Monday, November 24, 2008

THE YEAR SO FAR........08

The year is certainly coning to an end, weeks av gone by and all of a sudden lately my mind has been wondering............
What have i achieved this year,
What am i proud of letting go,
What did i do better this year compared to last year,
Whats my goal for next year,
How am i celebrating the end of the year,
Hows my spiritual life, emotional, financial ...etc.
Now i pause and i realize, so many times we pass thru the various months of the year and when its nearing its end we start to pressure ourselves to do things we cld av done over the past few months in days.
I am a guilty party trust me, its been a roller coaster of a year for me .
The interesting part of my year seemed to have been the first half of the year, i loved every moment, all the new discoveries, a lot of my friends & family got hitched, babies on the way and i got to celebrate with them.
I'm indeed thankful for my friends who made it to the altar this year and am so loving the mothers too i am a God mother to like 3 kids already and all boys aint that sumtin? lol.
This is therapy for me writing this and just to share and let u knw sometimes we av those down days or times but the best gift one can have is surrounded by true friends and vessels God uses to uplift u, encourage u and make u feel like u r not alone.
This 3 pple were there for me, listening to me and advicing me from experience & wld listen to me anytime of the day and ill like to tell u guys i love u very much and blessed to av u as friends
Shorty Thomas: Girl u knw i got ur back any day and love u loads.
Jobzy: What wld i do without u, far away yet so near, ur encouraging words & mails are like.............. u knw!
Yetty mama: i wonder how ill av survived ere without u! got mad love for u and foshooo its been real babes!! lol
My iyawo & bumz i cannot express my gratitude for being there always esp u kems, U rock!
So enof of the acknowledgements am in a good place now and sincerely it had to do with my girl!!! God truly is amazing and i keep discovering his amazing love for me, his favour upon my life and the hope i av in him...
FOR THAT AM GRATEFUL O LORD, and i knw soon ill be shouting ur praises to the heavens for your blessings to come.
Peace & love

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Anonymous said...

U make me wanna contribute HUGE into ur life so that this time next year, U'd be givin' me some form of Kudos!!...........LOL.......Kiddin'........Keep up the good work.