Monday, August 31, 2009

TEAM HOYT..........

So here i was at my desk at work, signing on to my PC, with the memory verse of gosh MONDAY again. I was settling in when i got an offline from a friend Seyi O, it was a link and he thot to share. At first i was like hmm, then i thot again it must be real touching for seyi to have sent it first thing monday morning so here we go
I got on the link and started to watch, the video was titled an inspiring story of a fathers love..... TEAM HOYT
A boy was born into the Hoyt home abt Some 44 years ago and as he was birthed, it was discovered he had Cerebral palsy, not a strange name to Doctors and parents it happens almost 2/3 in 10 babies. His father Dick was crushed like any parent and was given the option to put him away and just leave him as an invalid "what an option" lets not go to what the mother must av felt after 9 months and nothing less than 12 hrs of labour, you should give up on ur baby.
The unusual thing ere is as the story unfolds, one wld expect the mum to be the one who was nuturing but we really dont catch a glimpse of her, we see a father who shut the mouth of the Doctor who told him to give up on his son.
Dick took his son Rick home and started taking care of him, each year he got older his disability became more visible, Dick his father got all the necessary equipments, medications and anything that would be of comfort to his son and decided to take care of Rick his son.
Its not too gracious an idea until into the story we find out rick is in his mid 40's and his Dad late 60's and they are still together, Dick his father gave up everything to tend to his son, eventually Rick was able to get through high school and college with the aid of self customed hearing and voice machines and is a graduate of BOSTON UNIVERSITY " amen somebody". It seems unreal cuz the last time i heard of such sacrifice of love was God not to say there r not parents out there , or fathers out there who dont do stuff for their kids but this not only is the icing on the cake but the inventor of the icing.
Rick who with time was able to stretch his arms and legs a bit was beginning to enjoy outdoors and got interested in racing, he shared his desire with his Dad and instead of shutting down such an idea his Dad got on board and started racing. They got on various races through mountains, waters, roads and even even if they win or not Dick his father is fulfilling one thing, making his son Rick happy ....................
At this point i get lost for words cuz i summarized the video but my thot " What manner of love is this"
A father that gave up everything, a life he coulda had
To be with his son, who the world has written off
As a result of a disorder which affected his development
Its shocking, Dick Hoyt has done this for 44 yrs his sons's age
He is in his late sixties but still pushing and moving the earth for his son
I think its a lesson for us as human beings to understand God is a wonder, thats all i can come up with because a man with a heart like Dick shld not go thru what he is right?
Then again, the almighty uses life lessons like this to humble our spirit
There are times Dick woulda been TIRED, FRUSTRATED, ANGRY
There are times he woulda thot GOD does not EXIST
But each time he wants to give up all he has to do is look at his son who is an amazing INSPIRATION.
He went to school, graduated from College, anyone one else wld av used it as an opportunity to just sit home and be pitied.
We dont hear of Dick getting help which he must av but literally it was just him making his son happy.
I know he musta at one point realize God is all he has, cuz the strength he has had to carry all of this is not human but DIVINE.
Happiness comes in the simple things of life, a boy with no hope or future, looked for ways to be happy and achieve somethings in life,
Rick goes to schools to talk even though he is not the most eloquent but he is heared because he is a life teacher through his experience.
Dick the father is called a hero world wide , as we watch their story its moving but No one can understand what he gave up for 44 years to be appreciated today.
So sometimes situations seems unbearable, totally unacceptable, the good ones think WHY ME, or we get impatient with God for certain things, this is a lesson for us all:
You dont knw what God has in store for u
Your situation is not the end of it, after the rain comes the shine
Your present predicament might just be God saving you from something worse or a lesson to humble your spirit
When u thik u av it bad, look outside your window pple walk up and down the streets u av no idea what their burden is but they r LIVING so quit COMPLAINING
The simple things we take for granted, goes a long way when we appreciate what we have
Being Selfless can be one of the greatest investment one can sow into their lives because the reward is beyond this earth.
Most importantly, LIVE and appreciate God for his mercy and faithfulness to U.
Dick Hoyt is a living reminder of what selflessness is
Rick Hoyt is an inspiration and a reminder of Positivity, Self will and a reason to RISE above ur situation cuz u av no EXCUSE.

