Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hi everyone,
                    Hope all is well at ur ends, moi? i am just chilling recovering from the flu and all sorta illness but i thank God for strength and healing. We Nigerians are still mourning the young talent we lost DAGRIN, i never met him but i feel so connected to him through the voice of everyone who is mourning him. May the good lord bless his soul and keep his family through this difficult time, after the burial, mourning period the FAMILY is left alone to deal with this loss and thats when they need God d most who is the only one who can truly comfort them.
So my passion WRITING, everyone who knows me knw i love to write its something i do , my escape route, the best way i express myself, the therapy for my soul after music.....Writing just does it for me. I think i av been awakened to a purpose i want to pursue and this was aided by a friend of mine #Uknwwhouare....
I write when the inspiration comes, post stuff on facebook or my blogs, lately not really written much and then on wednesday i get this ping and my friend said to ask me of a favour, coming from U most definitely would do anything for u in  a heartbeat and den I was honoured to be asked to write a POEM.
Ok, this might not mean anything but to me i felt like a million bucks, my friend had been reading stuff i wrote and trusted me enough to express feelings felt through my words. I wrote the Poem and it was very appreciated and i just like to say i am very grateful for that belief in me, and i also would love to tell my faithful readers if u need me to write something for u pls holla, soon i know God is taking me and my passion to a greater height that would be celebrated for a good cause.
Thank U O, and you knw ill forever be rooting for y'all.
God bless u all and have a lovely weekend


