Monday, December 28, 2009


What a coincidence its exactly 2 weeks i came on ere to much activities i guess and eeerm scouts honor i av been kicking it with the twitter family.
How was the holidays for you guys? i had a nice time thru it all, ever thankful to God for his greatness and splendor, I have been great and i am going to give you a run down of how my holiday was...............
The 24th i came in to work even though many were off, and las gidi was cooking hot already with events and it just made me miss home and all d fun, my boss came into work and let me go home at 3pm , yippee that was big of them, i went mini shopping and then headed home. I got home and my room was in such a chaotic state which was very unlike me, but i had been sleeping real late getting up laaaaaaaaaaaate, so i end up rushing and taking a cab to work which was becoming very unhealthy for my pocket.
Anyways i got home, cleaned out my room changed the arrangement and set its mood to a real jazzy setting, if only the ONE was around :( ok back to the real world, i got stuff out of the freezer, cleaned the dishes and cooked, JOLLOF RICE, CHICKEN STEW AND EGUSI by the time i was done it was 3am , i crashed like a log of wood and i knew xmas morning was going to be well spent in bed.
The 25th i opened my eyes to the great day of our lord, thankful for life, i started receiving calls and sent out text messages to my family & friends...called the important people in my life and stayed in bed. It felt good xmas was on a Friday, i was looking forward to the long weekend, i had a few stops to make xmas house parties. It was a cold xmas though but it was nice and finally after all the festivities, i found my bed and was joyous it was saturday.
The 26th woke up and sat with the TV bollywood channel, but unfortunately nothing good was showing, den my girl calls me and says our long awaited movie date was happening live yay! My buddie Bibi thats d only one person i enjoy anything with, cuz we can make it thru a boring situation as long as we av each other, lol.
So we decide 3 movies tonight our usual ritual, we head out and got tickets for Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey & Jude Law r such a fave, it was a lovely movie as well, then we head out to the Avatar room, we were so bummed the 3D screen room started early and late and to kill time we just decided to do the Normal screen! It was ok in my opinion maybe cuz i slept thru sum of the unfolding of the movie, but i caught up later and apparently twas's Bibi's movie of the night.
All this while i was tweeting, crazy me enjoying all the live tweets from those grooving in las gidi et all. Bibi got tired of me lol. The 3rd movie was Its Complicated glad i watched this movie, apparently when Avatar was over we had to wait for the movie screen rooms to be cleaned out, our movie starts in 45 mins 12:45 and it was 12:00 rather than hang outside, we go in to start the move Armored, i am glad we left cuz i have never been in a room filled with the tackiest ghetto mess ever, 3 girls kept mouthing off in bullocks lingua and i am thinking can u shut the hell up , u aint the only one in the room, giggling about guys and all its no wonder they get knocked up and hit the welfare later gosh! i was pissed.
12:55 we headed out hoping to kill the adverts, we got in to the Screen room of it's complicated and sorry to say but u cld tell an urban audience from a trashy one! The movie was nice i really did enjoy it and i have to say MERYL STREEP in my opinion is d best in her time, sophisticated, principled and graceful! i aspire to have such grace as she does.
So about 2.30am ish movie night was over and we headed home, nice day in my opinion ill like to have more days like this day! at about 3.45am we called it a night!
The 27th was Sunday how we made plans for church but, we were to knackered to go, we slept ate and eventually headed back to Bibi' s on the notion she was coming back to sleep over until duty called (WIFELY)
yep she is a married woman, and hubby was out of town but came back in Sunday night, twas a bummer for me but i had to understand, got home watched Keeping up with the Kardashinas with a bowl of cereal and fell asleep!
Today!! Not a Monday person, getting ready for work several ideas were creeping in my mind, for now i wont let too much out but i av been writing, i av a blog which i strictly just try and put to work what scenes play in my head and surprisingly its been going on well!
Anyways its been a long chat and ill be signing out and letting you all know soon what is going on for 2010.
Peace & love

Monday, December 14, 2009


Phewww! yep today is monday and i am like a kid on a bouncer what!!! School has been crazily off the radar.
I feel gr8 coming into the office today and knowing i have no assignment to go over or submit. Off for 3 weeks to enjoy the holidays and boy does it feel good.
So whats everyone up to this xmas season? Urs truly i wld be catching up on a whole lotta movies and books i had not had the time to read all through these 3 months, spend more/more/more quality with God cuz pple he has been good to me.
I dont knw why, cuz i believe i offended him more these last couple of weeks but GRACE ABOUNDS, he just keeps making me see his love is in describable, its almost as though i could look him in the face and say i dont deserve ur love write me off pls. Do u knw how much more guilty u feel, knowing all u av done and he just says come to me , lay it all at my feet, i love u regardless, just promise to let me help u? GOD IS AWESOME and i am humbled he has kept me thus far.
I am not going home this yr :( wish i could it would have been nice to meet so many new friends i have made over twitter, its been a gr8 experience and though at some point it felt as though i was loosing myself to it , i am glad i am back and better and my thots are geared towards making others happy and forgetting the carelessness it prompts us to...............
Oh well! nothing much right now, everyone is fine i am grateful for that, i am good and hope to be better and yes i have found a home church which i believe God had put me there for, my friend " Tammy Dacosta saidTeju never let sunday meet u at home, be of service to the lord" i am glad i hearkened to that warning and not wait till 2010 to start a resolution , All changes i av resolved to make starts from now 2009 and it gets better in the year 2010.
I am so excited for this coming year cuz i knw its the year God has been holding my breath for.........y'all be safe and always remember Live life don't endure it, its tough a times but keep living
Peace & love

