took my first pictures ill say as an aspiring photgrapher. My girl bibi was the make up artist for her friend's wedding and i took pictures which am about to share with u all, lemme knw what u think.
Peace & love,
Click on this link to view pictures!!!Njoy


Hiya pple,
how u all doing? I am ere tired more like my eyes have a mind of their own jeez! Been a while huh? i knw but so much has happened and some not of any importance believe me. I av been going thru what i call an evolution, i discovered so many things in a short while and i have come to realize the choices we make are what shapes us in most cases and i liken that to "the choice to be happy".
So much can go on to just divert ur focus and weigh u down which has been whats been going on with me until saturday when God used my girl bibi to reach out to me cuz i know that was God cuz right after the overtake of bibi's mouth she returned to her crazy self lol but in all i knw she's got my back we understand ourselves in the language we knw best......
I have chosen to be happy no matter what the situation is and i wont allow anyone or anything ruin it cuz trust me the thot of being ere right now is enof to sadden me... Kems thats for u,lol.
Another eventful day was yday when i called the U. k and i spoke to my girl bimz am so happy for her cuz its been a long time coming and finally i pray from ere on its a joyful ride, cuz thru the rough times i gave up but she kept the faith and am glad she is one place she needs to be and wants to be. Go on with ur bad self girl!
So back to me.. am back on my routine and seems i am getting there, enjoying salads big time and gr8 work out but............. i need my girl Dacosta to get her butt to mines over the weekend to cook the sinful delicacy of hers cant wait, and am also grateful to her as well she is an inspiration to me thru her strength and her faith in God. I knw soon ur bleeding wld be turned to blessings ull be knocked off ur feet by God!
My playlist is getting real good and hopefully tomorrow i can share my feel of music at the monent with u, but for now i need to go back to pretending am working while i rest my eyes.
Love u all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey pple,
How r u all today? i believe swell its a great day to start with.......
Its mid week so by now u should be used to my excitement. So lets see what have i been up to:
The weekend was cool reconnected with my very good friend and went on a mad shopping spree, jeez i cannot believe the damage i caused, but at the same time i do spoil myself once in a blue moon and last weekend seem to av had the moon blue! They had a lot of sales going on at themall and i got some pretty good deals and now am splurging even though the red lights seems to be blinking fast....... ALLOW ME!!!
I had quite a busy day on sat, walking the mall answering a dozen and one calls from family & friends and ended the night with a bad headache.
So i wake up sunday dragging lazily around the house, then we had my girls bibi & dacosta calling us to come over and eat thanks to the traditional stew they made "AYAMASE". As the name depicts in our dialect its the forbidden stew the wife is not to cook for her husband why??? he wld never look elsewhere which is why the husbands beg pls dont cook. We had more of a girls evening cuz bunmi came to join us later and as the night crawled in we were all there dreading MONDAY.... the hustle continues.
Got home and tried to prepare for monday and went to bed later than i expected and there goes the alarm dang!!!! got to work it was a bit of a slow day and what could have been worse my pc shut down, i tried to adjust the plugs but all to no avail, oh! well tomorrow is another day
Tuesday: VETERANS DAY why do i av to go to work arrrggh! my sis gets to stay home shucks! its a cold day and i get to work and the Pc is still off so imagine how the day went..... luckily i brought my Bible with me so had the rest of the day to go over the little informations & facts of Genesis that i am ashamed to say i was ignorant of alas i got a clearer & better understanding. Maybe God needed me to look into the word rather than facebook.
Anyhoos i am counting down till 5pm and yes i am dragging myself to the gym God help me cuz am tired of working out jeez cant i just wake up and be Halle berry lol.... Nah dont want to be that small i av some fans who wld be mad if they dont see the Teju they know! U knw urself wink!...
Alrighty stay blessed y'all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Now this is so sickening i cannot even conduct myself to send out greetings.............................
I dont understand the audacity, anyone wld av to think they can cheat their other fellow man.
