Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hey y'all
how r u all doing hope gr8. wow it feels good to be back i av miiiiiiiiiiiiiised my blog. its funny sometimes i get on it but i dont av that urge to write and am wondering y, but over the past few weeks, its been a a helluva of a roller coaster for me! My friend's death, some personal issues and then all this over whelming news of my friends getting hitched, and having babies got me all mixed up. I was so happy 2 of my friends finally put to bed and have bouncing baby boys, while one got married and its a double celebration she found out she was preggers a few weeks to the wedding, my girl, is due in a few weeks and i wish i was there gosh! we av been excited over the phone, she already told her husband to give me a buzz as soon as she goes into labor cuz girl we r doing this together! Miss u hon.
My adorable & wonderful coz had a baby girl and he's so excited so is our dear iyawo.... so u see this chic has just been face tired from the smiles, prayers and all. Had the house to myself last week and twas a heavenly experience wish i cld av one more week of that, peace and quiet and certainly all mine! Over the weekend i hosted my colleague at work with food for her bridal shower and just generally chilled home.
Yep, started working out yday and this is 'BURN BABY BURN' am all sore and kinda like it cuz at least i knw am doing something right, so for real this time this wld be the last discussion of this topic. So whats new...yeah had an interview and was so nervous mins b4 it started twas a phone interview, but along the way it was cool until the salary negotiations came in ............in these trying times girl needs to step on, cuz i knw am bringing a whole deal to the table , lets see how it goes wish me luck on that, on the other hand i think its time i take THE BULL BY THE HORN, need to speak to my boss this chic eye dey REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.
So there goes me my life all this while and o yes i have made some cool friends and its been a jolly ride so far.
Baby is a bit under the weather, hmmm i knw ill soon be there or better still u ere, wink!
Anyways so thats it for now but i promise ill be back as always!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Whats up everybody? its another week of work and no sleep. i cant wait for the weekend lol.
My weekend was cool went over to my girl's house and cooked, ate and had my hair fixed, Later in the evening another friend of ours stopped by and it was just a nice evening/night all together.
This was on saturday, and as much as bibi stressed on our going to church the next day (SUNDAY), i was too bummed out from cooking, fixing my hair so late and all, yeah i knw i feel bad i would have done good with some church in my life.
Sunday evening, my girl and her husband dropped me off, did a lil grocery and just cashed in for the nght, O i forgot...... watched a movie on FEARFEST at Bibi's house MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, it was a gory movie and of course was to be horror but more like fearful..... i got home and since i was all by myself any lil noise got me paranoid. Its funny cuz its at such times u hia funny sounds and looks like someone is hovering over u lol.
Eventually i slept and got up to go to work, MONDAY.......... it was a moody one, had a nasty headache on my way home haven laughed at so many pple complaining of such on fbook, had to forgo going to the gym cld not take it i was grouchy and just had to go home. Spoke to my baby briefly and got a lil excited for PRISON BREAK. DID i forget to tell u i also cooked with this pounding head ache.
I cld not even stay up to watch one of my fav soap operas, GH had to sleep, I decided not to wear a night cap cuz seems the band was probably tight over my head. Now am up had a nice sleep in, boo boo woke me up with his call and i finished an indian movie i was watching UMARO JAAN , by my new fav bollywood couple , ABHISHEK BACHCHAN son of bollywood legend, AMITA BACHCHAN, u knw i av eyes for the hot candy..lol and his wife delectable actress, AISHWARYA RAI, twas a tragic drama but i enjoyed it.
PRISON BREAK............. loved yday's episode a character was killed off .....he was long gone anyways and my 2 babies MICHAEL SCOFIELD and my latino papito SUCRE just keep drawing me in, lol.
SUCRE was shot yday thanks to a set up, but he is a stallion he was fixed by SARAH and i was impressed with SELF'S threat to GRETCHEN and as usual TEABAG never seizes to amaze me with his greed and twisted psychotic mind.
Anyways my alarm is buzzing gotto go take a shower and head to work as i countdown to friday again..........argggghhh!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hows everyone doing? Me? Much better today and am sure u all are well. Nothing much been going on just the harsh realities of life..... Knowing that we cannot control what we might want to, the disasters that are occuring in various part of the world, the questionable characters of people and why the world is just the way it is. Its called life.
Philosophers, various Historians, Writers and poets have had their take on life what they saw it as, some say life is a stage, life is not a bed of roses, life is a constant battle against good & bad, acceptance of our fate in fortunate and unfortunate incidents!!!!
My favorite quote has been "Life is a Piano, whatever tune u play is what ull hear and dance to"
I have always tried to make the world understand me, accept me for who i am, looked for friends, go far and beyond for anyone and everyone, some think am crazy, some stab me in the back, some think i try too hard, some think am nothing, others think whats she about. (SMILES)
I have been ere for twenty .... years and av come across a whole lotta of people i have had relationships with, either as friends or dated and i look back of course some with the "WHAT WAS I THINKING" at the same time i have also met people who Inspire me, Honor me which i can't understand with so much admiration, love me undauntedly as a person, regard and appreciate my friendship....... guess thats y i was crushed abt my friend's death he was one of those who believed in me against all odds.....