God does not give us more than we can handle, there ia always an alternative,
Rick might av wanted to RUN but with his dis-order he wanted to RACE, at the end of the day he wanted to keep moving so to us all, whatever it is PRAY TELL, "KEEP MOVING"

Mola '09

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey y'all
Hows everyone doing hope gr8? ok so here i am 'aven been gone for a bit, sorry bloggers just been trying to get all d pieces of me everywhere togeda, eeerrr :) getting there by his grace.
Tomorrow is sunday, still dilly dally abt going to church cuz i av family coming over but then shld ANYTHING OR ANYONE stop me from going to church nah!!!! o lord lets see how it goes tomorrow. I am taking out this time to send a shout out to my girls Toyin & Yvonne getting hitched nxt week waoh! seems everyone is settled so guess all eyez on moi?
Not to worry i am coming to u soon look out.....
Now, i av been back for abt 3 weeks now from my trip to mother land and i got real ill and lost a good ten pounds but seems in this past week musta gained almost everything back, gosh i need to start getting busy seriously.
I have a few options now, go to the gym by my job and get home late?
Come home and jog. walk and all, around d neighbourhood? sounds like the plan lol
Or Get my butt up in the morning for taeboo....Seem to like that plan too but pray tell child, need to get my Lazy behind up, sigh! wish i had an alarm clock that screams GYMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, wont that be awesome?
Well if u get to read this pls motivate me as much as u can ok, need to get in shape once and for all, besides need to get fit for personal goal ...:)
Anyways, thats me lately and oh yep i av joined the twitter bug madness and boy is it addictive or what? Met a few Celebs and artise both international and home based and been cool .
Shout out to @ RITA DOMINIC, gosh she is too cool, pple one of d few actresses who delivers and still humble in person, i am so glad and honoured she follows me on twitter and even responds to me with DM, girl u r blessed. lol
A few others have been really choked up on fame guess they av a trailer load of fans but i aint no groupie and ill definitely get dem off my list soon and come to think of it , its dis same Naija artistes ooo, i get u cant be everyone's friend but c'mon when u r being reached out to and u go over that and respond to ur choice of pple , most of the pple i am referring to are the guys and in all honesty WHO SENT ME? all on twitterville.
@ MY GIRL CHIKA & DAMMY, BFF, U guys rock men, love all d way from blogville to twitterville, lol.
I am about to turn in for the night but need to do crunches cuz i wont forgive myself if i get on my bed just like dat, its been a good weekend so far, been indoors all day.
A shout out to my sisters @ Nife, @ Bibi, @ mel... love u guys for all u do and ur care over the past weeks......mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
A great shout out to my baby @Nolar...God is all we av baby and I am right by u, love u and cant wait to av ur name tag....smooches.

