Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey everybody was up with u? hope u all had a nice night at least for those in my continent.
Ok yesterday i was going on about my playlist and u can never guess whats happened. I left the office reluctant to go to the gym ( made up for it this morning at least, lol) got home and decided to clean my kitchen and i could only do that with my ipod to my ears, anyways i was going to cook eventually and this was about 8:30 pm hmmmm. I got my ipod and started dancing to lollipop by lil wayne, that song is ill believe me my kitchen was cleared in a jiffy and i cooked till about 12 midnight. Trust am not a weirdo or something i just enjoy cooking when no one wld be in & out of my kitchen and i have the space to myself clean, lol well i got hooked on lollipop and i realized that when i woke up this morning at 6am to be moving to lollipop and on my way to work.
Thats that, NEWS FLASH!!! i am beginning to realize i have a thing for photography and might decide to have a little affair with that and see how it goes, wish me luck though. People think i love taking pix but truth is i just love to photograph and since i can't get models i model myself which results to many pix of me ( yeah rite) and God bless the picture editting tools u would be amazed at its wonders.
Ok, nothing much is going on rite now am at work and thank jesus my bosses are in Court session this morning so let me chill all i can now and wow!!!!!!!! i jinxed that, one just came in........

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hey y'all
How are u doing today great i suppose? Am good and could not be happier cuz its the end of the week at least one more day to that. Life has been pretty cool and am having fun listening to different tunes these days.
Am an obsessed fan of music and believe me i have selective ears for good sounds. I have my moods defined by music sometimes, its not all the time i want to dance, reflect or relax.
I am a huge fan of Alternative, R & Bs, Soul, Dancehall Reggae, Pop, Contemporary Gospel and i have been appreciating Jazz of late, especially from the 80s. Not a huge fan of Rap but likes of Lil wayne & T.I are beginning to get me grooving.
My artiste are all whole lot believe me anyone that serves me a good meal of beautiful tunes is a lover of mine but my hat goes off to, R.Kelly & Usher.
Now let me let you in on the Songs am feeling right now:

Dreams************ BOYZ II MEN
Love in da club****** USHER
Take u there********SEAN KINGSTON
Lollipop** **********Lil WAYNE
Get Away** ********RICK ROSS & MARIO WINANS
Shawty get loose**** LIL MAMA, CHRIS BROWN & T.PAIN
Crazy**************USHER & R.KELLY
Sexy can I**********RAY J & YUNG BERG
Heaven Sent********KEYSHIA COLE
Rock with U** ******JANET JACKSON
Touch my Body***** MARIAH CAREY & R. KELLY
Love is wicked******BRICK & LACE
Whine Up**********KAT DE LUNA & ELEPHANT MAN
What u wanna do**** D'BANJ & MO HIT ALL STARS
One 4 Me** ********NAETO C & WANDE COAL
Carry de go*********DARE ART ALADE , NAETO C & TU FACE
Pamurogo********** 9ICE
Street Credibility**** 9ICE
Ifunaya************* P SQUARE
Move ur Body** *****D'BANJ
Booty Call** ******** D'BANJ & WANDE COAL
Tru love** ********* TU FACE
If love is a crime***** TU FACE
Lagimo** *********** ROOFTOP MC
Mase** ************* STYL PLUS
Bubbly************** COLBIE CAILLAT
Say** ************** JOHN MAYER
I am not who i was****BRANDON HEATH
Bless the broken road* RASCAL FLATTS

Am sure i have more but at the moment these are songs making me groove, move and reflect..... and as you can see am appreciating and loving my Naija bruvers. Anyways its almost time to go home, still at the office, ill definately be up here tomorrow for y'all.
Love & peace........T