After trying so much to appease the world, and yet seemed to be more of a tale, i realized i have to LOVE MYSELF for me and for those who despite all odds still call me and tell me u r who u are and thats y I AM UR FRIEND, thats y I BELIEVE IN U. Such pple am blessed to have and if i start a list i realized it wld be uncountable in as much as i thot it wld be a finger count.
I guess am just trying to say despite what some people think, i have MY PEOPLE, it takes just one person and thn u av a million and i appreciate u all a lot, its a tough and lonely road when u av no one but its heavenly knowing God is on ur side cuz my life has been nothin short of a TESTIMONY when i give up God pushes me and i see another light ahead, dont get me wrong AM NOT A SAINT in fact am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from it but i know am sure on my way to the right cuz ...............
Love u all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I ll like to thank y'all who called, sent me mails and comforting words in regards to the loss of my friend. Phew! it wld be a week tomorrow and i guess thats life, days turn to weeks and weeks to months and months to years. I miss G4 right now cuz i wish we cld all just be around each other.
I am ok, i am dealing with it and i guess i give God all the glory cuz he knows best. I feel nothing, i dont knw if its normal but its like my chest is blank, am looking at nothing, feeling nothing all i do is listen to music, talk with people and am glad i am able to talk with both of u, i wld av ran mad cuz no one can understand this pain like u guys wld.
Right now, am just getting back into the programme, his burial was yday and got in touch with friends and all went well thank God. I dont have much to write just wanted to let u all knw am appreciative of everything.
God bless u abundantly and i pray the lord wld guide our footsteps.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

R.I.P Paulooooooo

Hey U,
Fish mockerel......... just wait till i see u again see the commotion u caused down ere ehn? U always had u a grand style, lol. Paul am trying to crack a joke but it does not seem right. Spoke to Danisah, he is a mess hon and we've been communicating back & forth i just wish i was there.
I just spoke to glory and we av been laughing at ur jokes and the way u hover over us like a plane to get ur stuff to u.
Ma'yaki u were a gem, ur kindness, ur sweetness, ur loyalty to ur friends sometimes i was amazed at.... Hmm Danisah just sent me a text said u caused a whole lot of traffic as they were going to lay u to REST, Paul ehn ur small self lol. U were loved and am happy U are at rest now in as much as it saddens me, we all r tapping into the energy around each other thanks to u.
Thank u my dear friend for the love, the support and the RESPECT, U respected me so much and even Danisah said so i am honored greatly at that. People bring out the best & worst out of people, archie u brought the best, the unabashed side of me, the energy around u was crazy.
I remember our love for alternative songs, i just updated my playlist and i knw ull av loved these 2 songs...... SCREAM by Chris Cornell and BROKEN by Lifehouse been listening to it since yday Broken makes me cry cuz i can imagine how ull av loved it and i remember the songs u made me love...... ILL BE WAITING by RASMUS, RUNAWAY by THE CORRS, that CD took its toll in my hostel then always playing it over & over.
U remember My School awards (ICON) where we danced to Beenie Man (DUDE) with mewo and yemi remember how we brought our dance hall moves to the awards, Paul u r the bum i miss u so so much. (Smiling) I remember that fateful xmas at kaghos with Emeka, Ezra, Toke , Orise we laughed our head off, or the one where ur tailors ran away and u had everyone calling u for delivery of their shirts, suits, and u came to take refuge in my house LOL, u were a case.
I also remember when u trimmed ur dreads and u had ur signature top i was so proud to be ur friend, all the rides to the G4 supermarket, sweet sensation, our evening talks about ur plans, fashion and my never ending story with all dem boys lol paul u taught me CONFIDENCE, u loved me with all my flaws cuz u never saw ANY with me i could not av asked for a better friend.
I remember our visit to Late Big V's place and how u were crushed by his death, sure ull be living it up there now huh?
I feel so selfish i av been thinking of my pain and i cant imagine how ur family wld be feeling , but Glory called and spoke to Idowu and he is just like u trying to lift up our spirits!!!!
Heard Kagho aint talking much i cant imagine what Frances is going thru but hey.. pls take care of ur bro K? I dont even want to think of louis and how he is coping, a man of few words ehn Paul see kai, alot off pple r hurting, my girl ifueko too i cant imagine what she is going thru and she has her hubby to take care of too.
Danisah is a cool dude and i cant imagine what he's going thru, he's just going over ur talks and plans of opening a banging joint in Lagos and i trust u guys to make a STATEMENT, i feel for him ooo archie, he's been trying to stay strong for us all and when he sent me that mail i knew i was not alone but i promise to be the friend ull want me to have been to him i'm glad u had him cuz i wonder who wld av taken care of u with me gone.... lol.
