Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey y'all
How was ur weekend? hope great, mine was so fun stayed indoors friday nite,
Headed out saturday morning by working my ass out, it felt good considering the calories i had been packing, lol. Took a shower and went to my girl's place bibi, its never a dull moment, We went to the movies and saw WANTED! o my i cannot get enof of that movie it was crazaaay hmm hmm hmm nice concept.
Had a 60th bday party i attended twas ok, thanks to my girl kemi for dressing me up headed home and slept like a baby.
Woke up and its already monday again, am at work and am happy i made a new friend well kinda reconnected with an old buddy. TEE A, met him while i was back in college when he anchored some award show and presented me with an award for Ms COOL. He is an incredible guy and i must say a down to earth brother. Many atimes we meet artiste and they all have chips on their shoulders, but Tee A is in a classs of his.
Anyways while we play tag on FB let me get back to work and keep u posted l8r.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Am not happy at all guys i have gone off my diet by snacking on somethin i shldn't av. I feel so guilty especially when it was not just once, not twice but thrice. I need to hit the gym with NO EXCUSE from monday like my life depends on it actually it does.
Am so sad with myself oh, this was supposed to be an office treat from our Deli downstairs i tasted this forbidden pleasure and i could not stop till i realized thi s is the third day and i craved it.
God help me, i need to do this ever since my cousins trip its been hard to get back on track, phew! i am beating myself, pls bear with me i need to get back with the programme am tired of trying to loose weight.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


wats up people, hope u all had some nice rest over night and made it up early unlike some people (Moi) I got up an an hr and a half late, phew! but i still made it. Yesterday was fun had family over and my lovley coz from the U.k. I cooked and we all sat and remembered good old days with & within our large family clan.
Well am up this morning at my desk not a bad start at all. I was going thru the Nigerian News and heard about the death of OLIVER DE COQUE its such sad news, a few weeks back heard about EVANG SONNY OKOSUN, and i stumbled on ELDER STEVE RHODES death news too.
Its so sad these were 3 great men in the music industry in Nigeria and were well recognized internationally, MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PEACE AND IN THE SYMPHONY OF THEIR SOUNDS.
DEATH is always a reality check on our lives, and i hope we all have the chance to place our marks here on earth and continue our heavenly rights with the father up in the sky where we all belong.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is paying homage to all the mothers all over the world as i celebrate my mum's birthday Mrs. Monisola Abeni Ajao on this day the 25th of june 2008

After long hours at the farm gathering woods,
She wakes up to start the fire,
She hears her child cry; she drops everything and moves towards the cry,
She ponders, are u hungry child, are u wet, are u sick?
What’s the matter? She worries……….
Mothers they say are God on earth
Their nurturing is a blessed curse,
They love beyond reason,

The cycle begins with the realization she is carrying a life inside of her,
The anticipation of the privileged name MOTHER excites her,
Birthing a child into this world is part of the heavenly plan of her existence
She waits, as this life grows in her,
She talks to her child,
She feels the kicks
She feels the beats,
She begins to get to know her child from within

She births her child
Through pain, through prayers, through strength
Finally she holds onto this life,
And from that day she promises NEVER TO LET GO.

She looks in admiration, at her child,
Her child is no longer a toddler but a growing teen,
She is excited, then again she is scared
What, how, why??? These questions burn within her,
She smiles at her child, trying not to show her concern,
She decides ill hold on tighter,
Her child feels this excruciating pain with her grip
Then begs and yells for freedom, am in pain but she only grips harder
The struggle begins…………

We all know this is one thing a mother cannot and will not do,
She feels she has a right to her child,
After all she carried her child for (9) months,
Nursed him, fed him by herself,
Stayed awake all night watching & praying when her baby was sick,
She had a vigil, fasted and cried to God for healing,
How dare u tell her to LET GO?
She feels betrayed, she is angered by the thought of the life she once carried
Now screams for freedom, would rather stay back with peers
She wonders where she went wrong, it makes no sense,
As she reaches out more the farther it seems her child is,
She goes on at this point showing love how she knows how to best
Its frustrating for the child, it becomes embarrassing
Why cant this woman LEAVE ME ALONE
Am grown, I can take care of myself…….

She has no control on how she displays affection for her child
She breaks all boundaries for her child,
She starves, for her child to eat
She cares for nothing else but her child
She prays to take the sick bed stead of her child lying on helpless
She is selfless; loving and dotes blindly
She would die for her child if she had to,
That’s how much a mother’s love goes for her child…..

These are special and unique mothers if I must say,
A great amount of their kids don’t understand the tough love they give atimes,
How do you explain?
Her being pregnant with u, is why your dad is not with her,
The anger she must feel, for what should have been joyous
She goes through birthing you alone,
No warmth for her to run to
No helping hands to care for u
No hands to caress her aching body,
Her bones begin to fail, she gets tired
Her strength is gone and as she slumps to give up
She hears your cry, and she gathers herself
Looking down at her reason to go on
She becomes the MOTHER & FATHER
She loves you both ways,
She teaches you from both ways
She worries for you in both ways
She has a heart of a warrior
It takes a father and a mother to raise a child
It takes a society to raise a good child
How much more a single mother???