Friday, April 23, 2010


Its a sad day in the Nigerian entertainment industry today, on twitter, in the family homes of Olaitan aka Dagrin as well as in the lives of his friends and fans. Nigeria has produced some of the best musical artises of all times in Africa and Dagrin was a product of these blooming times.....
I am a huge fan of Nigerian music, the beats drive me a whole lot to the ground, all u need is to put in a CD ill dance all the way for u. I heard about Dagrin i think Early Nov 2009, My soon to be brother - in - law asked if i had heard a guy called Dagrin? i was like no, at the time i was bumping to Eldee's Ota mi, lami phillips I know ft M.I and the new Styl+Plus singles. i rushed to could not find him then i go on youtube Oh! that was the moment i fell in love with him, i did not even know he was rapping in YORUBA all i heard was Mummy mi o si ni le, kondo, and a sick beat, U guessed right i was on the repeat button  and soon the words i spat out like i wrote the lyrics. I had my girl go home and buy me his CD and just the thought of that makes me wanna shed a tear i guess i just realized how much i loved him.
His death brought back the painful memory of loosing my friend PAUL Archie SMALLS - that was my ace and i dont think i can ever get over his death he was marred in my heart for life, I remember the many times i smiled and laughed back then he was always by my side, most times i look back and try to see if there was ever a shred of doubt about how much i loved him.....I am glad to say he knew, even wen he said his goodbyes he told me i miss u and love u much see u soon i just never knew it wont be till we meet at the feet of our master.
Dagrin i never knew him personally but the tweets i av seen, the words from people and the light he seemed to radiate while he was alive makes me wish i met him or tweeted at him once to appreciate his talent, encourage his hustle and tell him to step over the H8rs. He made a joke about an interview where people commented on his grammar, and i wonder!!!! wen would we truly appreciate the fact that these artistes, or anyone as well could av chosen to be rogues, thieves and menace to the society instead with the poor backgrounds, with the hardship of their youths they have made something of their lives, paying their parents for the nights of toil, the scorching sun they hawked to feed dem, the rainy seasons they had to shield their kids from leaking roofs or the cold weather and the times they lay sick but they fought for their survival? I sincerely think we all need to take a second and watch what we say to people who are doing what they can how they know best, i see people who just bite into these artistes like they are not human like the rest of us?? They have their fears, insecurities and need support and encouragment, the power of a smile or a pat on the back y'all have no idea what it does. I have been on twitter and watch people just disabuse it, i love to make people smile, i love to encourage people, its amazing how many pple i av never met but open up to me just because they feel safe to talk or be heard, people are struggling within themselves, if u cant make them feel better, its better u dont even bother talking to them.
Truthfully, some artistes do come off with a chip on the shoulder some hide behind these walls for fear of showing what they really feel, lets all try to remember they are HUMAN BEINGS just like us. The One person u love and believe in his character is the same person another being is disgusted at? Its a shame it takes death to express how much u loved someone wen you could easily show it while they were alive. Michael Jackson was mourned all over the world but half of the support and tears he got, if all through the times the media slandered him he got this much love from people maybe he would have felt the need to connect more to people cuz they saw him beyond what he was made to be on the front pages.
I just wrote all these cuz thats the state my heart is and i av connected dearly to so many people on twitter which truly has brought us all together in Nigeria, I just hope we all remember to stop hating on one another, believe in ourselves and believe in genuine friendships, its so sad some people are shallow minded to think everyone wants to get in between your legs or want to cop on ur fame.....BREATHE we brought nothing to earth we are taking nothing back. Learn to discern the fakes and just maybe you would start to see the angels God has brought your way through networking, u never know where your help is coming from.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Phew! i cant even front on this one i am meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssed up! gudness its been a hellish day for me, had so much on my mind yday and then today just rang it in a step further. I dont knw whats with tuesday the last time i felt close to this was a stupid tuesday as well. 5pm where art thou? I want to get home go under my covers and forget today what??
Ok so a mis communication that set the whole beautiful house i had been putting together into chaos talk of a roller coaster ride, school is getting me IN, work is crazy and this? I have tried to fix this and the more i try the more i want to hit myself in the head for even bothering again cuz i am just spent wetin? I knw i am talking in codes ere but its jz better.
All ill say is i av not had the best of today , u plan on someting it goes the opposite direction, head, heart, body and soul aint right and i just need ur prayers plz let this right dose be sent to me thanks my faithful readers. U might not get or make any sense of this but just pray for my dose God bless! xoxoxoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey y'all ,
        I knw i am tired of mii self too hehehe! twitter yeah blame it on her she takes me away and feeds me so much good stuff its hard not to keep going back everyday. Woo hoo the month of april has been beautiful my bday month, out with the ish and in with positivity ill say i av had a pretty good one lately.
School is back in session so hence my grouchy side but other than that life is pretty good, family, friends, lovers and all r all good. Yes Lovers Eat ur heart out who says u cant have lovers #definition someone who loves u, everyone thinks a lover is one who takes u to bed, well yeah its the term associated with it but i av my terms and theories for stuff.
I am in love o yes! u need to walk in my shoes to knw this feeling and the sweetest part is its all in  my head FYI a dream u want to birth to life hehehehehe! So lets say i av a target yeah? Only this target dont knw he is one hot damn! The thot of him sets my being on fire and he is all that and more.
He is so sweet, his character is so full of positive energy and he is just an all round humble lad, anyhoos i love the mystery and in my mind we av made a pretty good life already cuz i have moved in as his wife, we have 2 kids already and he is jz keeping it sexy everyday.
        Have u noticed ur fantasies are better left in ur head, the moment u take it to ur heart and relive ur dream its not as lovely as u had it in ur head. So pls let me enjoy myself  hahahaha! i bet pple wld come on ere to judge me ill just say mind me NOT cuz i am crazy like this but feel free just dont take it to heart, many atimes writers write a scene, cop on that. Anywayz for those who knw we shall be seeing where we normally see....... in my head!
On the reality of my life i am good , baby is great working hard and we discussed carats this morning....yep i am in a chirpy mood cuz i believe i am just writing all the nonsense in my head.
I am off to my other home to continue on the adventure of Julio and the chic! have a good week y'all and stay blessed. ♥

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey everyone,
I just want to quickly say hi and tell u i had d most amazing day today as my friends celebrated me round the globe! I got an amazing surprise and i felt love like never before.
I would write more tomorrow just a quick hi and promise to give u the low down of whats been going down in my world! I had a chaotic past wk but always numbed with this tsunami of my heart..................
See y'all tomorrow!