Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye Christmas, Hello New year!!!

Hows everyone doing? i believe gr8 and am excited to hear that. I am gr8 over ere and so glad about the coming NEW YEAR.....
Indeed it has been a blessed month of December for me, i av been at my best so far and i can only be sure it can only get better in the coming year.
Christmas was gr8, subtle but gr8 family is back home in Nigeria and from what i heard so many people flew in from all over to vacation in Nigeria, so it was chaotic & fun down there.
On this side, we av been basically indoors cooking and feasting and lovers getting cozy cuz hey its the spirit of christmas right? lol anyways am glad we also remembered our reason for celebrating this day called christmas which is JESUS CHRIST.
The magic of christmas is second to none, so much love, joy, forgiveness and bonds to go around and hardly do you experience bitterness or life's down side..... its in our everyday lives with all the hustle and bustle but one day we all get to forget life's down side and just enjoy and celebrate life and how far we av come is CHRISTMAS.
The new year is right around the corner and i decided to host a couple of my friends the weekend after the New year just to celebrate the past year and how much we av grown and learnt from life and the brighter future ahead of us.Am glad to av been blessed with these group of people and together in one way or the other we av been each other's strength and support, trust me we av our differences but at the end of the day is gr8 to see everyone smile towards the new year..... love u all.
So pple ill definitely put a few pix on my blog and let u knw how that goes... Finally i get Ms Dacosta to cook her Temptous delicacy for this mini New year lounge fest at mine's.
So Happy new year to u all and ill be sure to be back 31st to blow a kiss to 08 and hug 09 my year of favour.
Mwah love u all.............

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hey y'all,
Been a long hour not a min lol. its good to be back to blogging and just share my daily life as i journey thru this stage of life. We all go thru it and have our own various take on it.
Its christmas and also nine more days till the end of the year isn't that amazing? This time last year i was at home back in Nigeria and the festivity was second to none.
So back to reality, its been a wonderful year for me, i am indeed grateful to the almighty for life, health and his numerous blessings. It had its down time cuz for me, i feel like so many young lives were lost this year amongst whom was my dearest friend Taye ma'yaki (RIP) may all their lost souls rest in perfect peace. It had its celebrations too, my friends got married, engaged and the greatest one of all I became a indeed this has been a blessed year.
The New year..............its fast approaching and as usual my plan is to spend the 31st in church and am sure we all do plan the same. So here goes the time for New year Resolutions lol we do this every year and by the middle of the year its all gone. I pray that this time, we all take a closer look at our selves and get closer to God as well as learn the act of giving let me share sumtin with u:
I have always been a firm believer of giving and as the saying goes give and it shall return back to u, i have experienced this so many times that i should not have reason to doubt, my tithes are as important its God's and though am not proud of not being regular to church (its not my doing)i try to sow into lives of others and do this without expecting anything in return and i firmly believe thats why i am favoured at the oddest times.
So......i was at a Nine West store with 2 of my girlfriends and since its christmas a sale was going on, we looked around and saw some nice deals and decided to get some shoes. I was about to pay when the lady behind the register asked if i would like to donate a dollar to the children of ST JUDE'S my reply was ok normally i hear pple go uhhm no today, next time, but i was like GIVE AND IT WOULD COME BACK so i did and guess what it came back right away i was giving a coupon for my next purchase in 09. It might sound silly but after reflecting back at this year all i am taking with me into 2009 is GOD.
He was with me and never left me even when i thot i could not go on he pushed me and held me to the next step and now i knw with God ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
My weekend was relaxing and i had the best guest ever come to spend the weekend wih me, my girlfriend for over a decade now Mrs. Thomas it was gr8 seeing her again and just reliving time and how much we have done well for ourselves, lol. We are on our way to the top and i knw each and every one of us would make it there God is the key pls take that to heart my people.
Now i am relaxing watching my bollywood channel and getting ready for tomorrow....another hustle lol.
Peace & love,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Season

