Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey y'all
Nothing much is happening on my planet for now, i feel so bad i have not be intimate with my mind lately, sorry been preoccupied with Prison Break, i knw its becoming an addiction phew! Anyways am good and just chilling, its mid week and cant wait for friday cuz monday is a holiday Labor day hmmm cant wait.
Its so funny how am so uninterested in movies or books at the moment am so fixated on Prison break with its wonderful and sexy cast of guys, Dominc purcell... he reminds me of a good friend of mine Torkunma Abunku esp with his voice shout out TK, Wenthworth Miller... he's all mine and Amaury Nolasco he puts Ricky Martin in the pits cuz thats one sexy pueterican stud!........ imagine having all these as dessert , Cookies & cream , Vanilla & Caramel all in order of their names...... its called PARADISE!!!
Okay before i get myself in more trouble than i already did let me be gone cuz i av nothing to say than am crushing over these guys at the moment with Miller being no 1.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey pple,
Seems i dont look cute when i sleep, must have had a dream of someone upsetting moi, lol
Hows ur sunday? am just home resting my head! Had a lovely Saturday, like i said watched prison break all thru and stepped out abt 6:45pm to Anu's INTRODUCTION. It was nice & lovely hooked up with Tina & Bunmi, nice & descent meal and my favorite had not had MALT in ages so decided to take one or was it two? lol, my bad totally went off my diet but hey the bottle kept screaming my name.
I was supposed to get my hair fixed but seems my girl has a flat(tire) so might be carrying this for another week, not too good but what can i do. I'm feeling a bit lazy getting out of bed trying to just get enough rest for another week arrrrgggghhh! Must we WORK? cant we just SLEEP, yeah i wish too anyhoo ill be back maybe tomorrow just had to drop my boring self on ere today and my pix definitely tells u am in no mood to be UP.

Back to Prison Break..............



Saturday, August 23, 2008


hows everyone? i believe well and relaxing cuz its the weekend. Moi? urs truly is just in bed, been up like abt 7 in the morning watching my new found love, PRISON BREAK. Yeah, Yeah,Yeah, i knw so many pple told me to go watch it but i never had the interest esp when i thot Scofield was one ugly dude ( Wenthworth Miller). I am a huge fan of 24 and i remember a friend in particular who kept urging me to watch prison break since i loved 24 i told her none could compare but boy was i wrong.
Prison break is from another planet, the creativity and mind teasers are enough to grab an Emmy! it just takes u on a roller coaster ride and u enjoy it so much u dont want to get off, lol. I am still on season one cuz i started watching it this week and i cant wait to get on the next episode just had to take out time and say hi to my adorable readers! (U knw urselves). Other than that its pretty much a quiet saturday, might be going to an introduction today with my family friend and tomorrow ill be hanging wiv my girl cuz i need to get my head did " like the New Yorker's wld say" stead of hair done. Guess its just expantiates on how bad the hair is that it needs fixing like yday.
Back to Prison Break i must av been blind to think Wenthworth Miller was ugly damn he is a sexy charming dude, with his killer eyes that just draws me in and his lips, never been a fan for red or pink lips on guys but hmm! hmm! hmm, miller's got me going lol. I hope Nolar does not see this.
Alrighty take care pple and be safe.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Smell excitement? yep its FRIDAY phew! ill say its been a crazy week of head aches for me, i cant focus in the mornings with bright lights on, i pratically have to move around with the lights off i am looking forward to a restful weekend am so spent.
Well this week or maybe i should say this month has been a wonderful month of God's doing in the lives of many of my friends, as they celebrate marital bliss, the birth of their children, finding love at last, being let off the hook by crazy schools and granted visa to travel, God has been indeed faithful, am humbled by his greatness and i keep asking myself what stops me from having faith if i am surrounded by people he is blessing?
I am blessed to be happy for my friends and i rejoice with them, its not everyday u av a good month believe me, and this generation of ours though it seems the end times are near but i believe we have what it takes to hold on to God and shame the enemy, this can only be done by Loving one another. There's too much going on to be hating on one another or to be checking ur back to make sure u dont get stabbed by people. Life is tough but God never leaves his own, it might take a while but i promise u God always makes up for times we think we have lost, lets pray and love one another, lets be true to each other, lets wait for God's plans for us rather than get impatient and do things on our own.
Wait on God for ur future and i tell u, it would be worth it, there are times i feel i should av done certain things not of my own accord but i am grateful for a chance to be alive which is the first step towards hope and also a chance to right my wrongs. Our stubborness sometimes catches up with us and we must face whatever it is, God is not being unfair to us he is just teaching us patience, faith and the ability to trust him.
I am a testimony of God's forgiveness, mercy, tolerance name it and even when i am unfaithful he remains faithful, he loves me less NOT, brethren lets stay devoted, Lets let go and Let God.
Have a wonderful weekend and lets all try to purge our hearts off anything contrary to God's word, Its a small step to a mighty landing.
Peace & love

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

D! i S! t U! r B! i A!

