Saturday, May 30, 2009

For the love of the GAME

Sup? hope u r all gr8 and njoying the sneak of summer. I am delighted yet sad its for a short while, isn't it amazing how we av fall, spring. winter take entirely 8 months and have summer for just 4 months??? But hey who r we to question God, ill just bask in it till i start to get the chills again.
What av i been up to? Nothing much just a few productive things and o yes been watching a re- run of one of my fave shows THE GAME, its a wonderful black comedy and its sad it was cancelled at the end of the 3rd season. As usual for those who knw me i tend to crush over TV guys and since prison break ended with Scofield, and One tree hill with Austin Nichols (gosh he is hooooooooot), so for the game i love the dorky DERWIN DAVIS, yep and i love him cuz he is Dorky and my fave word right now is from him DEUCES, (maybe i am getting cheesy lol, i can feel kemi saying dat, and Bimbo just tired of me) My girls.
So its a really Nice day the sun is out and had a boring past week at work, jeez i am getting sick of just sitting and staring at nothing, so i am going to dedicate this weekend to sending out my resume cuz i wld loose my head soon at AKS.
I am gr8 and finally getting an excerpt from an interview with Will Smith in ESSENCE last year, with wife Jada, U av to be ur own priority before anyone else, i av to be be alright before i can make anyone else alright, tru talk and i am getting there and it suddenly feels good to knw u can pamper urself with no apologies.
I am trying to get back daily to blogging cuz it sure was more fun than the past chaos i av been involved in dont ask, lol but seriously i am putting it all away and looking on to a better and fulfilling future.

Stay blessed always,

Friday, May 8, 2009

THE SUN IS COMIN OUT...................

Hey evry1,
how do u do? hope gr8 as for me God is it.
I am here just at my desk, thank God its friday and looking forward to a nice weekend. The past 2 months av been a bit of a ride for me, it was al Volcanoes & hurricanes, but God smiled and i am seeing my Sun shine once again. Phew! talk abt stormy weather.
I am grateful for times like this when we take a step back, breathe and just RELAAAAX, sumtimes we cant control where we find ourselves but it does not give the right for where we r to control and determine our walk in life.
I had been stressing and fussing over things i had no control of for a long time now, and it got me to a place i cld not imagine ever finding myself ever. the funny thing was the more i tried to gain control, the more out of control it became and for those who knw me yes! I wear my heart on my sleeves... i wish i did not but hey i can't blame God for making me dat way.
When i feel overwhelmed abt certain things, i tend to over react or under react but at the end of the day u r sure to get a reaction, lol, not until God reached out to me thru some voice of wisdom that i realized what it truly meant to LET GO AND LET GOD. its easier said than done, everyone can ever be d' same, our strengths and weaknesses vary but one constant thing is , Falling at the feet of God sometimes is the comfort we need, cuz that's one place ull never be turned away and its always prepared for U & I.
God has been good to me exceptionally, and though sometimes i dont feel like i deserve the honour but he favours me as well.
I remember talking to u God, i was by ur feet and said Lord if this is ur will let it be done.
I walk this road in this dark hour cuz ur light is what i see ahead...
U tell me to keep walking and though it gets tiring, the light seems bleak,
But for once thru this walk u told me to stop and "BREATHE A SECOND"
Cuz this point on ull carry me thru..............
Thank U!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Sunday

I look out, and see the beauty of Nature......Its raining and Nature still glows despite its showers,
I gaze and wonder how satisfied and Unsatisfied our heavenly father must be.... looking down at such beautiful earth and all the great things he has provided to enhance its beauty....but then he made man in his image and such a beautiful picture has become tainted.
Its amazing how much love and patience God has for us, how we act all crazy, selfish and unrepentant durung the week and weekends espcially sundays we remember we have a God up there.
I see the world as once painted by the best artist in the world and with his wonderful imagination painted relentlessly and with so much joy in his heart displayed his works and as the world is today an unhappy and jealous being could not comprehend such beauty and saw no reason why anything should be beautiful.....well i guess we all knw the story.
The world has diff meaning to people and ill always say mine is "Its like a stage and we all av a role to play and we must make sure we deliver our best performance, yet we r all so tired these days, re-enacting the same monotonous roles and definitely bored out of our mind, as a result we take whatever the world gives us.
Its time for change, time to decide to make sure we remain in that once beautiful painting, i av decided to and truth is we all know what to do and how to act, God is truly awesome and his patience exceeds comprehension, this is me just gazing out today at the beautiful nature and what else can i say but THANK U GOD FOR INCLUDING ME IN UR FINE PIECE OF ART.....
Have a lovely and positive thot week,


Friday, May 1, 2009

Too busy to be Thankful for the lil things......

Hi y'all,
It feels great to be blogging regularly again, wow i feel like i av been in a cage and suddenly let out. Great goin Kems (shld av expensed my feelings on ere) . Anyways so hows evry one doing i believe gr8?
I av been a roller coaster of emotions not to say the least but for some reason today I am thankful for clarity, i had so much to look forward too, the beginning of the year and for some reason just got engulfed in other things that i had no CONTROL over shame on me i guess lol.
I sat down at my desk today in the office and just took a deep breathe and looked around and into my mind so much has been going on around & within me that i was not even aware of, for instance I have lost some weight yes that feels good saying it.. lol and its not been any drill of my body, i seem to get such results when i dont think of it and ill say my mum's visit has helped a whooooooooole lot our lil secret.
I av def felt a lot of improvement in my body esp climbing up some stairs, i never feel like my heart is abt to pop out again, lol. My metabolism is much more faster and I av curbed the habit of snacking... so there goes my journey so far.
O another interesting thing is, I am alive, i wake up everyday go about in various forms of transportation and i am still in one piece, i top my hats off to God, making sure we r all fine wherever we are.
Lately i av come to appreciate the things we normally take for granted and resolved to making sure i get up everyday determined to do sumtin positive and fulfilling. Its a fresh, view i av of life now, one with hope, determination and definitely challenges but i am going to go thru each challenge as they come as a street i av to walk on to get to my road of success....
Its friday and what better way to start the weekend, i am hoping to spend more time with God and enrich my soul with his words.
Be happy where u are, and Let God be the one to move u from there to a happier level.

Peace & love Mola