Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am writing this piece as a result of a situation that happened a few mins ago
I really do not understand how we as human beings function..........
Why is there so much hatred, jealousy and false witnessing?
Being unhappy at another's success, ill feelings towards an innocent soul????
I cannot deal with it, I cannot stand people who dwell in it either, 
Life is a struggle for everyone, some get to relax and rest a lil early 
But it does not take away from the fact the Life deals with everyone!
I do not understand how friendships fall out because one is doing better
A friend cannot handle the other's success or the Fortunate one is conceited
I wish we knew how we let our emotions destroy good and potential bonds
Not everyone has the maturity to be strong when we obvioulsy should be weak
But one rule I have in life is Celebrate others Friends or Strangers...............
Never short  change anyone's happiness or reason for happiness
Celebrating others brings forth ur celebration............
I am grateful for seeing life as a place where you keep dancing 
You learn different lessons daily and people always help you learn fast
Characters are never hidden for long, its the ability to discern which is right for U.
The first month of the year is rounding up and I am thankful to God through each day
Its a challenge daily to walk the straight line but thankful for his mercies......
I hope we take some time and decide to be better people this year, 
Better parents, lovers, friends to one another and Speaking on friends
Its unfortunate friendship is based on what one can do or get from the other
Hardly are real friendships anymore and the ones that last pple try to be a bridge
For me friendship can span as long as 20 years if both understand.........
Even thru distance our friendship is grounded and have faith in it
Sometimes life happens and we cannot communicate as we do in the past
It does not change things people just make changes and cave into it
As long as your heart is pure, I believe misconceptions would always be cleared
And if no one gives u a chance give yourself a break and focus on being the best.....
Have a blessed week..........