Thanksgiving at Bibi's /Biola's 30th bday bash

Hey y'all
Been a min.. its been a season of thanksgiving for my family & friends as well as urs truly. The year is definitely coming to an end and if i look back & thru the year i must say i av had a fun year and my friends made it worthwhile so to u all u knw urselves, i've got a whole lot of love for u.
2 weeks ago was thanksgiving and it was so much to eat and so fun with my girls especially, and then we began looking forward to Dec 6th.
This day was one of the best times & night i av had... i had ALL my favorite pple there even kemi & Bisola who dont usually come out spiced up the party in their own ways. I had fun and danced till my legs felt numb lol, we all had fun and the aftermath of the party i believe is growing into a beautiful thing....dont ask me cuz i have no idea either.
Ill be going to Florida in a few hrs and am super duper excited, jeez i need to get the feel of another state, been in Maryland for too long and need this vac i only wish .................... but anyhoos, kemi & toke Las vegas???
Ill be taking pix and definitely would upload them on my blog for u guys to see, let me give u a bit of comic relief, my girlfriend am going to chill with said we wld be going to the beach and i shld bring some shorts..........
lol i cant even remember the last time i was in shorts, hmm dont knw abt that but then its Florida anything can fly so pple dont be alarmed mistaking my legs for a four legged creature!!! LMAO
I hope to av a gr8 time and ill def keep y'all posted............meanwhile seems urs truly is abt to miss some thing this weekend. "Mo mi kan le"
Stay blessed y'all and av a lovely holiday season.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yay, u cant even begin to understand or feel my excitement, i was almost tearing up today my Bff gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Its funny we have been discussing this delivery for weeks now and though we r on different time zones, it felt like i was there...................... I love babies.
So am a proud God mother again, i already have a God son who is a year old already now he has a lil bro, come to think of it whats with all of u girls giving us boys, pls we need a girl and fast as well talking to Bibi, ibk, toyin and Bimbo might be doing a double lol.
Anyhoos thats that, am home now of course, about to take a shower and be in bed,
See ya tomorrow.
God bless,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi everyone,
Hope u r all gr8? and looking forward to this joyous festive season. Am excited and even more so cuz the new year is just creeping in and for me it feels like wonderful things are about to happen and i hope for u all to.
So lately, been reflecting on the year so far and if i av done anything i regret and truthfully i cld not find anything other than i probably allowed my weakness take charge of my judgement atimes, though this might have resulted from wanting everything to be JUST RIGHT. I'm grateful i realized this and the fact that life is not a bed of roses, people are going thru the same problems u av, or worse so NEVER THINK U R ALONE, AND GOD NEVER GIVES U MORE THAN U CAN BEAR.
So, thats that.... i was watching oprah's show, when she had the cast of (roscoe jenkins) Martin lawrence, Mo'nique and Cedric the entertainer, twas an awesome show and listening to their interview made me realize something........... its not where u start from its where u r headed.
Martin said he used to clean K mart floors, cedric was a grocery bag boy and i imagine walking into the stores like Giant, Safeway, Walmart & Kmart and see the various faces of the future success of tomorrow. Both are great paid actors & comedian and live the life they please but then i remember they never started out in luxury, I'll also remember the words of T.I famous rap artiste "put two 16 yr old boys together, put one out on the streets, and the other in Mcdonalds, in ten yrs the one who was on the streets wld av been to jail & back, shot, stabbed or even dead while the boy at Mcdonalds wld av worked his way up to become a success at wherever he is.
This was on the Tyra show when asked about his sentence in regards to illegal possession of weapons as a convict. Watching him as well, he is very articulate and humble, though he's made some grave mistakes he is humble enough to accept responsibility and pay the price , yet not allowing that to write him off as a person. We can give up on him but he has not given up on himself nor God.....
So here goes my thinking..................
It took most of the gr8 and successful people to get to where they are thru hardwork, persistence and TIME, success thorough success does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of failures, trials and rejections but at the end with faith and determination God surely rewards a true dream.
Someone once said "u envy the success of others? can u go thru what they went thru to get where they r?" So next time we pause to critic our selves and wish we were like the next person, think of what they might av had to give up or go thru to be themselves. I am, if not the top of this list, lol but this month of December has been an eye opener for me and i av come to accept the things i cant change and stop bickering about it.
Am excited for the new year and i knw am going to be dancing and singing thru out the year of 09 cuz my blessings??? i wont be able to contain.