Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WHAT 'A DAY.....

Phew! ok i was home today thinking i was going to be in bed resting.....So not! I was home today cuz i had to wait for the Cable guy come in to check a few glitches in my apartment, i was so excited when i woke up at 6am and just basking in the morning, taking my time and watch my sis go to work.
When she left, i took the time to pray and felt real pumped, made breakfast and sat down on the internet, njoying twitter, facebook and all the distractions these new geeks have created.
Then i decided to clean the entire house cuz it was just not me....thanks to lil sis, i cleaned and kept on cleaning till it was 5pm and den i realized i did not even get the chance to lie in bed : ( sucks, i cooked, cleaned and stayed in waiting for the cable guy, the maintenance also had to come in to check my air O gosh! i had a real not cool day the way i wanted.
I cant wait for the weekend o dang! i av a wedding , gosh i need my me time like crazy, this weekend wld av been perfect, sis is outta of town, well guess ill av to just take nxt weekend out for me alone, i dont care whose house is burning i aint doing jack, need to get my body and head in order, stress is beating on me so bad.
Other than my stressed out self, life is good, God is great and everyday i keep realizing God is awesome and the greatest, he has done too much for me and even wen i dont deserve it. Thank u Daddy!
So tomorrow i return back to work hmmm I knw God is d only reason i am still with these pple cuz its like hanging on a thread i can tell we r getting worn off each other, lol So God THANK U i still av a J.O.B.
Now i am watching Frankie & Nefe ok its dat bad ....might njoy the show i am a fan of pple getting off their broke & beaten life and try to make sumtin of what is left of their life or what God has given them .\
Alrighty tata pple,
love u and God bless.

Mola '09

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So i am ere today and kinda liking this, i av been MIA for a bit, now i am back and loving it again. Ok so whats my blog about??
Its where i get to express myself , give u a dose of my daily life, put my thots into words and when inspiration comes gladly pour out to bless others. I am glad i have been able to do so for a bit and i hope i get to touch more lives as we take this ride together.
So whats new with moi? Nuffin much, been on twitter and its starting to give facebook a run for its money, seems facebook has started adding a whole lot of crap they call applications making it all too busy to even want to update ur status. I am also on Hi 5 infact i need to speak to Nolar abot this we need to get down , ha ha all my life out there on 3 websites noooo, soon ill be off these places well at least av one for the gossips, lol.
I miss N ooo, its hard and i try to numb the pain but mennnn LONG DISTANCE is not the ish at all, i cant have my daughter go thru this, it takes a lot of energy phew! Tapping my chin what else?????
Hmm my Sista introduced me to BEN & JERRY'S ice cream STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE, pple plz help its addictive, not to even add i have had this craving for ice cream since the beginning of the month, lately chocolate was my thing till i had an affair with Strawberry cheesecake, hmm hmm hmm as my girl Kems wld say God i need ur help on this one oooo cuz these craving is getting out of hand.
Going thru memory lane now, i never was an ice cream bud, i wld occassionally take a scoop and my flavors
COOKIES & CREAM, ANYTHING CARAMEL hmmmmmmmmmm, then obsession with CHOCOLATE ( Turkey hill) and now BEN & JERRY'S. GYM come get me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
About the Gym , been trying to get up mornings i think i need a loud ass alarm, my phone is certainly not it, besides getting out of bed aint the ish C'mon under the warm covers, dreaming of that stud with all the ripped chest, and u in all d diamonds money can buy , U definitely dont want to be waking up to the cold chills of the morning , running to catch a darm bus to WORK.
Ok enof for today, ill be back tomorrow now i need to get this N feeling in check...OMG let this be ur thing!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hmmm after the anticipated wait, and so much said, Whitney is back and bares all for the first time on Oprah.
I watched the first half of the interview and then read thru the rest on oprah's website, TESTIMONY is all i could think of.
I listened and read with so much passion and sincereity in her voice and thot to myself "Only God cld av done it" and as much as all the blogs and media are putting out negative energy regarding her voice I'll say this just like i said in my last blog "IF U AV NOT WALKED IN MY SHOES, HOW CAN U UNDERSTAND MY PRAISE" she was saved by God thru a horrific experince that has killed many who did not go the length of time she did, rather than be grateful for her break through some pple sit down and would rather re-live those bad moments in her life? Where is the love pple.
I am happy for her and really do commend Oprah on getting her to interview, its still a struggle for her,  but she takes today and looks up to GOD, thank God also for pple who still believed in her like CLIVE DAVIS, in this life it takes just a lil faith to push thru that wall sometimes, she had her family praying for and with her and it might seem like a relapse going on atimes, but thats when LOVE prevails, they knew their WHITNEY and wld not loose her to this world she thot was IT for her. (Drugs, Bobby Brown)
God is awesome, and i cannot but wonder at his ways, Even when we give up on ourselves, God still has faith in us, he might allow that struggle go on till u give up to loose then he shows up and tells u, LOOSING is not an option but WINNING.
Pple like Whitney and  testimonies of pple who thot it was over and God told dem it just started gives me hope and assurance that even when i write myself off, God comes with an eraser and RE - WRITES my story and for that i am forever grateful. Inspiration comes in different forms thru various ways, GOD sends us messages in various ways, we should pray to be more attentive and accepting to what he is telling us.
Some get lucky just like Whitney and others dont cut it , may we not be in the latter category - AMEN
I have listened to some songs on the album and i am definitely going to get a copy this weekend my faves for now from the album are :
Lets give God a reason to give us a chance again.
Peace & love

Mola '09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey, hey, hey,
        Hows everyone doing? gr8 i suppose, its a new week.... well for those who celebrated labor day yday, its a new month and glorious things are happening around me, so y wont i be grateful.
I hope you r all fine, and for those of us going thru one thing or another, i pray the good lord would comfort u and give u a warm hug cuz it only gets better.
I am excited for things happening , about to happen and has happened, God has been so good and faithful and i now believe in the test of time, (Sigh) its a rough phase, a depressing time and a time nothing else matters but giving up but as the saying goes AFTER THE RAIN COMES THE SHINE, it might seem like it wld never end but it would and when it does all that time u spent waiting seems like NO TIME.
I am trying to share a testimony i cant really say for now, but i just want whoever ends up reading this piece to believe thru the pain and all, ur joy is coming just hold forth, bear the pain a lil longer, yes u r human so get angry, get disappointed but God is still God. Save urself the energy wasted on negativity and get on ur knees just in awe of God, Sumtimes u dont av to say anything cuz he already knows but pray tell TRUST HIM.
I was on facebook and saw this lovely and inspiring status update from a friend...IF U NEVER FELT/FEEL MY PAIN, HOW CAN U UNDERSTAND MY PRAISE???, I was full of admiration for God for such beautiful words, cuz now i understand why David must av danced like a mad man, or understand when a man sprawls on the floor, or a woman cries endlessly  in church or when praising God, e.g Hannah.
That sentence taught me never to underestimate anyone's praise to God cuz u dont knw how long they have been travelling with that sore on their foot, that pain in thair back, those tears that stung their eyes....So let them go mad before God, cuz praise melts the heart of our Almighty.
A shout out to my girls Yvoone & Toyin and my coz & friend Yinka Elegbe & Osaretin who got married this last weekend in Nigeria, Happy married life my dears, May he fill ur homes with honey and more honey :o).
A shout out to a dear friend who is celebrating his bday today and wld be walking down the aisle by the end of the year...@ jobzy love u a million times over and wish u the best today & always. Happy bday :o)
Ok, gotto go back to work, just thot ill share my thots today with y'all

Peace & love