Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey y'all
   How's everyone doing? great i suppose, Moi? Just been njoying my last few days to the beginning of another semester, pls dont remind me sigh! The only fun part is in a few months Ill be home in GIDI yeeeeeeeeeeeees! I am so excited I am going home, feeling the love of family and pple who just appreciate you is a blessing.
Its been, not a so bad monday and I am really wishing 4:59pm wld creep up fast.....going to njoy this evening watching a movie or sumtin! alrighty tk kr lurvies and have a great week ahead

Deuces ♥ ♥

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey y'all

        Hope u are all great? Moi? I thank God, I am finding my way back to me......I av been kidnapped by technology, Blackberry messenger, TWITTER, Facebook gudness its a total shame. I get up in the morning and the first thing I grab my fone like what madness *lol* I have decided to get a detox from it all and catch up with REAL LIFE. I am on break from school and I plan to read my novels, get on TV shows and have meaningful conversations with friends like I used to.
Its sinking real hard I have totally lost myself to the world of Twitter especially and I cannot even begin to tell how much I wish i cld take back the hands of time in certain siutations but hey guess we learn everyday. It registered today cuz of sumtin in particular and I am glad it did, like an eye opener of how my crazy addiction was getting, imagine my eyes about to pop reading thru every tweet to me or not its called GBEBORUN no need to buttress it, and I hate that. I used to love to get on twitter, say hi, put down inspiring words I get the priviledge to birth and just encourage and appreciate pple..... these days its turned to a war zone, a spy fest and unnecessary drama, so before I become what I hate let me balance my life :)>.
Anyways dont mind me, other pple r on twitter and enjoying the craze and still balance out, guess I am just the kinda chic who wears her heart on her sleeves so u knw everything going on with me, excited, sad, wishing, wanting whatever....I am liberal with my thots but unfortunately i forget we have the judgemental board on there *twitter*.
Anyhoos been enjoying my break from school, one week gone already shoot, 2 more weeks and I am just looking forward to getting it done with and looking forward to my trip to Nigeria....too excited but in a calmer way, was looking forward to seeing a lot of people and hanging out but as time passes by the chord that holds a relationship start to show its strength and how long it wld last for, many have broken and some are holding out cuz I still choose 2, anyways whatever happens I hope to be a blessing and friend to those left in my life, this is not in referral to anyone in particular just thot thru the whole year.....
Well this is me lately, all moduled up like a mess but I am sorting thru and trying to stay on my grind, in general God has been faithful and believe me wen I say I dont knw why he chooses to spare me but I can only prove I am worthy of the several chances I have been given right?. Shout out to the ones who see thru my crazyness, walls and mirage and appreciate the content inside, love u much!
Forgive me, its one of those gibberish of a day and my thots...mwah!
Aight God bless u all.
N.B - Not getting off Twitter but need to learn to do other things without my BB :)>, first step deleting Uber oh yes! Its like crack, there must be MORE 2 LIFE :)>

