Thursday, March 27, 2014


I have not written in 2 years????? Well I have written but not on this blog phew....
I miss writing so bad, just waking up and my brain charged,
Those words spilling out of my head and igniting from my heart...
Life has definitely taking its toll with mother hood for me!!!!
Its been an amazing journey though and that would be my next post MOTHERHOOD.
I have been blessed with a wonderful boy! Oh I love him to death,
He gives me the run for my money and I am always left tired.
God has been amazing in my life, these past 2 years has been!!!!
A revealing, re-awakening and rediscovery of who I am and loving it
 I look around me and my generation is in the stage I call THE REAL
We were all in a hurry to grow up, be our own men & women, bosses
We couldn’t wait to leave our parents, hmmmm Had we known the DEAL
looking back at our parents and I must commend them heartily what!!!!
A HUGE sacrifice they all paid, raising us and making sure we got the best
Here we are living better than most of our parents back then,
Presented with a lot more opportunities than they had and we r so MISGUIDED,
If our parents were blessed with the opportunities we had today, my oh my
They would have been selfless and made sure our futures were so secure but....
Here we are selfish so much so we don’t even care for these parents or our children
We are so much in competition with each other, our panties are in a bun over irrelevancies
I sit and wonder how did we get here, why are we not getting our head screwed on tight?
We are destroying the future for our kids and teaching them far less than what we were taught,
I really hope things turn around, we owe it to our parents and kids to do better.
NOW TO ME.... I am good, God has been great and so faithful
I feel so undeserving yet GRATEFUL
I have been through rocky mountains, cold blizzards and scorching Sunshine but!!!
He never left me and I can only say I am thankful for making me SEASONED....
Oh this is another post ill touch on, gosh I miss writing. #SEASONED.
I am 99% back my 1% would be my kiddo taking my time but be sure ill be here,
Feels great to get back to doing what u love and just being who u are.
Yep another post would be how I kick back, I am such a plain Jane!
Till my next post its tataz...