Monday, April 21, 2008


How is everyone i presume well, and how was the weekend? Mines was ok, had a restful one and had my uncles come from ATLANTA & S.CAROLINA to spend the weekend.
I am so excited for my darlyn bro lolu and my girl bibi as they got hooked to their hearthrobs over the weekend, both are bursting out with so much excitement and you can tell from the love in their voices. Unfortunately i cld not be at lolu's but ill be at bibi's white wedding and can
t wait to be going to gidi pheww! home is sure where the heart is.
I also pray for the engaged couples, the lovers and those trying to find love may we all go through this joyous journey as others before us with the good lord leading us on.
Well, well, thats that nothing much is happening with me am just getting ready to set out, am at work presently and counting down till 5pm and its just 2.30 crap i need to go!
Anyways, tej is boring today just wanted to drop in, about to go get lunch so till i come around again, love is all i've got for u.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

MIXTURE OF BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how am feeling just been a bit down! am feeling HAPPY , SAD, EXCITED, DEPRESSED, SCARED, BOLD, DAUNTED, phew! All of a sudden i feel like i dont know what to do i have so many things up in my head but am tied down. God pls show me a way out of this...... I think i am getting a bit of the late twenties syndrome i believe kemi now, lol.
Nolar makes it better and i wonder where u 've been all my life!
Argggh... am happy for my girls Bisola Audiffren and Mrs ibrahim to be! its mixed blessings and i hope the good lord bless u guys as u start & continue on this journey to the next chapters of your lives May he give u the wisdom to keep ur families and be the back bone of your house hold.
I am not feeling up to it, lemme get off i hope i feel better soon cuz this is not how i want to feel!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey y'all
How are you doing? hope gr8 believe me i have missed blogging just been a bit, busy and lazy at the same time. So whats new with everyone cuz from the last i checked everyone seems to be doing gr8, those in love are a TEN, the wives are getting all the attention so are the husbands, and the kids could not be more grateful. Seems to me like a jolly month( My month) the only sad people are what me and my peeps call THE ASHANAS, no booty calls of late.
Anyways i am good and so ready to be gone , i leave next week for my girl's wedding am so excited and am going to see Nola, OMG i can hardly wait, God go before me and preserve the tims we would spend together. its kinda like a ghost visit and hopefully ill get to spend quality time with my family especially my grandmum, i miss her and of course my all time number one girl! my mama. My brothers are my babies ill definately be on to them., so you see this is more a family affair and ill keep it that way.
I am ashamed to say i av not be an impressive Daughter of God lately, i am just grateful for his grace and forgiveness, My prayer life needs a boost like yesterday and i feel it so much, am distant it should not be so, cuz thru all my storms this past months he was the only one i saw, and even in all my unfaithfulness God still surprised me this morning! He is ................ the words fail me.
When am down i listen to this song which might make me sadder but makes me believe it only gets better" MORE TO THIS LIFE" steve curtis chapman. Well people this chic is just chilling and would be signing out ill be back soonest.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hey y'all
Was up , phew! am so good, lol had my bday yesterday and had the most amazing house party/dinner organized by my friends! twas so fun it started like 8pm and ended like 3am. Had the whole arguements, dance offs, everything you can think about! I am so grateful to everyone for making it special, i feel so appreciated and loved and compared to last year hell no! this was off the chain.
Nola tried to be here, i knw he wished he could but i got all i needed dont ask me how, lol. Well right now just wanted to put up pix and let u knw how my day went, i had more friends around but they are not facebook or blogger friendly so their pix isn't up. But i love my sis Toke & girl kemi for being good spots!
Aight ill be back need to catch up on sleep.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hey y'all
Was up? hows ur day being what have u been up to? Moi its funny am not too good, a bit depressed, had an unnecessary task this morning, everything seems to be going CHAOTIC and my head is like a thunderstorm but am smiling cuz what can i do?
God is all i have right now i feel like am in btw the devil and the red sea and only and i mean ONLY God can walk me thru this. Am saying this cuz we all have days like this and it seems like it can't get any better but hey as the day is sure to pass, our worries are gone like the TIDES of the OCEAN.
Trust me i am convincing myself as i write too, am down but i know it would get better, am not the only one going thru this and though it seems cloudy right now, THE SUN COMES AFTER THE STORM!
Its my Bday month and maybe i am going thru the mid-20's syndrome, because lately i have just been all over the place. Anyways b4 i bore you, just wanted to share how i was feeling and to also hear myself and believe God is always there even thru the storm.
I am counting down to my bday its on Saturday and quite frankly its so low key, just be thankful to God for another wonderful year ahead.
Twas nice hanging with u all, i ll humbly take my leave and be back soon .
Love u much.....