Thursday, January 14, 2010

TITHES & BLESSINGS............

    I know been gone for a while, sorry faithful ones just been all over the place. School started and other lil things along the side. Hope everyone is swell, hows 2010 coming so far? I said it already the hype was going to die in a week or so seems we all have resolved back into the same routine, no??? Hope not  cuz this is the beginning of the year and the perfect time to set your goals and walk towards them.
I was reading Open Heavens a few mins ago and there it said, the one who has no goal seems to have too much time in his hands while the goal- setter has little time to attain his goals cuz he is managing it well.
Let's not be like the former, do something different this year, that you would look back in December 2010 and give urself a pat on the shoulder.
So my post title Tithes yes, i am so excited cuz the first time in a very long time i gave my tithe in church last week sunday, everytime i remember i am proud of myself....I think the time had come for me to realize it was my obligation to tithe and not at my pleasure. It felt good and y it did?
Everytime i wanted to in the past, i had a bill to pay, i had something to do or it just never was enough, sometimes i wanted to act on faith but i was not  convicted too, but i hia it every sermon PAY YOUR TITHES, my mum hammered into my ears PAY YOUR TITHES, after a while it stopped being a sermon to me, i thought maybe God was talking to me thru these mediums.....
I cant keep asking and not receive, yet go back and try to lash God when i sit on what i have, thinking of fixing my hair, buying clothes & shoes and not even think of 20 dollars lest alone my tithe.
About Nov 2009 a friend of mine challenged me, she invited me to a programme, we had been talking previously as we rode to church, she told me she had nothing in her account, i was going to give her some money but we had arrived at church. As the programme reached its end, we were asked to put our offerings in and i saw her give all  she had, which she told me earlier if it were coins she emptied all cuz God saw her heart. DANG!!!!!!
I always wanted to give an offering anytime i am in church, but when i am left with coins in my bag, i feel its too little for GOD which i am right about, but my friend  gave all with love in her heart, cuz she had to offer to GOD, so while she thought.....God for today this is what i av but i give with love, i am thinking of status??? a big wake up call for me and i vowed to never ever complain or worry when i had to offer anything to GOD.
So church was great and when it was time to offer i gave my tithe with joy afterwards and a big picture is God has blessed me more, so i have no excuse.
I just wanted to share this with u all and hopeful that some of this experiences of mine which to some might sound lame, or Un-necessary, would help or inspire one person someday.
The great lessons of life i have learnt are testimonies and Diaries of famous writers, or movies or if they affect and inspire me , i hope i do so to someone. I have a testimony already of encouraging a new friend i made...she read my posts and we hooked up on twitter. She was going through an emotional time, I could be there for her not because i am a relationship expert but because I had gone thru what she did and God brought me thru it. I must av been bitter then and asked GOD O why me? but if today my experience gave me the wisdom to help someone thru hers then its a blessing in disguise, and worth it to share!
Its my calling to help & encourage others and its a passion ill take to my grave......
My heart goes out to the families in Haiti and i am moved cuz of the little kids who need shelter, food , drugs , pls whatever we can lets try to help and pray for them in this trying time. or u can text YELE  to 501 501 its $5 and u can send about 6 times, nothing is too little.

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We love you dear...Its such a huge priviledge to part of the Twam...I'm blessed.