Hey y'all
Hows everyone? hope good sorry not been in touch for a lil while been getting myself back to this regimen called week days means work days phew! anyways am just here living and loving life. Had a busy weekend and i can say i took my first amateur wedding make over pix on Saturday still think i need to brush up my editting but hey am getting there.
I am grateful for life and everything that comes with it the good, bad & even the ugly.......its what makes life interesting. Hmm what else my head ache is off and on and it seems i need to go on a weekend spree of sleep, lol cant seem to get enof of it.
So u see my title head DISTURBIA i love rihanna for this song, the beats, the rhythm just takes u in and the video was a nice concept even though my sis hates it. she is doing her thing and big ups to her, i was so lazy going to the gym yday but as soon as i hit that song i just went on and on at the gym and had an interesting work out.
I dont have much to say ill soon put my playlist like a did last month and let y'all know what am listening to. I miss Naija watched some interview yesterday on YOUTUBE on the FUNMI IYANDA SHOW with 9ce, Banky W and Wande C impressive & talented young men who came from nothing to sumtin maybe asides Banky but hey they are doing their thing making their dreams come true.
I was particularly impressed with 9ce his aura, his words, his humility was second to none, apparently he was in my College(University) LASU and had so many offers to become a cultists but refused, raised by his step mom with IDIOMS which then seemed like silly talks has become the originality in his songs we fans are drawn to. He dropped out of school due to lack of funds and with this God given talent decided to pursue music, in his interview he revealed his dream was to become a lawyer and he is not puting that aside, Music is secondary to him being a lawyer is his primary goal in life. I so respect him, he is not trying to be what he is not and i guess thats why God is blessing him abundantly that is.
Anyways thats it for now ill be back, much love to u all.

Friday, August 15, 2008


U knw am excited its the weekend, hows everyone sure u r doing gr8.
Anyways am ere nuffing much is new with me apart from the fact that am loving the hype about the 2008 Beijing olympics. The U.S seem to be doing good in some areas like of the Fish/man MICHAEL PHELPS, am loving him wow! and JAMES BLAKE given our dear ROGERS FEDERER a run for his money.
The WILLIAM sisters are also out hmmm! guess its ok to say what other suprise is there? well well well, am hoping phelps beats crocker & spitz that would set the greatest record ever. Enough of my Olympian spirits, am just here nuffing much at this end trying to wrap my head around stuff i need to do and make sure i do them.
Back home i heard about the shutting of the very famous 3rd mainland bridge for maintenance purposes ARE THEY SERIOUS? how do they expect people to commute? its bad enof we deal with the Island road construction causing major traffic jam , now the mainland is an eyesore, good old Nigeria we need to get it together and get it right as well! Its unfair for the government to just wake up one morning and decide they need to get around maintenance when that could have been fixed a long time ago when the island was still less populated and am wondering.... what kind of maintenance pls fill me in.
I wonder why they dont sit and dialogue extensively, how can u decide to just obstruct the busiest city in ur country, the commercial port of ur state by mere contract and profit it would generate u, they cannot argue that this maintenance is for the benefit of the masses cuz its not, f it would stop traffic well maybe but its not and why they wont research and wait for a less busy time probably towards the end of the year to start such projects i wonder. You have people going to work, kids going to school and its become chaotic but am sure many workers now have the excuse they need for tardiness at work or extensive lunch breaks not to think of the many road rage and accidents that are prone to happen, NO BE NAIJA??.
I hope they reslove this as soon as possible and get the bridge functioning as it should and for the better we do need our sanity.
Till i miss u guys again its Mola saying Peace.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi y'all
How was ur night? hope sound and peaceful. Moi slept like a baby and so far up like a champ.
Anyways as usual same old stuff, work and life's daily dose of its good, not yet witnessed bad nor ugly....Am grateful to God for giving the priviledge of another day and i just pray that we all make it to the top like we would want to.
To my well wishers i say i wish u the same & more
To my family, thanks for who i am
To my friends....."A friend inneed is a friend indeed" Tradition appreciates
To my admirers....Am honored
To U....It only gets better.
Love to u all, have a blessed day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey y'all
Not sure how i feel, just starting out the day and i feel, (sigh) i wish i cld explain how i feel, but hey let me just say one of those days. Been getting quite a lot huh? anyways am so excited about My friends The Deji's they had a bouncing baby boy 2 nights ago and all of a sudden i feel like am ready to be a mum. I know it sounds crazy well to sum pple but not to me i have 2 pregnant friends, three are mums already what do u expect? Asides that though i just love babies and truthfully can't wait to have mine.
They are just so adorable and sweet and their little being just makes life and unions a beautiful thing. Anyways let me get off b4 i bore u with moi today ill definitely be on to u soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hey pple,
How u doing? hope gr8 hmm wondering my high spirits??? for pete's sake its MONDAY shouldn't i be missing my bed. Anyways i give God all the glory he is in control of my life which definitely explains my mood. Well my weekend was relaxing considering i had to battle wiv a constant headache from friday, my uncle came into town about ten , had to dress up and go to an aunt's 50th that night, boy! my head felt like it was going to explode and to make matters worse mel & toke had me sleeping on the floor (lol) well i offered but then...............
Saturday got up made breakfast for everyone and had my room for that day hmmm just laid in all day, anyways thats kinda of a run down of my weekend sunday was a bit quiet since they all left and went out a few with my girl bunmi. O yes we had signal failure at my end for the whole weekend can u beat that??? my sis was running crazy cuz her dear boo might av been trying to call hmmm anyways hopefully it shld be back up today.
I'm at work now and its d beginning of the day so nuffin much is happening so meaning i gotta go, ill be back soon trust me.....
Father thank u for the gift of life!
Mola says Peace & love