Monday, March 31, 2008


Its the usual Chaotic monday, dull weather, headache giving phone calls and still no warmth to run to ...... i miss my boo.
Am at work right now and am kinda dry just wanted to drop in on y'all . oooooooooo before i forget, the movie 300 my boyfriend tried so hard to convince me to watch that movie, i was not interested thought it looked like it was going to be crap , then my my girl Kemi convinvced me to watch this movie a while back and now its an obsession.
I have watched that movie like 6 times over and still cannot get enough of it and the King hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm GERALD BUTLER is my English Fantasy , ill be his SPARTAN QUEEN, he is sexy, his accent is....... i loose it when i hear him speak, lol I am a sucker for the BRITISH ACCENT and he is one sexy piece of work, let me try and get some air. Seen him in a couple of movies, loved him also in P.S. I love you.
P.S. I love you - I watched it over the weekend and i recommend this movie to y'all. It makes you appreciate LIFE, TIME and saying I LOVE YOU is never too much, the times we spend fighting as couples and down playing one another or taken the times we share for granted, when DEATH comes knocking it would be too late to say those words, quarrel less or just appreciate one another.
So better u seize the moment and live it like it might be ur last, love like ull not have the chance to love just in case .......... so that we all die knowing we were loved and the ones who have lost loved ones know they loved with all their heart.
Guess am in the love Zone!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Its Sunday evening and am a bit weak from a sprained shoulder and a nagging headache! my weekend was ok, had my girl's bridal shower to organize with her family & friends it was real fun and am happy for her.
I am just in my room, basically dreading tomorrow, am kinda lost in my thoughts right now and a little bit chaotic in my mind, lol. I know i cannot exactly place whats wrong, just wondering so many things, life, doubts, fears and all.
Am sorry am a bit of a wet towel right now, i seem not to know what am writing either before i bore u and put myself out on blast! let me get off ill try and figure out whats wrong and PRAY!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hi everyone how was ur night hope gr8, well mine was well thank God! for some reason i felt like how i wld feel on a monday morning today, did not want to get up from bed though i slept late watching a movie. Phew! woke up this morning and am just swinging by my moods , i told u earlier about my going back to the gym, well quite alright i have but am getting frustrated cuz, this is where i give up in the past am seeing no results wait! b4 u start throwing ur questions: am i eating right, doing the right form of exercise and all, am trying real hard i know i am.
I totally av given up so many things and about to give up the last of them (wheat whatever), this is so not fun i envy the size 2-10 hmmm wonders wld not av ended if i was one of those, lol.
I am very grateful to Nolar, he is keeping me motivated and his support system is marvellous cuz i wld av thrown in the towel. Ok so i decided this is going for the KILL, i am going to be on a fruits diet, God help me i feel like MARIO crying out COME SAVE ME! pls am trying to make this fun cuz believe me its not. So friends and family pls & pls dont invite me to dinners or cook outs for now ok?
Hopefully by the end of april ill have a different story to tell wish me luck.
Always urs.....


Sure most of u are asleep while other continents are awake! for some reason i can't get to sleep and i am missing Nola so much! wish we were together, but soon, soon God help us.
Need to catch up on some sleep ill be back in the morning/afternoon. ciao

