Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hiya pple,
how u all doing? I am ere tired more like my eyes have a mind of their own jeez! Been a while huh? i knw but so much has happened and some not of any importance believe me. I av been going thru what i call an evolution, i discovered so many things in a short while and i have come to realize the choices we make are what shapes us in most cases and i liken that to "the choice to be happy".
So much can go on to just divert ur focus and weigh u down which has been whats been going on with me until saturday when God used my girl bibi to reach out to me cuz i know that was God cuz right after the overtake of bibi's mouth she returned to her crazy self lol but in all i knw she's got my back we understand ourselves in the language we knw best......
I have chosen to be happy no matter what the situation is and i wont allow anyone or anything ruin it cuz trust me the thot of being ere right now is enof to sadden me... Kems thats for u,lol.
Another eventful day was yday when i called the U. k and i spoke to my girl bimz am so happy for her cuz its been a long time coming and finally i pray from ere on its a joyful ride, cuz thru the rough times i gave up but she kept the faith and am glad she is one place she needs to be and wants to be. Go on with ur bad self girl!
So back to me.. am back on my routine and seems i am getting there, enjoying salads big time and gr8 work out but............. i need my girl Dacosta to get her butt to mines over the weekend to cook the sinful delicacy of hers cant wait, and am also grateful to her as well she is an inspiration to me thru her strength and her faith in God. I knw soon ur bleeding wld be turned to blessings ull be knocked off ur feet by God!
My playlist is getting real good and hopefully tomorrow i can share my feel of music at the monent with u, but for now i need to go back to pretending am working while i rest my eyes.
Love u all!


rotimi said...

girl u r so crazy but i love u loads
u and this ayamase, hmmnnnn, i will tell uncle for you ohh
ur blog is off the chain sweets.. wish i had been coming here often, now let me go back to work, lol
don't count on seeing me this weekend oh, i might just snooze through out as pastor B has been using my car since she landed.. oh my God, this is not facebook wall, lol, sorry, got to go now but really i pray for the Lord to make ur obvious writing skills extraordinary in Jesus Name Amen

Anonymous said...