Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey Hey Hey,
           She's back phew! How are u beautiful and wonderful people doing today? Moi? funny i shld be sad and broken but i am in high spirits dont knw if its a denial thing going on but i love it, frankly i think it was my pastor's words yesterday. Church was awesome and i think i just poured out my heart at God's feet, coupled with this angelic baby i carried through worship Oh cant wait to have mines!!!! Her mum was so sweet it was mothers day and i could tell she was tired and i just decided to help her carry her lil princess while she danced on her day.
Ok back to why i am sad.....Yup u were write Love, its not totally broken but really cracked and its make or break at this point and all i can say is God knws best. I probably shld not be telling all this but sumtimes i feel i am reaching out to someone who might just need to understand u are not alone in whatever situation u find urself. We all are human beings with blood flowing thru us, never ever think u r super human God made u for extra ordinary things not to believe u are beyond natural human feelings he has allowed to teach us, mould us, and bring us back to his feet.
Thru all this as well, a very good friend of mine also needed a breather from stuff going on around him, so my only other place to sulk was not available, it was a rough weekend but hey i am good. I know God is taking me thru for a reason. Now to other things, i need to do a write up on these wonderful creatures called men.
Ladies i knw u av a milion and other words u cld call them , but for the good ones out there its time we give them a lil recognition and tell 'em we see them ......
Myself and a friend of mine are on to a project and i am really hoping it falls thru, wonderful vision of his and i can only say i am privilege to be working with him on this, smart and intellectual dude and he sure is fun in his own lil world, pls follow my friend Bolu on twitter @Gidiguy......
Alrighty other than the same 'ol routine of work, school and a boring time nothing new has been up with me, i had a paper i submitted yday, God knws if i make a B on that paper God was with me, and he marked that paper himself cuz i was not myself thru the wknd, it reminded me of a time in my college days 2nd year wen i was broken hearted and of all semesters in that school it was the best semester in my entire grade of my four years! Lets just say i focus better through crisis? lets see what i score on this paper ill be sure to share....
Have a good one pple and stay blessed