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey, its monday! for the first time in a long time am not as grouchy or upset its a new week.
How was youR Easter break hope it was as nice and fulfilling as you expected, as for me did nothing much friday went straight home chilled, slept woke up the next day being a saturday and happy i did not have to be at work, pretty much just lazed around all day.
Had my girl come over and it was just soothing, relaxing and cool. Sunday we went to church got back pretty much nothing important till night time watched THE SOUND OF MUSIC real classic and i was grateful for a wonderful weekend.
Am back at work again, and i feel blessed and grateful to God for the opportunity of life and the beauty it bestows, i would not take it for granted. Well am headed back to work ill let u know whats going on with moi as the week unfolds!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Its the end of the week, its good friday yay! i enjoy going on my blog fridays, lol.
I intend to rest as usual this weekend and start to make my plans for my trip. hmm! I am getting chaotic just thinking about this trip i av so much to do in a short time, i am so indecisive its alarming. I am taking each day as it comes, i have learnt its the best way, since the beginning of the year i av refused to let anything put me under duress/stress or anything less so am good and very calculated.
Its Easter, it sucks we here in America are not as religious as other continents they have no regard for religion unless its war or politics, imagine having a long weekend while we have to go to work, not fair? I am grateful though, to God almighty for giving us all the priviledge to be called his children, sending his only son to die for our sins even when we dont deserve it , we all should be thankful.
I am not sure if i mentioned me heading back to the gym, well i started in earnest last week and its not been that bad, actually enjoying it i am getting motivated by the energy burst afterwards.
Wish me luck on that , so also being watching my calories and believe me this ain't no fun. Fruits & Veggies are beginning to taste like Pastas, ice cream, cookies, sob! sob! lol.
Anyways girl gotta go, my break time is over, see u over the weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I 'm here , sorry i have been out of touch for a while so much to do and time ain't no friend we all knw that!. As usual the weekend is around the corner and its Easter weekend, hurray am going to chill home as usual, sleep, watch tv and just be gratful to God . Hmm the month of march is almost over one more week and April is here (My bday month).
I am excited and then again am getting old but i guees the older the better/sexier right? Anyways am at work and need to get back to it. ill be back soon when something interesting happens, life seems to be boring these days!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Hi ,
Ok its a bit of a cold greeting but can u blame me its monday and i had to pratically drag myself to work. I get to work and all these magnets in the form of bills are ready to stick on me phew! what a day. lol
Anyways its part of life i guess we all have those days, its been a pretty cool monday though was able to clear my head and been chatting with an old buddy of mine. Hmm! for some reason i have been wondering a lot of what ifs................ but hey its all planned out.
I had a lovely song sent to me over the weekend, thanks J i really do appreciate it and knowing what the heart truly says!
Osh! what can i say life is a stream sometimes we go on straight to never meet and sometimes we do but lets treasure the times & friendship we av cuz times lost is never gained back.
Love u all!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hey everyone,
its saturday morning and it feels sooooooooooooo good not to be rushing out to catch the early ride to work. Well as usual had my nice friday night watching my soaps and sleeping late, lol.
I really dont have an idea what ill be up to today its about 8.38am so still a long day.
Just been in bed lazing around and thinking, yes thinking. I am so grateful to the good lord cuz this time last year, was a bit downing for me but its amazing how TIME HEALS.
I am good now and nothing is taking that from me so stand back, and watch this girl soar higher than the world can contain!.
Adios for now

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey everyone,
Yep its been a week, i knw am sorry abt that just been a bit busy. Anyways hope u guys av been doing great, on the other hand ur girl mola has not been doing bad, just had a couple of road blocks but i thank ALMIGHTY GOD for his mercies.
Nothing interesting of late just work, been going to the gym pls i need all the encouragement i can get , hmm i envy those who dont need to keep off the pounds lol. i started fully this week and i av been enjoying it though i made sure my Ipod has all the genre of songs and currently am on a high with these new naija R& B artistes like, Asa, Wande coal, 9ice & my one & only Rooftop Mc's their song LAGIMO gives me a burst of energy everytime.
I would be travelling soon and so looking forward to it, i need to rest. I want to take this time to acknowlegde a friend of mine BADDY, i feel ur pain i wish i cld hold ur hand and take you thru this but i knw God has a better way of taking care of u and ill always be praying for u. All my love!
On that note mola is out, lol be back soon!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mid week

Its mid- week and am a lil bit relieved the weekend is approaching. As usual nuffin exciting has been happening in this chic's life just same old same old!, am getting ready for my girl's wedding Bibi in Naija, am sure ill have a lot of gist for u then.
Am excited going to see my family and ........ lol, yeah u guessed right. just need to cool off from this crazy Americans. I am actually thinking of taking a trip to london Cardiff precisely ( u got that? lol), and dubai, i av been dreaming of dubai, beautiful place am hoping to go in December.
Lately i av been listening to a christian radio station and their songs are so inspiring with likes of Jeremy camp, steven Chapman, casting crowns (A fave of mine) Mercy me( Another fave), i wake up every morning and just listen to them.
I made a committment at the beginning of the year to keep my eyes on God and its been a joyous ride.......... God is so awesome i wonder what extent the foolishness of man would get to before we realize its easier to just trust in him, in the past i have struggled on my own and its yielded nothing but disappointments & regrets, now i know better.
Each day i feel good cuz i know am holding onto him (God) he is the only & best way and it might not seem possible at first but eventually whatever the storm is, surely calms down at the feet of the Almighty.
Am heading out take care y'all and thanks for visiting my blog!!
N.B- i av been having a craze for naija R&B's now and am feeling a new song called OLOLUFE by WANDE COAL, lvly song u should all go listen to it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today is not my day!
Wish i could make up words for it but ...................................................................................................

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hey y'all
Its another week and believe me i hate mondays! today was just getting out of control but like i said at the beginning of the year am NOT going to allow anything depress me or get me frustrated. I guess its just a mind thing that today is monday also.
I kinda had a restful weekend and sunday was glorious went to CHURCH and heard the word, its a good feeling having the word manifested in your life.
I have promised to be committed to God more this year and i invite you to join me cuz since i began looking up to him i have felt peace beyond comprehension and am content.
Anyways i dont have much going at the moment its a new week lets see how it goes am hoping everyone is at peace with themselves and my heart goes out to the abandoned babies out there, may the Good lord Keep you and find you worthy mothers.
Be back soon..................