Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of those days

Hope u r all doing swell? I am ere counting down to 5pm... today has been one of those days where it seemed to av started nice but all of a sudden i am down.The aftermath of the Inauguration of the first African American President (BARACK OBAMA) is still overwhelming on this side of the world.
The past couple of weeks have been pretty tense in the United Stated but Thanks God the walk thru Pennsylvania was smooth, now the first family are back to reality to face the praises and critics of the world at large.
So moi? I really feel not like me today, i looked into the mirror to see maybe its the hair cuz i think that has to go, its a remedy for me once my hair do has lost its bounce my appearance is not a fave. Ok so i see the hair but i still feel funny, i think its the xtras i am dragging along and once and for all i need to cut it off, take it off or loose it forever arrrgghh,
I am tired of dealing with this whole work out routine, diet, u get inspired and loose interest half way into it..I am trying to find what wld keep me on track or like OPRAH wld say i av fallen off the wagon how do i get back. I envy those who dont need to shed weight i feel like mine is a curse already hmmhmmhmm!!!! i need motivation.
Dont get me wrong i dont have any complex at all i am head high with moi and i wld say blessed as well with the lovely friends of mine who love moi, on the other hand for fitness and health i amDETERMINED to pull thru this time gosh!! i sound like a broken record.
Hmmmm! i am on this fantasy ride and believe me i dont want to get to my destination yet, if i have one? its pure delight and i am happy with the roads this ride is taking me thru and to ....................

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