Heard Henry is trying too, bro u need to console ur brothers k, i knw u wld in the best way u can.
Gotto go now k, need to get to work and maybe back to reality for sum pple wld say....but ill be back trust me and am kinda trying to get a tee with that ur pix ill see what dem Danisah can do for me. tk kr hon, love u much. xoxoxo
R.I.P ...Paul Taye Ma'yaki Okuo

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am trying to take this all in, i am staring at my walls, and paul i can't seem to stop my eyes getting sore. U called me on sunday, was that u trying to tell me bye??? Y did u not tell me i guess i cant get answers now........... I am holding on to the set of jewelry u gave me as a gift as i left NIGERIA in o5 hmm so thats all i have of u????
Paul, Taye Mayaki was a survivor in every and any condition he found himself. I got to meet paul in 2002/2003 when we lived together In the famous 1004 Housing Estates.
He took to me just like i did him and we have been cool ever since, he was my brother and friend, he confided in me, he saw me as his ace when he needed one, ever jovial and full of life he never got offended at anyone and i can hardly remember anyone not liking him.
When he came around he was like the weird kid on the block with his hair locked like marley( lol), his sense of style, he always was a sucker for fashion and that led to the birth of his design TAYE MA'YAKI. Even the Polo stores of RALPH LAUREN wld miss u !!!!
He loved alternative music like i did, always had on a linkin park tee or Evanescence cap, his metallic accessories like his hand bands, chain belt was what set him apart.
I remember pple thinking he was crazy with his hair, it was a crazy one at that and i believe thats how we aced our friendship. I accepted him for who he was, cuz he would not change for anybody anyways......lol paul it seems like yesterday.
His family mattered and i saw first hand how much paul bursted his heart out to make sure all was well back home, taking care of his younger ones and as well as taking care of his friends down in Lagos. Paul was a very dependable friend and we all could not do without him.........
His friends were more than a phone network cuz paul was loved by all, his brothers ADAIGHO KAGHO & LOIS UZORKA , his girls, DAMIEN, GLORY & IFUEKO, they all were in school together with a whole lot of memories between each other..... I feel ur pain.
MAIKEL DANISAH.... ur bro is hurting paul, he's been a strong support to us all,
Mewo, Ebo .... its hard cuz he was family
Me....i cannot begin to say how much i want this to be a dream, its weird that pple r telling me its life, let go, he would want you to move on ......are u talking about paul okuo? we were on the phone dissing each other 2 weeks ago, and on sunday he just called to say hi, how wld i have know as each day goes by now.. paul wld be a memory.
Its hard, cuz the pain is not felt by the one who left but the ones u left behind,
Death came with its cold blooded hands and took u from us
I hurt more cuz am far away from u,
As u gasped for breath and struggled to fight till the end,
I would have fought with u,
Held u one last time.............
And tell u i love u and i know,
God's warm embrace awaits u at his gates.


Hey y'all
how av u been doing? hope all is well on ur planets, the naija peeps are sure mad they r back at work ( sticking my tongue out) yep we r bursting our heart out ere lol, anyways hope y'all had a fun holiday.
My homeland celebrated its independence anniversary yday Oct 1 08, missed naija i can imagine how much fun ill have had Sob! Sob! all my friends, family it would have been so nice (sigh) soon very soon. just the thot of the famous Victoria Island hot spots & eatries, all the bellas & fellas out doing the other hmmm soon, very soon lol.
Ok, now u remember me going on and on about getting back into the gym and all yeah well this is the update.............
Not been to the gym in a month,
Given up my main carb obsession ( Bread/Flour)
Eggs no yolk,
Take a lot of water, try no to eat late
Think i need to cut down on my rice intake i cant exactly cut it out cuz thats about the only carb i take now, and who wld av thot ill give up the one thing i thot ill die without CEREAL... not had that in months hmm! hmm! hmm! Lord i need ur strength cuz darn its hell loosing weight lol
Yeah shld av lost sum rite? to my dismay and my laziness to go to the gym i av not lost any and am so mad at myself cuz i promised i was going to get serious. Phew! its not easy i must say why cant i just not have to bother, its just tiring the thot of going to work out at my gym, too many crowd, time conscious, far from home and all i hear is just try, dedication bla bla bla, men u pple who dont need to work out u r sooooooooooooooooo lucky.
I tire, i dont think am overboard yet but personally i need to be fit and maintain a certain weight, i am qute energetic but this no gym for a month caught up with me this morning. I was on my way to work and had to run to catch the bus o my i thot my heart was going to pop out thats when i realized its Do or Die this time, and i had a bet with Nolar he wld be sorry the next time he sees me, and i need to make him SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! wink.
So pple o encourage a sister i need to hit the gym and i think am taking up BOXING i love it and i love my arms to be toned, so watch out for me to either shame me or shame y'all.
Am good and ill be back soon with an update on my getting fit!