We need to celebrate our mothers in every way we can,
We begin to understand their sacrifice, as we grow older and become parents.
God makes a mother out of a woman who submits herself to love his children on earth as he does in heaven.
The single mothers especially, it takes the grace of God and their selflessness to raise a good child.
She bears the burden of two parents; it’s a difficult task, especially with the various phases the child evolves through. Its not easy but GOD never forsakes his people let alone the vessels he has used as MOTHERS.
Iya ni wura!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hi ya pple, hope all is well and sound!
Moi? i guess i can say i have my head back on my neck, i got myself involved in an unworthy cause and believe me am biting my fingers so hard for it. I wonder y i never ever learn my lesson seriously, especially with the same kind of cause as i wld say.
I am humbled, and ill say am more than convinced its all about me and not anyone anymore. its a selfish world cuz everyone is all about themselves! i get that now.
Went baby shopping yesterday for a friend of mine and it was fun shopping amongst pregnant women, they must have thot i was expecting. Babies are so adorable, they are the sweetest thing ever and am counting down to mine! yep u heard me to mine!
Forgive me am dry these days but ill soon be up again with a lot to tell u.
I am wishing my baby a successful start today and hopefully its for the best! Good luck hon
Tk kr y'all

Monday, June 23, 2008


The First and the last,
The creator of heaven and earth
The omniscience, the omnipotent,
The lily of the Valley,
The Rose of sharon
The Bread of life,
The fairest of ten thousands,
The Balm of Gilead
The unchangeable changer,
The perfect perfector,
The Un moveable Mover,
The Un shakeable shaker
The El-shaddai,
The Elohim,
The Adonai,
The prince of preace.
Jehovah jireh
Jehovah rohi
Jehovah ralpha
Jehovah Nissi
Jehovah tsidekenu
The fountain of living water,
The breath of life,
The I am that I am
The one who was, who is and who is yet to come,

Oba aye ra ye
Kini un
Olori oko
Mo wole ni waju re ooooooo!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hey .....
Hows everyone am sure blessed, its mid-week u all know i love mid week cuz its closer to the weekend. I saw a dear friend's blog and decided to use his blog name as my title today. I still hold u dear, u know who u are.
I have been having a hurricane going on in my mind about different things, life, friends, money, life partners, children, self and my spirituality. Its funny i realize when u allow an explosion of thots in your head thats when you feel like the world is coming down on u and you have numerous problems. I used to be a worrisome person still am but working on it before i have my kids or else my kids would run from me, but dont blame me its the motherly instincts i have, lol.
The need to always care for someone other than myself used to take a priority in my world and i have learnt thru that experience especially with what this world call FRIENDS lol its definately worthwhile to think of ones self first.
My Spiritual life, trust me in the spirit am nsync with the trinity but this flesh wow is somewhat a force to reckon with. I wont say am a total rebel or defiant to the word of God but i believe my faith is not as grounded as need be. I thank God for his love, grace and mercy, his ways are not our ways , his thots are not our thots, thank God for that or else a whole lot of us would be finales now.
Money, they say is the root of evil , and others have said is the key to life. For me its an important part of life, one cannot believe the various characters this term money could reveal in man on earth! Friends are turned to enemies, families no longer understand a harmonious relationship its replaced with discords, the less priviledged are psyched to a point where they believe money is all or nothing, and the wealthy........ hmm a very high percentage of this class do not see beyond their nose, money is POWER, FAME and LIFE for them.
Truthfully money controls every human being in some way or the other, it might be to an advantage or a disadvantage but it does. For me, its one thing i HATE not having it does not take over my life though.
Life in general has different meanings to people but i know its one place we come and play our parts, it either beats u down or beats u and you rise from it. Life happens both good & bad we cant do anything about it just like money its power over man is supernatural , in the realms of the heavenly bodies.
Partners, this is one i love to talk about.. its not an easy find, believe me we all miss it a couple of times more than others i could say i have had my missed turns too, but i realize when we grow up from being children to adolescents, the need to think far ahead is fuzzy and we just go for the ride either good or bad. When we get to a certain age we realize we no longer wants friends, sex partners, home buddy or a father for our babies and vice -versa, then we realize we have no clue what is ahead of us.
So many things i have realized about wanting a companion is ........
**You have to be ready to want a companion, we feel we are ready so many times but realize we are not when we keep hanging on to the past.
**You have to be willing to share and open up to your partner, its a waste of time when you believe in your independence and believe anyone would tolerate being an after thought.
**Most importantly, telling God which should have come first, i just felt the need to relate in the form we understand before going spiritual. Talking to God about wanting a partner entails a whole lot which you might not even realize until you start bringing it to God.
**You must be willing to compromise, teach & listen, as individuals we realize different things about ourselves and two people deciding to become partners takes a whole lot of patience and understanding. Different backgrounds, beliefs and ways of life play a vital role you must be willing to accept a bit of the other and give a bit of yours.