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am ere today not by might , not because i deserve to be but God's unfailing GRACE. i truly know i dont deserve it but he has honoured me. I look through the year and indeed he has been faithful and i realize the day i slip and not reverence him the devil feeds on it, i am ashamed at sum things i av allowed, i am disappointed but i am grateful for waking up to correct my mistakes, right my wrongs and go back on my knees and communicate with GOD.
Where would i be if not for him? my existence is a wonder to me because hmmm i would have given up on me a long time ago, but God uses true pple to reach out in word and in deed i av been blessed anything short of this statement is an abomination whaaaat? I am still breathing, thru everything going on in my life, thru everything happening in the world, through every stupid mistake i have made, through every sin i av committed with intent and without, pls someone praise God for me.
I am moved to share this cuz everyday God shows me he is just there waiting for me to get off my silly butt and TRUST him, y is dat hard? I wake up and start and say yes God its all u , then somewhere along the way i loose myself to things not even worthy to be named. I AM SORRY lord for IGNORANCE!!!
I cant explain y u love me lord but i am so mad at myself for taking it for granted. Lord u knw where i hurt for what i have done but i can only come back to you cuz u are all i av got.
U may wonder y i am going on & on, only God and I can understand this dialogue, Lord i cant confess word for word but pls i share my pain & guilt and ask u pls not take ur eyes off me, pls dont shut me out, i am grateful u av not given up on me, i would av given up on myself, but pls i crawl to u, cuz my legs cant hold the weight of my heart, as the devil laughs and scorns behind my ears telling me i wont make it to u , telling me u r done with me, in pain & disbelief i crawl to u, soaked in my tears, engulfed in my grief and as he keeps smearing me with all my sins telling me nothing can cleanse me this time.......
Lord i close my eyes and see my way through your ocean of purity and i swim towards GRACE.
I love u lord and i am grateful!

Friday, December 4, 2009


The year went by so fast or do i say too fast, January and now we r in December (Smiles) i remember the promise i made, the change i said i would make and i look back and ask did i achieve any? Surprisingly so i did a whole lot.
2009 blessed me with opportunities, discoveries, life's lessons but most of all this year gave me the heart of a lion. I fought for what i wanted, i took the bullets by the haters, i made lemonades out of the lemons life threw at me, but in all God held my hand even though occasionally he smacked my butt when i was out of line, it gave me a thick skin to walk this stage called life.
So now December is ere again and i am looking back, this year was not bad after all, this year i went home (Nigeria), went to serve my country (NYSC)  had loads of fun and definitely an experience to remember, seeing family was gr8, I made up my mind to stay back but God presented me an opportunity out of a miserable situation...i started my masters and i am too elated at God's wonders.
Who wld av thot just wen the recession kicked in my my employers felt they needed to downsize i wld be top choice but when God handles ur battles who dares rise against you?? I became an asset to the company instead of a liability, although i decided i was going home, God told me i was not done with the U.S.
So here I am doing it and loving it, a lot of family & friends got married and had babies and its been a year of celebration as well as mourning for others....I celebrate those who rejoice with meeting their life partners and birthing babies as well as mourn with those who might av lost a dear one both take raw emotions and I hope we realize to be grateful every time we remember we r living by grace and not by our might.
Life has been splendid so far, and it got a lil spicy when i joined twitter thanks to Rita Dominic ( our very own talented Nigerian actress) I love this lady she is down to earth, i wish others wld take a cue from her.
Twitter has been my latest cheat meal, its Purged me, gave me warmth, left me cold all a lil of everything but i am grateful for the wonderful pple i av met and some r stamped in my heart, I met the lucky man making my girl cheeks go gaga, my wonderful blogs ville fam,Ms. Cheeks, Bagucci, Solomonsydelle, Myne whitman, wonderful and inspirational bloggers and i just got a new fam on blogger, christopher jay....yay!. I cannot forget my dearest Abuja crew, Amara, Henry & Emmanuel each with a blessed character of their own.
Michael the very own talented ruggedy we go way back and i send a special shout out to him for his sweetness, gr8 friend of mine, IDJA never judge pple by what u hia from others..down 2 earth, a bruda who struggled and became the No.1 producer in Nigeria, I respect him and he has been a testimony of *Dont Judge a book by its cover he makes u feel close to him even though u r miles away and might just never meet :)* there r a lot of others who i appreciate but these special ones have made an impact not to be forgotten...I love u all and hope d new year brings u the best ever.
So, looking onto the New year i hope to come back with more for u and spend more time with u guys, cuz 2010 is definitely kicking up a notch so much is going to happen, i can feel d energy already and a dash of spice to heat things up i take a cue form my girl cheeks we wld keep y'all updated, cuz this is home and ur warmth is second to none. ♥