Thursday, March 26, 2009


My Guitar is playing but my strings r slack, My trumphets' the loudest but now the sounds r faint, My chords give the most rhythimical symphony of sounds but right now its broken..............
Music is like a get away, a hide out from the challenges of this road called life at least to some, some go to the exotic places, while some just ease out of their present in all, one way or the other we r all trying to find the relaxation, peace and quiet we crave.
Hi y'all not sure i knw what i am writing but its kinda one of those blue days when its not looking like its going to get brighter any soon. Its been raining all morning and frankly dont av any excitement in me today, i think i need a vacation therapy........
A nice lovely room with white sheets, my windows facing the empty beach, some nice jazz playing and a glass in my hand.... and the nights wld be a plus with cool gently breeze, dim lights reflecting and the ripples of the water and yes the most vital ingredient MY BIBLE. lol yep i knw its kinda of a damp in the fantasy ride u were on, but such get aways need a one on one time with God.
Anyways i am just a drag today and hopefully i hope i am not going to phase in to it for too long, just wanted to share my not so great moment with u, hopefully U r aving the best days ever, lol
I wish u all the best and i hope we keep praying and supporting one another, though that part i think i am retired from ... lol alrighty tk kr and God bless.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mama's Arrival!!!

Hey pple,
How r u? its been a tad too long, i knw just kinda eased off for a while but hey! i am back.
I am great and i am thankful to God, its been a hectic ride on this road called LIFE but each day reveals God's un imaginable love for me, it breaks me, moves me to tears and gets me to my knees i wonder and ponder and cant explain or understand why he dotes on me but all i can say is I am blessed.
So yes, i av been going on abt home made meals, my mum is around and she came in last week, its a wonderful feeling, to just come home and have a feel of Motherland, so much healthy food and aromas in the house hmm hmm hmm! all i can say is Iya Ni Wura!
I am just in the chilled mode, taking each day as it comes and seeking the face of God daily to teach me and make me better in every aspect of my life and my relationship to people. I am learning to cut off the vices, love more and forgive more, i need my life to reflect who God truly wants me to be and so far so good, i av been walking that road and ill just keep pressing, pushing and walking ON.
Inspiration and vision comes only from God and a humble and willing mind executes excellently what God blesses!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

God heard me!!!

Hey y'all
Its gr8 to be back, hope u all had a lovely day or having a lovely day. Me? I am grateful for life and the undaunted awesomeness of God.
So here i was a few days ago i picked up the Daily guide devotional " OPEN HEAVENS 2009" which was lying on my bed... i had never read it before so i decided to pick it up and read only to find out i kept on reading.
This was the 1st or 2nd of march , so i backdated the previous months i had not read which i normally do to grasp a message which might not come across clear at first. I cant remember the date now, but this piece just stuck guess the recession helped as well (LOL), so G.O Adeboye was re-living a time in the past where he was in london and for some reason was just communicating with God and he wished for 50 pounds, well all he could do was wish right? but then his phone rang and it turned out to be a wrong Number, but the caller insisted he was dialling the right number, to cut the long story short the caller realised he was talking to pastor Adeboye and excited for such a blessed opportunity decided to come out there and see him.
So this caller came with his brother and they had a mini fellowship with the pastor and after prayers, it was time to leave and they decided to bless him with "50 POUNDS" a bit shocked Pastor Adeboye took it and thanked them, he looked up and said God isn't this funny maybe i should av wished for a 100, well a knock was heard on his door and he opened it to find an envelope from an old friend, a supposed stingy one at that.... It read, i just thot of u and wanted to bless you with 50 pounds.. hmm dear pastor looked up and said ok i should have said 150, lol.
Nways i read that piece and just felt wow the wonders of God and anyways it was Pastor Adeboye soooo of course God wld breathe life unto his wishes & thots, how wrong was I.
Yday, i was at work and just going over stuff in my head and just looking for the best way to execute whatever plans i had, in the midst of this i remembered i was a bit short of cash thanks to my bank and in my own opinion "their dubious ways in the name of NSF Fees "lol, i sighed to myself and said how i wish i would get 40 dollars, did not even remember what i had read yday i just said it, this was at work and of course i had a chaotic morning, my pc was down, the calls were coming in and i kinda felt lonely without my Pc so i was not in a not so gr8 mood yday, which i believe the devil was just trying to dampen my happy mode.
A few mins later, i had this client come in, some clients i am pretty cool with ( Law firm), and some i am just professional, and this particular client i would have put in the professional league, he asked for my boss and i was just abt to send him in when he said "here this is for lunch" i was shocked to my bones, he gave me "20 dollars" its not even the amount cuz for lunch thats very right, but i was more shocked at who was blessing me with it and just brezzed thru our various meetings trying to check if we were friendlier than i thought, hmmmm i am sure he would av probably pondered what he did but i know that was just GOD... he uses the oddest things, and unexpected people to bless his children.
When i cld wrap my head round what happened , Pastor Adeboye's story came back into my head and i just smiled and thanked God, cuz sometimes in this walk of life it feels like we r too far from God, our sins and deeds cut us off from even the hem of his glory but God forgives us and forgets our wrongs forever.
This was a testimony of God's forgiveness, mercy & favour to me. Lets take that leap of faith or better stiil lets, let God be God in our lives.....
Love always

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy New Month!!

Happy New Month to u all.....
How av u been, me? just there taking it all in strides. I have not been inspired lately so i guess thats why i av not been blogging lately but hopefully thats about to change.
Its the beginnng of the year wow!! 3 months already and hmm so far not been a bad one, so many blessings to be grateful for, so many miracles as well and in all ill just say i am really getting to understand and grasp the love of God cuz thats the only explanation for who i am , where i am and what i av.
Lately been catching up with movies (Naija) basically and listening to jazz music to clear my mind and rest the soul gr8 therapy i must say.... so lets see what do i intend to do? hmmmm..................................................
o yes i am planning to go on a vac and i hope i get a lovely deal cuz jeez! these pple r trying to rob us blind in this recession??? I miss my Nolar jooo i am trying and funnily its closer and now it seems i cant wait phew!!! God keep us till then.
As u can see I AM DRY nothing interesting going on with me i mean... i am watching PRETTY WOMAN c'mon does it get any drier lol. okido ill be seeing y'all soon.
Peace & love mola!!!