Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey pple,
How r u all today? i believe swell its a great day to start with.......
Its mid week so by now u should be used to my excitement. So lets see what have i been up to:
The weekend was cool reconnected with my very good friend and went on a mad shopping spree, jeez i cannot believe the damage i caused, but at the same time i do spoil myself once in a blue moon and last weekend seem to av had the moon blue! They had a lot of sales going on at themall and i got some pretty good deals and now am splurging even though the red lights seems to be blinking fast....... ALLOW ME!!!
I had quite a busy day on sat, walking the mall answering a dozen and one calls from family & friends and ended the night with a bad headache.
So i wake up sunday dragging lazily around the house, then we had my girls bibi & dacosta calling us to come over and eat thanks to the traditional stew they made "AYAMASE". As the name depicts in our dialect its the forbidden stew the wife is not to cook for her husband why??? he wld never look elsewhere which is why the husbands beg pls dont cook. We had more of a girls evening cuz bunmi came to join us later and as the night crawled in we were all there dreading MONDAY.... the hustle continues.
Got home and tried to prepare for monday and went to bed later than i expected and there goes the alarm dang!!!! got to work it was a bit of a slow day and what could have been worse my pc shut down, i tried to adjust the plugs but all to no avail, oh! well tomorrow is another day
Tuesday: VETERANS DAY why do i av to go to work arrrggh! my sis gets to stay home shucks! its a cold day and i get to work and the Pc is still off so imagine how the day went..... luckily i brought my Bible with me so had the rest of the day to go over the little informations & facts of Genesis that i am ashamed to say i was ignorant of alas i got a clearer & better understanding. Maybe God needed me to look into the word rather than facebook.
Anyhoos i am counting down till 5pm and yes i am dragging myself to the gym God help me cuz am tired of working out jeez cant i just wake up and be Halle berry lol.... Nah dont want to be that small i av some fans who wld be mad if they dont see the Teju they know! U knw urself wink!...
Alrighty stay blessed y'all.

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