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hey y'all
Am back at work now but my weekend was soooooooooooo refreshing and imagine having a day off work on a Monday, its soooo DIVINE. Well as we all knw a holiday in the U.S is like heaven meanwhile the U.K always have some Bank holiday, wonder if they work at all sometimes..
It was a lovely weather Saturday thru Monday drove to D.C with my girl Nife & sis, went into the Nine West store in Georgetown, they had some lovely shoes and right now the IN THING is the Gladiator look on ur feet, fashion and its wild changes. Well i fell in love with the shoes and am definately going to get some this summer.
Anyways back to my weekend, Sunday unfortunately and i beat myself as i say that, could not make it to church, had my cousin in town hooked up with him briefly and turned in for the night.
This day was so unexpected but real fun, memorial day woke up just basking in the joyous thot that i did not have to go to work , and by noon had my girls calling and decided to all meet up, kemi came over scooped us up, went over to bisola's, rotimi came over with a death wish of food and i mean GOOD FOOD, lol, later on rotimi cooked us our traditional jalepeno pepper stew with all sorts of beef, chicken & palm oil (Dishing out a recipe), lol and believe me when i say we were miles away from keeping fit, we ate all we could that is for sure. When we had finished eating rotimi's first round of food, My girl Bisola decided to have a MAKE OVER, her site would be coming up soon and she is the proud entrepreneur of DIVA RUSH MAKE OVERS, well we had make overs with head gears all looking adorable and pretty, and then urs truly Ms bum bum came over too and then renny, it was a fun day and we were there till almost midnight, i truly love having my girls around me cuz we just make fun of each other and talk about anything and everything.
Kemi & Toke had a glamoarous make over and ill be posting some few pix on my blog.
Eventually we all got tired from eating and went home and dreaded having to resume work on tuesday but alas am up as u can see and so far work has been ok not too bad.
I had an interesting weekend and glad i woke up today realizing that PRAYER is the key to a breakthrough, i had alone time with God last night and it felt so rewarding cuz am so expectant for what i dont know but am sure its a good and marvellous thing.
N'ways got to go ill definately keep u posted and u all have a lovely week......

Friday, May 23, 2008


A marriage vow:

I this day take you, to be my lawful wedded wife cuz i love you

I dont know what the future holds, but i can tell you this,

I am not hopeful to love you till eternity,

I am not promising to give you all you deserve,

I am not an optimistic person,

Cuz there is nothing to be optimistic about,

At this point at the rehearsals everyone is like STOP, but he says wait i am not done,

I say i am not an optimistic person, i am not hopeful to love you till eterntiy BECAUSE:

I am SURE to love you till eternity,

I am SURE to make you happy,

I am SURE to give you all you desire, because my heart beats to yours

I give you my heart as i take yours in my palm and

Nuture it with all the love and care mine has to give....................

I love you and always will.

As they get prepped for brain surgeries, these 2 lovers hold hands and ask for a lil more time to be alone and make love, cry and pray for a succesful surgery. And as they are about to leave
she says : see u after the surgery
He says : u bet
She says: what if i dont make it (crying)
They kiss and head back to their respective rooms and get prepared for surgery, he goes first and dies on the Operating table, she is in shock and a total mess but decides to go on with the surgery even though the surgeons and her parents urge her not to, she said "Do u knw how mad he would be if i do not go through with the surgery, if i die ill be with him, if i live, he is not done loving me.......

6 quirks??

Hey everyone was up hope u r getting into the groove of the weekend?? My girl chika tagged me so i guess i have to do this so here we go.....
In case u dont know, 'QUIRK'is an odd habit and i wld say i av quite a few

1. I dont like hot food , hell no i put my food in the fridge to cool down cuz for me, the taste of the food goes with the steam, lol but once is warm or at least cool u enjoy the flavor.

2. I experiment with my cooking and look at ingredients and just cook them up, which also is evident in my eating i love to experiment with food.

3. I am a handy man in a girls body. I am very good with my hands and my strength amazes me sometimes at the things i do and weight of things i carry.

4. I am a very emotional person and i might hide it but when its too much to bear i either scowl , get moody , cry a river or dance like am high on Dance fever.

5. I dont watch movies with a group , i enjoy watching my movies solo. Helps me appreciate the movie more and allow my emotions go the extra mile.

