Friday, February 29, 2008


Ok not like its only fridays am very excited to get on my blog just been a bit busy but hey am back! Well its friday and cant wait to go home and get ready for the weekend.
I got up pretty early this morning and had my time with God and while reading our daily bread/manna i read a story of a baby that was dumped in South Africa in the toilet with umbiblical cords still intact and maggots were all over this baby as i write this i chime with disgust at this heartless mother. Babies are beautiful gifts to the earth many people pray endlessly, pay just to get a baby and u have one and have the nerve to dump your baby in a toilet infested with maggots all over your chid? It was a good samaritian who heard the baby and saved a soul.
As i read i realized, what people thank God for some people have no regard for, its a weird world.
I am truly appreciative of God and how he works wonders in our lives. No matter the storms we go through no matter how bleak the day might seem, God would always bring a helper your way . God has been extremely faithful and merciful to me and i wonder why i would not serve him for the rest of my life? i still have not found a reason.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Trusting GOD thru another week!

Hey was up people?
How was your weekend hope it was as lovely as mine! hung out on Saturday with my friends went to the movies and sunday had a blast in church! God is Good
Am back to work and the devil was trying to put so much distraction and disappointment my way geez on a MONDAY, give me a break, i was getting overwhelmed and thinking oh God where are u?
I looked up and there he was, i felt a relief cuz in the midst of the chaos i was about to encourage if i had gotten distracted, i wont have realized, i had to just take a deep breathe and just ask God to pls show his might, work wonders thru this mess. Well it worked and am so glad I am not as depressed i would have normally being. Sorry am kinda DRY!!! today but hopefully as the days unfold in the course of the week ill have something for u!.
Love Mola!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Hi y'all
Its friday and it fels goooooood. I just finished cleaning my house and got glued to the tv watching the BET HONORS. Come to think of it 99% of great people in history started out as nothing and most times with nothing.
Two honorees got me thinking more like inspired JANICE BRYANT HOWRYOD (ACT1 Professionals) & ALICIA KEYS- (R&B Artiste)
Its a gr8 thing to have a dream and be daring to birth your dream. Many leaders/CEOs started out with an idea that might have seem like a fickle light but with perseverance and faith have been able to place their marks in history and inspire others.
Many of us including myself aspire to be gr8 men and women but do we ask ourselves this question' ARE WE READY TO KEEP GOING TILL WE SEE THAT LITTLE RAY OF LIGHT OF HOPE' it might take everything we have but determination would get you there. I want to place a mark in history how i dont know yet but i have that dream but maybe am scared to birth it, but seeing all these amazing people just go for it either being rebellious, shy or pray night and day is really INSPIRING. I got on this blog for the fun of it but daily i see i am beginning a passion i had but yet i have the weight pulling me down INSECURITY.. i know God would see us through, i just want to say for everyone who has a dream dare to birth it, lets encourage one another, lets celebrate one another, cuz a word can make or break someone's dream lets not be POISON to one another, APPRECIATE......................................DONT HATE, lol
For everyone doing what they love i appreciate you, and if you need inspiration get on your knees and pray cuz even when the world laughs at you God sees u and appreciates you.. he never thinks of you as NOT ABLE cuz he FATHERS you and HE IS ABLE.
Take this time to appreciate anyone who had supported ur dream and believed in you when u did not or could not believe in yourslf...................
love mola............