Only In Nigeria do u see such despicable act of unruliness and in justice, how can the citizens of a society be afraid of the ones meant to protect them????
The Officers in Nigeria are now known to become tyrants, they abuse the power which has been given to them in ways which are incredulous to the human eye. Its unfortunate that this sector had tainted our country badly amongst other countries, the lack of security & freedom is a paramount concern for our youths across the globe who have left for greener pastures and now are at a cross road whether to go back home after years of interesting discoveries in the various western parts of the world... to name a few, USA, U.K, ITALY, FRANCE, RUSSIA and many more..... guess the grass is never greener when u look closely.
So now we all want to pack our bags and head out home and then we see this abhoring and unacceptable act, it leaves our taste buds bitter so bitter it is.
I wonder what the government is doing to ensure that such acts dont repeat itself, as the words of our great leaders said "POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" i see it un necessary if u r not the president even at that, or an ambulance rescuing a patient or a fire truck heading out to quench a fire... to get on the road with a thousand and one cars and have the nerve to scare people of the road, cause accidents because you are a government official.
My blame as such is not to the bosses though they could try to put their animals under control, these drivers they have seem to have been weeded from hell, all unruly, lack manners and r ready to die and take others with them if only it were so.... half of the time they end up with a scratch or none and kill their passengers and other victims in other vehicles.
Its sad what happened to this lady, i wonder how much control i wld av had, had it been me i know ill have made sure their families regret ever letting them out of the house that morning if they even had one to go back home to, ill live to destroy them and its no empty threat pple have lived to testify and in all honesty WHEN GOD IS NOT ASLEEP those men wld curse the day they signed up to become officers.
I cant seem to wrap my head around it, in this present day when the world is fast approaching civilization, becoming open to change, expanding their political thoughts, accepting the need for a right leadership, working together as a unit for the further development of their countries, we have these animals meant to be locked up in the zoos, even animals are tamed, these pple need to be deserted in the jungle.
At the time when they r needed most, they are either on the street corners downing a local scotch or herbal substance which switches up the insanity in their brain, while armed robbers are not even a priority case anymore, they have no regard for the uniforms or acclaimed badges of honor of these men, its a shame we have a few good ones but like they say 'one bad egg spoils the rest' guess if they get these lesser beings to clean up their act , we can once again reckon with their authority as soldiers and policemen.
I wonder as well, what warrants this obscene behaviour from these men, as they say empty barrels make the loudest noise............
They are not on the war fronts of Iraq,
They are not deployed to Afghanistan,
They have not seen the horrors of war
So i ask what is the reason for this unforgiveable acts? what is their pride?
THE FACT THAT THEY WEAR UNIFORMS???? well for them, cuz for the citizens, they have no regard for what they wear nor what it makes dem think they are any longer and not so much cognisance is paid to them anymore compared to their counter parts over the world................
I hope this woman and her family get the justice they deserve.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Its a new day, a new beginning a true defining moment i was part of last night we held our breath as we counted the votes every 2mins to see who was leading in the National polls, i was on the phone wiv friends, online and in all of these chaos i decided to lay my head a bit, awaiting Virginia, California & Florida zzzzzzZZZZZzzzz!
Kemi calls me and bam he was projected the winner BARACK OBAMA i was screaming, excited, jumping, phew!!! apparently yvonne had been caling me sent me texts when florida won cuz we were both waiting for both FL & CA i was overjoyed.
The votes are in and we now have a BLACK president for the first time in America and thru all his convention, his debates all i saw was a humble man believing in the people and certainly was not disappointed am glad to have witnessed such a memorable & historical day.
The Mcain/Palin camp r sending our congratulations, well its been a long time coming, i guess Palin has her supporter already when she decides to run (WHAT AUDACITY) Joe the plumber, an ignorant plumber who's got shit for brains!!!!! i guess he can decide to forget his dream of having his own company till Sarah Palin gets on board in ...... Not Ever!!!
I am a proud DEMOCRAT and i am on my way to the WHITE HOUSE!!!!
Mola 08.