6. I dont like sci -fi movies especially with aliens or creatures that crawl or look like S's.

So cheeks i hope i tried cuz not sure its the bomb, lol and sorry dont knw how to tag.

love Mola....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hows everyone?? i believe well. I av been fighting the flu bug and had a terrible sore throat over the weekend. Lost my voice but am back at work and my voice is still gone but with a little effort i can make out words.. funny and i handle the phones hope i wont get my office shut down today.

I have been getting back to my wholeness ever since my trip to motherland and i think i am finally getting there. i was a bit overwhelmed and distorted and trying to figure out what i needed to do and wanted to do fortunately i learnt, "GOD SOMETIMES NEEDS OUR TEARS TO TRICKLE DOWN OUR CHEEKS FOR US TO HAVE A CLEARER PICTURE OF WHAT AND WHERE WE SHOULD BE HEADED"

I have figured one important thing and that is, i need to PRAY for direction cuz sometimes it feels like life is going in concentric circles and i end up where i started. But i have been doing a lot of meditating and for me it boils down to what i want, how i vision myself a couple of years from now and how i want to be seen, heard or known however be the case.

I am working on a plan and i am fully convinced its the way forward for me, its taking courage for the unknown, and perseverance for me but i wont stop now cuz whats the point of trying to build on a crashing foundation, i have tried and done the best i could but my best might not be enough for people but i know i have reached my wits end and its time for me to take charge.

Not to worry ill tell u of this plan its a journey am embarking on and when i get to my destination ull be the first to know.

Till i sign on again, stay blessed.......


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yep one of those days did not think it wld come this soon. lol. Am at work at the moment and battling with this flu thingy going on, i can't afford to be down this time.
Well its the same old thing happening just that i think am beginning to understand the meaning of the word (AYE LE) life.
I have been studying life for the past seventeen years and the answers are beginning to unfold right before me.
Its unfortunate people dont appreciate who or what they have and in most cases they dont need to cuz its what they acknowledge that matters most, i think i have found what matters to me now and where i tried to matter does not matter to me anymore. I am going to retrace my steps, search deep into the different circles of my life and take out everything i dont need and even if i am needed i dont want to be found anymore.
I have found my place and i am grateful its warm, full of support, loyalty and unconditional love. Theres no point trying to be everyone's comfort and be left out cold, i have heard and seen but its ok cuz i get it and am happy i realize now.
As Yorubas would say "ENI TA GBAWE FUN, T'OUNJE OSAN"
Nolar thank u for welcoming me cuz i sure do hope to stay a while.
Love always.....................

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hi everyone, been a while huh? i know just been a bit busy and time has been running pretty fast. hope u r all doing gr8.
Am good , am grateful to God for life so far..... back at work in full swing and on top of my game.
Its funny just realized i have a love for shows after they r wrapped up, on my way to Nigeria i got to watch Greys Anatomy on the plane and believe me i am hooked on it like....., am on season 3 and must say the show is topping my faves. it makes the OR or ER very desirable, not to talk of the male species like Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy, Steamy is making me breathless though he is one sexy piece of work when he comes out of the shower, "I hope my boyfriend wont see this" lol.
I love O'malley too he is such a sweetheart, Yang & Burke are one helluva of entertainment, of course meredith, am about to start my next episode so got to go, till i come back its peace & love.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey y'all

Was up??? missed u guys soooooo much hmm its good to be back lol not really i miss my boo...
Naija was fun and my girl's wedding was beautiful. I was there for ten days and believe me i
crave those days cuz my time was well spent with family and loved ones.
Twas good to see my granny and my brothers cuz last time i went i did not spend enough time
with them. My entire family is great thank God for journey mercies to and fro.
My darling Nolar, i miss him like crazy i have never had anyone love me like he does, he is the
sweetest, kindest, most caring and humble man i know. we had fun, it is indeed a blessing to be
yourself around someone and they accept u for who u are.
I got back monday and headed to work tuesday, still jet lagged but am adjusting. Nothing much
is happening now and i ll be updating u more with pix if i can over the weekend just wanted to
say hi and let u knw am back.

I'll also like to thank everyone for making my trip worth while, especially my Good Lord,

parents, brothers, Aunty and the love of my life OLUWADAMILARE, love u lots!