Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year & Thank U!!

Happy New year to u all, hows life with u? I presume gr8, i am so delighted to be blogging and so so grateful for life and another year in totality.
The New year was relaxing for me, i was indoors all day cuz i had been to church the night before and so glad i was, as i prayed into the year of 09. Though a part of me still feels like i av not spent enough alone/quality time with God cuz this is a new year pple and i'm not going into the whole cliche thing of a New Year resolution i need to take action on what i need to do. I am glad i av been given the opportunity to live another day and as each seconds goes by i want to make meaning of it.
I hopefully wld keep y'all updated on meaningful things this year and more so ill use this blog as a means of testifying to the good ness of God in my life and am sure he wld be there for u this year if u just hold onto him.
Yesterday i struggled with spending time with God and i could not cuz the previous night which was sunday i did sumtin i should not av done, i am not proud of it, but i am glad i'm beyond it now , cuz yday my spirit man struggled so hard to just be in the presence of God but i was too hard on myself and could not forgive me for what i did...............but God is a wonder, later on in the evening i went home and just as the devil was going to make me do this again i made a CONSCIOUS EFFORT and said u knw what i can't bear to feel the way i felt all day again and immediately i just thought how it wld make God feel and thats how i overcame it.
I was supposed to av blogged yday but i just did not feel right with myself and to top it all work was crazy in a funny aspect.
I'm glad i can share this with u cuz it means i am done with falling for the devil's trap in that particular situation, its a new year and i cannot afford to play into his hands the first few days of the year u can imagine what a year that wld be. We r all sinners but hopefully we start to realize the need to do right and serve the lord because at the end of the day "ITS WAY BETTER WITH HIM".
So here i am wishing u all a prosperous year and i believe so much in this year for gr8 happenings in the life of my family & self as well as so much testimonies to share. Father in heaven i am indeed grateful for the chance u have given me , the favour u bestow on me and most importantly the unfathomable love i cant explain.
Thank u Lord .
Love always ......

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