**One factor i love to shed light on is going for what you want, even when asking God to send someone your way, patience counts a lot. You cant be attracted to light skinned men and out of desperation go for a dark skinned guy!! For everytime you see a light skinned guy, u would wish u had him, i speak to guys as well wanting a lady with certain features does not make you sterotype , its not until it becomes an obsessive character and you would take looks over character then i have a problem with that and i believe i speak for most people and if precautions are not taken CHEATING comes into play. All i am trying to say, if u have certain features u want ur partner to have there is no shame in telling God so that you can be content with what u have and not look else where

Anyways this is just me as i said earlier my thots in words, i just felt like writing today but got to run need to catch up on work.
Tk kr & God Bless...Mola

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Week

Hey y'all,
Its a new day, a new week and its monday. Surprisingly am not so sad its monday, had a packed weekend of shopping. My coz came to spend time with me from Nigeria and believe me when i say those who invented the sentence "SHOP TILL U DROP" had my coz in mind, what??? It was exciting though we had fun. My weekend was all shopping as i said, had a few friends over also and we just chatted away.
Sunday--- I cannot wait to get acrooss this ocean cuz i need some serious earth shaking church in my life. Am back at work nuffing interesting yet i think i have a couple of outings for the next two weeks so hey its time to get my groovy back heh? ill be heading back to the gym in the course of the week cuz believe me i haven't been bad but i haven't been good either if you get my drift, lol. Anyways gat to go and hope u have a lovely week ahead.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hey y'all
Its good to be back, am so sorry not updated my blog in a while, hmm u would not believe my excuses but ill say them anyway 1. my computer at work is crashed and not going to be fixed till friday, 2. i get home and i want to sleep so bad, not been catching up on that lately and its quite bad for my health.
Ok, so i guess you were here when i decided to be healthy and stay fit, i av been trying ooooo but today, i had a craving i could not turn away from, My girl Kemi would understand this craving cuz its her weakness too, i had heard so much about it and decided to taste and believe me it is my forbidden fruit. How can something so sweet with gratifying pleasure be hazardous to one's health...... Not fair.
I need to whip myself cuz its supposed to be a no go area for me i av learnt my lesson and am back on track.
Well, my coz is in town from gidi and its so fun to have company from motherland, we would be having a wonderful weekend i suppose if the sun does not scorch as bad as last weekend. so thats me lately, nothing much just same old same old, bored to death at work with nothing to do yeah i know some pple crave that but i crave, scream for work right now or let me be sent home to go sleep.
I am going to be more cautious of moi now am flipping a new page i need to pamper me a little cuz i just realized no one would take care of u but urself so y'all be kept posted.
P.S - Its a holiday in Nigeria June 12, another day to reflect on the chaotic political world of Nigeria and its fallen heros but we are getting there.
Astalavista ill be back soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Hello eery one,
Hows everyone and how are we preparing for the weekend? Am good and just going to have a cool weekend.Nothing much is happening at my end am having family over and its pretty cool.
Anyways nothing much to write today feeling sleepy and need to go but still have like some 5hrs to go darn!!!
Am not sure how to feel about something but well i guess thats why its called life.
Got to go am real boring today and i can't seem to compose my words so till when i can ill be in touch....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So far.................

Am grateful to God for bringing me thus far, this journey has been amazing believe me, its rainy days had its moments, the sunny days are thankful for and the cloudy days are expectations of a better day. I have travelled across this ocean for days, years and tried to find this treasure but lost so much trying to grasp this hidden treasure......
I have met so many like me with their ships but for a different adventure, i sail on and got nearer this spot where the treasure is but alas its further the nearer i think i am. I have tried various directions with my compass but its worn out and my map is all soaked, am drenched and with the last bit of strength i have i have made up my mind to go back to my starting point and look for other treasures and enjoy the ones i found earlier.
I am about to wheel around and everyone is urging just go further, its ok, i have been where u are but its all futile now cuz am drenched and all zeal is lost in the treacherous winds and waves that almost took me off my ship, i smile and thank them for their words of encouragement but this moment am tired of the ocean and i need to lay my head.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey y'all

How are u all doing let me guess, all grumpy in front of your PC's and wishing today was sunday. I so share that thought with y'all. N'ways how was ur weekend ?? hope it was swell and relaxing. Well, my mood is a bit damped today cuz i got on fb and saw a few of my friend's status update mourning a CHINEDU ORAGUNYE, i saw the group created for him and read thru..... its quite an unfortunate incident and this got me thinking..........................

Death has an inevitable control we cannot do much about,

Some people wait to die while others long to live,

Death has no ears nor heart,

To listen or to be sympathetic.

The scars it leaves behind is a memorial forever,

It hurts, O it hurts,

To loose that one person,

A life is precious to many but,

It touches a few in remarkable & unexplainable ways.

Death, if only u could understand,

The Pain we feel,

The love we shared

The Dreams we had

The life we wanted

The hope we believed in.....

Maybe, just maybe you would be a bit more patient whenever u come around again!!!.