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Its almost weekend an am excited as usual! Nothing much happened yday which is why i wasn't on my blog, oh wait my girfriend Sola Akinpelu called me to tell me some good news sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for their family.. Its the season of love & births of new life in 08, our seasons shall not pass us by.
I am currently reading a book by Bishop T.D Jakes, The Lady, Her lover and Her Lord truly an inspiring book and am learning a lot from it, one major fact i have held on to is, u must love yourself first before u can love someone back. I am an ADVOCATE for love and there is nothing more fulfilling than loving and being loved back in the right way and having God at the center of it all. Forgive my blabbing am just sharing how the book has affected me though i have not read it through, if u can go get a copy you would understand better.
Anyways, I am so loving God right now for giving me what i have gone round in circles to find, Peace and happiness, anyone who relies on man for this is surely wasting his/her time. I can tell you this from experience its like a thirsty Dog lapping every liquid to quench its thirst, but water would surely make a difference. Our expectations of one another in this world sometimes set us back right to our initial want or need and unless we realize we need GOD to fix it we would keep running with no sense of DIRECTION.
I have 3 pple in mind with this message and i hope the good lord would find them and open their eyes and heart to allow him lead them through. Aight am back to work and ill be seeing u all later!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back today sorry cld not fill u in yday was so excited i was asked to go home cuz it was a holiday can u imagine i was just at my desk feeling like a loyal worker. I went home and enjoyed my half day off. Watched an indian movie, i used to love those movies and now i have found this love of mine again so Bollywood here i come,lol.
Nothing much happened, was home with my sis had company later and went to bed not to forget i had a lovely day with my beau, gosh i miss him so much (sigh) i know soon very soon. For now am back at work and looking forward to the weekend at my girl's house bibi, and so looking forward to church., Ill buzz on later love u all and thanks for visiting my blog.

Friday, February 15, 2008

hope everyone had a blast yday, well sure sum pple did not but i hope as much as love could take had a blast yday. I left work and went straight home and turned in for the nite! I think am beginning to believe what a silly friend of mine has been telling me that I AM DRY!!!! I feel like am going to wake up one morning and cry out save me life has taken over........... we all av those times anyways am sure ill give u guys enough events to look forward to.
I am glad am much better after a terribe fever/flu over the last weekend and this is the beginning of another weekend yippeeee! I have things lined up this weekend and i hopefully would be back monday to tell you the outcome.
I am going home tonite and going to continue watching my fourth season of One Tree Hill, just to think i never watched d show when it was ON but now am in love with it. My best character is Haley James Scott, She was the girl next door, best friend, tutor,wife any girl would not want to mess with. Sorry some of you might not understand me but if u want to go and start watching One tree hill and for those who wld feel me like my lil sis melanie, lol enjoy the new season.
I av to sign off now, pls do all have a fantastic weekend.........

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Everyone, i guess its happy vals day to u and urs......................... my day did not start out pretty sunny! its still cold can't wait for summer. Am back at work and as usual not glad, need to move on elsewhere. Am hoping everyone do av a lovely vals day and for the lonely hearts it only gets better.
Happy Vals day hon, glad i av u.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

its about 3am and i am so restless in between recovering from a fever/flu and it relapsing. well good thing am not going to work going to be in bed all day, well maybe not try and clean the house and take out time to talk with my one and only father up there! GOD.
Told my boss ill be staying home and they so agreed cuz might have infected the whole office wont that be nice! for dragging me out in the cold, lol Yesterday's weather was terrible so icy and temperatures fell beyond freezing point imagine places like minnesota -4 below 0 degrees pheew, my heart goes out to pple out there with no place to sleep or get warm other than under the bridges or a cardboard shelter at the train stations.
Yet pple would do anything to come to the supposed GOD OWN'S COUNTRY......... my sis l'atoke & friend Bibi would not want to go that route with me cuz i wont back down on that arguement. My girl Suri's bday is today and well its Val's day tomorrow hmmm! well for the lovers enjoy and d singles be strong!
Kemisola.............., Just Breathe, until am here again its Ms. Mola saying love like never if u av the chance to love again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ok, its past mid day and i dont feel any better shldn't my boss have the heart to tell me to go home??? then again should i not av the guts to walk out and say my health over a few bucks..... This life sucks sumtimes but i guess that why its called lyfe . This is to my girl cheeks for getting me to be a blogger and as she said it could become addictive which i think am loving already!
Miss u Nola hope to see u soon!
its mola saying One!
Its a horrible day today cuz am at work and recovering from a terrible flu/sore throat. The weekend was so grey was in bed all day and had my temp going over boiling point. I should be in bed today but my job is ................. let me not go into that today.
I have nothing much to write today its morning so we would see how the day goes by, i just heard from my other half and am glad he is fyne, i would not have made it smoothly without him this weekend. That is another strory for another
Till i am here again its mola signing out!