Peace & love

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hi pple,
Its been a while i got inspired to write other than my daily life but 2 days ago I was lit up by a Campaign going on right now in my Country NIGERIA, its called Light up Nigeria.
So here i was on twitter going through the Time lines and kept seeing this "#lightupNigeria" on timelines of Amara (bubusn), Eldee, BankyW, my girls chika and Dammy , at first is seemed cool and i was wondering what they were on about till i kept reading Eldee's timelines and i got real curious and started reading through.....I was moved by how these artistes and other youths home and abroad have decided to speak and be heard, and so here i am joining the movement .
Light up Nigeria is a movement which has been created by and with the youths of today and would be - leaders of tomorrow to be heard by our leaders of our Electrical problem in Nigeria. Its alarming the rate at which this problem gets worse every year, a country that has everything yet can boast of NOTHING, its unacceptable and needs to be clipped NOW.
How can we wake up everyday to what I call Noise and not Sound because Sound is pleasing to the ears so ill use NOISE of generators everyday as we get ready for work, get to work, come back and still have this same NOISE disturbing the peace of our Enviroments? lets not get started with the Pollution it brings along with it.
I remember through the years when Electricity was not luxury but a necessity, we could predict when NEPA as i recall would give back Electricity, then it turned to sharing of Electricity then on the high brow Victoria Island, which used to be a residential area but now turned Commercial center with Banks and companies taking up every piece of land they can lay their hands on. So as a resident of V.I you have your Electricity taken from morning while companies function and by 6 or 7 pm Residents start to enjoy Electricity again now tell me what kind of life is that?
We have our dear Mainland residents with Ikeja being the center of all mainland areas counting days when they would have Electricity, i say its detrimental to one's state of mind, how do you account for 2 days of light and have 3 days called off day or better yet you go through places like Agege, ogba and see Electricity in the form of what is called Low current , a candle stick would burn brighter, while areas like Ikorodu, Ajegunle, Mushin, have resolved to NO ELECTRICITY this is unacceptable, how do you expect human beings to function like this? People living in this areas have not had Electricity for months and have no means of getting generators so they more or less live remote lives this is UNFAIR.
This is me looking through the years and we just accepted it and said it would get better but alas its gettting worse, Some of us travelled abroad to further our Education, look for greener pastures and go back home, now we are home and its worse off than we left it, Corruption is at its peak, Banks cant account for money loss, employment still lingers as a cloud over our heads, Education is on halt because of the strikes, Power still has not changed hands it keeps circulating round the same set of greedy people from when we were in high school to college to working class? Then Electricity is as good as no longer in existence, GENERATORS are the order of the day..............
As i recall generators were a luxury then now In the year 2009 its a NECESSITY, so now tell me how the crime rates wont multiply or how frustration wont set into the lives of fellow Nigerians?
We hear it all the time Nigerians are angry people but tell me why wont we? This life we are subjected to here by our leaders is not right, its demoralizing and certainly NOT ACCEPTABLE, NOT ANYMORE.
I am saying all these so we can think back and decide what we want to accept for our future, if it would motivate you enough to want to do something then so be it, if it angers you to get motivated so be it but please we cannot sit and just keep talking amongst ourselves, we need our voices to be heard, the first step is the vital one and we have made a good move by getting involved. Our parents have gone on too long with this predicament and we the youths and future of tomorrow need to deal with TODAY for a better TOMORROW for the ones coming behind us.
I have joined the movement, and i am spreading the word this is not just for today, its for future causes as well there is a lot to fix and this would be a starting point. I am grateful for the founder of LIGHT UP NIGERIA and the various artistes, actors, actresses and individuals who have gotten involved, the humble gesture of using your fame and voice to be heard is definitely one God would reward you for. Be proud of what you are doing because you are following in the fotsteps of great men like Martin luther king, Abraham Lincoln, the various celebrities like George clooney, Bono and many more which i believe we all know, Leave your mark in this world the ones after you would never forget.
We are proud of you and we are behind you, God bless our voices and may we not only be seen may we be heard...#lightupNigeria
To be a part of the movement join and get involved
If you are on twitter always end your text with this tag #lightupnigeria
For facebook users join the group LIGHT UP NIGERIA

God bless
Peace & love
Mola '09

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Its so gooooood to be back pple and i feel like a re- birth has occured, phew!
I got in today and a bit under the weather but still basking from the wonderful xperience of serving my nation in the name of NYSC, lol. It was at first an experience i dreaded and i cried the first night, i cld not comprehend how i was to have my bath in that awful slum, i was ready to give up but as usual My hero talked me into focusing on whats important... my reason for being there.
I met wonderful pple at camp, i served in lAGOS AT THE IYANA IPAJA area and it was a wonderul experience the few weeks dat followed, one i was away weekends at ur guess is as good as mine, lol and then come back and looked forward to the 4am drill with my pple behind....platoon 2 we rocked. My wonderful platoon instructors, Nehemiah & Abu, Abu was d man he always arranged me nicely wen i was to bail camp, such wonderful memories.
MAMI MARKET: that was the shinding and we rocked the 2 last days my peeps, lauren, fidon and AFRICA miss yall, the farouz stand knew they had guest in there, lol.
Anyways back to reality i miss naija and wish we had one more week of camp so we cld tie some loose ends but hey, july 2010 here we come Laurenzo & flaky flakes ya feel me???
Nobert, maro, ralph, Nkem, castro & mark, camp was fun wiv u guys thanks for having our backs, lol....."operation off ur lights Nsync forever" .......LMAO
I am back ere in the states and the real world is dawning on me, and now i am faced with decisions i must be ready to take, i av decided to make lemonades out of these lemons life is offering right now, God is d ultimate.

Peace & love