Sunday, January 3, 2010


It feels good doesn't it to see the beginning of another year?? I am excited and although everyone was all gassed up about the holidays & the resolutions one thing we need to see in hind sight is the maturity that is required of us as we grow into another year, birthdays wld be celebrated so i believe a year older, a step wiser.........2009 was a gr8 year for many as well as a sad one for others but overall we cannot underestimate the good that came out of 09.
Its 2010 now and instead of storming my brain trying to come up with a resolution, i av decided to set goals for myself, targets and parameters.All these to help me develop myself, grow and get out of that box of cant or wont, not sure, maybe! its time to put ur heart in what u believe in and go for it.....thats my motto this year.
Rather than spend time on unnecessary things, get worked up over petty stuff or engage in anything not yielding positivity for me, ill spend time getting closer to what God has designed for me, i am discovering the talents he has put in me and i think i am going to get close to writing a book or be a daily inspirational writer for who i dont knw yet but peole who need to live again , who have lost hope, who need a lil love, who need to knw God is not out of reach he is right there u just believe and open ur arms.
I am enjoying writing fiction , and i am a sucker for romance & passion as well so soon ill be introducing u all to a new blog i av which is just where i travel in my mind, inspired by couples, books, movies and a definite essence of myself.
God has been amazing to me and although i av not been deserving, i av resolved to stop asking for forgiveness, rather be thankful for grace and stop doing the same old things, i need to grow and cant keep sitting expecting ill walk. I am grateful for the new friends i av made thru the amazing networking of twitter and facebook and even though i almost got lost into it at one point i am glad i av re-focused on whats important and so help me God ill be sharing my experience on here as much as i can.
School begins tomorrow , not looking forward to it but i am walking and working with a new attitude it cant break me, i own this and ill be giving u a piece of my day at school for sure. I knw there wld be days ill not sound as re assuring as i sound now, i am only human but i hope and pray i never forget God is a prayer away.
Have a beautiful year ahead....xoxoxoxo


OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

Very interesting and inspiring post, says a lot about a bit of what I intend to achieve in 2010...I wish us all good luck...

I am Chika said...

Nice one babes.Happy new year again!!!Your new background is fab