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi everyone, its been a long while I knw forgive me :)> never knew school could take so much of one's social life with the added bore from the western world already. So here i am all excited my semester ended yesterday phew! U av no idea, its been one of the most dreaded classes because I HATE calculations guess u noticed my hate in caps, never liked maths in school, I never expect to ace any mathematical paper but my story this semester is God infested period.
So this was my summer class which started JULY - SEPTEMBER, before then was my spring semester which was divided into 2!
Spring II started April - June, anyways each semester as we all students know U r given ur financial aid to start the new semester, we are about 16 in my class, pretty cool course mates and we keep getting enrolled altogether so we had gotten used to one another.
Apparently in my spring semester they made an error wiv my check and gave me double the loan they should av awarded me, now I did not knw that was the case, I just assumed I got lucky and was probably given extra....lilttle did I knw and thats where my hurdle began.
* I got my check cashed it paid for my semester had a few extra cash left, I invested wisely and gave back
* I went thru spring semseter, one of my fave classes and the Prof was just heaven sent.
* As the semester drew to a close, I started to check for my next enrollment which is for summer
* My name never came up???
* I called financial aid office, they always assured me all was fine, I should not worry ok then.......
* The spring semester eventually ended and that same day my school account was flashing a negative
* -$4,464.......ok there has to be a mistake sum where
* Called financial aid office back again and was finally told I had a balance of over 4000 to pay???
* So the question of how, why and what came about and it was broken down to me.....
* I was over paid and dey did not realize it till they were about to enroll me seriously?
* I had spent this money even if it was an error, I felt everything crash right in front of me ( I worry a lot)
* Ok solution  how do I get to enroll for my next class and Ill pay back the money in installments.....
* They told me not until i finished paying off the negative blc of $4. 464 I could not enroll 4 anymore classes.
* So assume I decide to pay 1000 each month which was playing myself it wld av bin hell & high waters
* I would not enroll for summer classes and miss fall too?? every semester is 3 months..........
* I was confused and tried everything but nope I had to pay back, I just wondered how?
* I left my office DEJECTED, I was ANGRY at God like I av never before, I was bleeding inside
* Yep its just school but I had set my mind on a certain time to finish, I had no intentions of a break......
* I got home and It was all dark in my world, I just felt I was tested beyond limit and cld not do it nmore.
* I had a sister talk to me and encourage me but I had no intention of listening, she cant feel my pain I said...
* This was a wknd, It was the most down time for me, sum close pple to my heart tried to be there but......
* I cld not be moved, i cld not pray I just wondered how God gave me the opportunity and den took it??
* I decided ill try and source for the money but everyone was cash trapped, I cld understand that.......
* 2 friends were promising but this made me realize God is a jealous God and he shares his glory wiv NONE
* My sister tried to encourage me, I just did not av any reason to be happy.................
* I had 5 days to enroll for the next class, I was the only one wit this issue God why???
* Invariably Sunday night came no lining in my clouds, I decided Ill fast for 3 days for the heck of it............
* I had given up and just felt I must av been paying for sum Sin little did I know............
* Monday I started the fast, by noon I was abt to pray but found no words, I was broken inside...........
* Broken cuz I felt I had no reason to get these hits from life not wen its all going on smooth *My thinking*
* I just said these words God do what u wish, u knw best I cant even pray *DO UR THANG*
* I went abt my business and did nothing much on monday, went to bed and slept off still sad
* Tuesday continued the fast, I decided to check my school website, and went over my account O_O
* I saw a zero balance, I blinked so hard I thot my eyes wld pop, My heart rate went on a double count
* I rushed to the phone called the financial aid office just incase my account was just being closed
* I spoke to a gentle man who said my account was in good standing, pls this only happens in movies
* I thot to myself even If by sum slim chance places I was expecting funds from came thru...........
* It wld be deposited in my personal account not school account, I was pulsating hard....
* Then the guy told me I was awarded a GRANT, me? I never applied for one, he says are u sure??
* I answered yes, he goes well u were awarded and it cleared ur account, in disbelief I asked
* Do I av to pay back? Silly questions Grants are not paid back he answered NO
* All this while I had 2 days to enroll, When he confirmed I was cleared and got me enrolled
* I sat still and looked up, God embarrassed me and shut me up.
* The grant I was given was not one cent under or over the negative the school said I owed??? it was EXACT
* This happens to Pastors or ministers, this is plain me I said, but when I got over the shock ....... 
* I realised God decided to teach me a lesson of Trusting in him, I was so angry but had no one else but him
* I realised he is the God of suddenly, the one who makes the impossible POSSIBLE
* He made me go thru all that to appreciate leaning on him and not MAN................
* Everyone that offered to do sumtin at the last min could not but that was GOD
* My hope was dashed and at the 99th hour God decided to show my blind self wat he says all the time
* He wld never forsake his own, Just trust him, i was so clouded with disappointment I could not pray
* The great thing about this class is, I never aced a calculation problem but this class...............
* It was intense with financial accounting I had no background of, yet my 10 classes I aced all...........
* I doubted my abilities atimes but when my scores are sent back I am amazed .............
* This is not because calculations are pretty simple, its not because U can apply a formula
* My brain never would process liking calculations but GOD saw me thru this 10 weeks PERIOD
* It had nothing to do with me my strength is in writing and I knw God gave me this class for his glory.
So far this has been my ordeal these past 3 months and God has just been amazing, I was going to share this testimony in church but somehow, sumtin always comes up and I wont make it to church which is why I decided to blog about it and hope it would bless someone who might be going through a tough situation.
It does not have to be school, it could be finances, relationships, whatever just know God just needs u to look up and say *do ur thing*. Fasting sure does help and a contrite heart gets God's ears.
I am grateful for those who stop by and read my blog, its not the fashionable blogs out there but thank u for humbling me as u read my ramblings.
God bless u all
xoxoxo Mola