Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey y'all
Hows everyone doing? hope gr8!!!!!!!! So far urs truly seems to be doing fine.
Its 12.10 am in the morning and i am listening to Keyshia Cole "TRUST" and its on repeat that track takes me to another level.
I actually watched her show and followed it thru till the end where i got to see the launching of her new album with the prestigious in the music globe at her release party in Atlanta, Monica who ft on this track i love, jamie foxx, john legend, seven, producer kwame who makes xplosive mixes and many more.
I listened to other tracks and i am sure i am buying the album, Make me over is club banging, Dont stop, "This is us" i actually dedicate this track to two of my special friends and ill surely be singing it to Nolar, forgive me i'm in the R&B mode but enough of that go listen to the album... for all the lovers out there and those who feel "LIBERATED"
So here we r preparing for the INAUGURATION of the first Black President Barack Obama........
Its kinda nyce to witness the whole frenzy and maybe cuz i av never been a part of the past presidents, i feel the hype about this has a different air around it. Washington Dc is beginning to welcome visitors from out of town, preparations are in motion and for the pple i call labour force of the U.S wld be home at least 90% of them since the day before is MARTIN LUTHER KING day.
I am sure my office wont be closed and that sucks, i am going to try and wiggle my way out cuz jeez this is not sumtin u go to work for we all shld sit at home, relax and wactch OBAMA fulfill the DREAM, cant wait for it.
So still ere listening to my track and oh yes! got 2 new tunes from my home land GIDI by ALAPOMEJI the man called 9ice : LE FENU SO with lord Ajasa and BERE MI (ASK OF ME), i am so feeling Bere mi and i av to give it to 9ice he is the true indigene the way he puts in idioms & folklore into his music is a signature brand that cannot be contended with for a long time. Bravo.
What else hmmmmmmm.. spoke to a dear friend who inspired me to write way back from 98 and he encouraged me to share a note i posted on fbook and the comments and encouraging words were so overwhelming, I am humbled and grateful to u all.
I am in love with writing cuz, it helps me express myself in ways that i wont have ordinarily been able to and it also helps me reach into depths i did not knw i even had, for that am grateful to u time flies.
I better go to bed cuz for sum reason my body aches, yes i started working out ( Trust me i m tired of hearing me say it too) lol, need a critical body massage infact, need a vacation, need to be spoiled spa & all the works with the best hands.
On the real i think i am kinda loosing it now, ill av to come back & check tomorrow if anything i said here made sense off to bed i go.
Stay positive....

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