Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Its been a while...............
I fell in love with u as hard as i fought not falling

I cld not believe cupid shot me his arrow, more amazed at how fast i fell again
Do u not learn I ask?? Cupid has shot one too many and they end up broken!
I resisted falling but i fell anyways, ur Charm was irresistible....
This time like many others I fell hard but with a difference,
I fell with reserved strength to rise when cupid left a hole in my heart.....

I was ready to laugh at cupid when it decided it was time to leave,
Ill be fine cuz u wont be the first to leave.................
All these thoughts in my head i loved u still
Days gone by, months pass and Years have rolled by,
Cupid's arrow slowly reveals its beauty
The reflections are captivating to the eyes..........
I fight it , but can u fight urself????
I try not to look in ur eyes cuz i see my future but scared its a mirage
I try not to hold u for long, cuz like a ghost i predict ull become
I try not to think of you, even though my thoughts cant process anything else
I try not to dream of you, cuz waking up is like torture and ill rather remain in trance
I try not to believe love found me........
Loving u flows like a rhythm, sweet and pleasing to the ears
Loving u makes life simple and optimistic
Loving u gives me reason to smile
Loving u has taught me maturity
Loving u has blessed me
Loving u is what ill choose to do in another life!!
I av found the one to whom i am ALL to.........

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hallo my loves, Special shout out to Gretel cuz I knw u want me back and I think I am beginning to miss blogsville so bad...Twitter got me hooked like crack but I am so in dire want of a DETOX from it.
So, whats been happening to me? frankly nothing interesting same old boring life, trying to stay out of trouble and just be grateful to God for the chance of life. The past week was hmmm! Sumtin that wlda av escalated into a messy she said, he said which is not my style thank Gudness to reality check and guess the part of me that has come to terms with life happens.
School is well..... school, surprisingly I am doing better than I expected so maybe i just was not as sharp back then cuz I hate calculations and here I am doing well with it, all thanks to favour is all iil say............
Not been to the movies in a bit heard Inception was good, I want to see Salt, Yep a lot of pple dont like Angelina Jolie but I love her cuz she does what she does WELL....She wears the tag bad chic with no apologies guess at one point in ur life u av to stop caring what others think of u and appreciate what u see in the mirror.
I am going thru a process of Spring cleaning, I love wen i say this, its just me cleaning out unwanted pple in my life, unwanted elements, habits that have just not gotten me any further in the past months. For the pple gudness I cant wait cuz its just been a drag, everyone wants to use u to get by and wen they r back on their feet u become the nuisance, well guess my heart needs to be killed cuz I think I am 2 warm hearted to pple who really dont deserve it. U r nice they call u Kiss Ass, u r indifferent dey call u a Snub oh well!!! Anyways its part of life and a friend once told me why allow a NOBODY upset u this much, sumtimes u really just dont want to believe humans r capable of things they say or do yet I am grateful it always comes back in circles. As long as u never wish ill on anyone, ur life can never be cut off God's amazing grace thats my testimony.
I love this month of July cuz of a gift I received, Its the most beautiful gift I cld av asked for in these times and I just pray and hope it wld be ever green.....As August journey begins, I plead u smile on me like July, its beyond my explanations or understanding but can i just have what I want this one time :)> Ok thats that, i need to go get ready this evening is my Pastor's birthday and I need to go shop for a gift, what do u buy a guy who is a GQ dresser?? Pastor Paul Irabor is a killer dresser what!! anyways church wld be fun this evening and I think i need sum church in me today......
Next time ill share an experience that made me realize when God says I am that I am he truly means it......
Thanks to u all who read my ramblings, sumdays I am inspired, sumdays I am just me broken and emotional and sumdays I am pumped but either ways for those who tell me i touch them, I gave them strength, u all are the reason I keep writing, cuz trust me I doubt my abilities sumtimes but u all give me the PUSH God bless....
This is to U GPWG U rock!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey pple,
     Its been  a while I knw so much has been going on not had the time to blog as much eer not so I tweet LOL. Its been a beautiful month of July and its been a special one to me. School started again so back on the hustle of my brain, last week was fun i took a break from school and went to see a comedy show hosted by my friend Jedi Ayo and his co comedians Wale Gates, Basket Mouth, Seyi and Yvonne. I had a lot of fun met a few people who have become good friends and finally met a certain sumone I had always known I wld meet even though he sure thought never.
Show was nice, classy and a lot of laughs the after party was nice and I can say its going to get bigger anf I am particularly happy for my friend u knw it babe, its all urs just let go.......
So whats new with me? Nothing much my prof this semester I aint feeling at all, coupled with this semester is not one of my core strengths FINANCE ACCOUNTING/ECONOMICS arrrgh i hate aving to use excel but oh well! So i shall try to work on this week's assignment today and get sumwhere cuz on friday i get a lot of goodies from the UK, esp my Fruit & Fibre cereal , love , love it so much. My friend is coming to town yayness, hope i get my assignment done on time and have a nice weekend , not so looking forward to cracking my brain.
Oh! July i want to kiss u so bad thanks for being a lovely month to me.....mwah!!
Alrighty enough of nothing to say, Wish my sis Jade safe journey to gidi today hope u have all the fun (safe) u can.
July 5th sacred day....
y'all av a blessed day!!!
~ TejuMola