Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hope everyone is in gr8 health? Its also an opportunity as well to be grateful for life and the lil tins in life we take for granted. The crisis in countries like HIATI and my mother land NIGERIA (religious crisis in Jos) gives u a perspective of life and time u never imagined before.
Its been gruesome on my spirit to watch the news especially about HIATI, my spirit was broken and i shed tears shamelessly as i watched kids lay dead in hundreds , i see new borns on drips, in the filth and shambles of the EARTHQUAKE.........Babies have no clue i couldn't take it gosh! its disheartening.
As CNN reporters help and report the news, they reported on the babies running out of formulas, and their mothers have to feed dem with MILK which is not healthy for their system as new borns. Well they end up Purging, getting dehydrated and pass out! BABIES?? I urge everyone to do what they can this is more about humanity not about RACE or WEALTH, imagine it was ur child!
I keep praying for them , and then i reflect on my country and the crisis in Jos...God i dont knw what to say we need in NIGERIA but i knw U r the center of it, we need a clean sweep, we need a washing and flushing out of the bad eggs. We the youths all sit and complain, yet get frustrated at nothing being done but WHAT CAN WE DO?
Our hands r tied as much as we try to break free, we speak up and get scared for our lives or families and loved happened during Ababcha's reign and the same goons are the ones still leading! God give us our country back, things r looking up with the youths of the country we need u to take us thru cuz its a long walk from where we desire!
Today is not really a day for me to blog about Nigeria i wld soon, but my heart is with my motherland no matter how far away from it i am.
On a lighter note, its ben gr8 so far, God has been merciful and good to me and i dont deserve it but i can only say THANK U to God.
A new semester has started for me, not sure about my instructor yet i av had 2 classes but really not feeling this semester and i think i knw why...................
I want to go home, i miss home and just tired of this hustle (sigh) but home as well has its challenges oh well! God in u i trust to make this journey a smooth ride even when it seems bumpy!
TWAMILY....yes i heart this special pple with all, facebook, twitter has been a force of love, more beauty than Ugliness has come from this social websites and for me its been twitter.
A place where like minds meet, share, inspire and encourage the other thats what my twamily (Family) is about, i cant wait to go see them in July and just celebrate love & friendship.......Shout at to Osagie, Chika, Ann, Dupe, James, Neso, Dammy, Skittonia (life of the party) Damani, and a special one to my new friend i av made for life Kaelo.....I heart u babes, thank u all for the love!
Lets make this yr 2010 one to remember 7/10...........the time is NOW!
Live for today and let God worry about tomorrow!!


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I am Chika said...

We love you babes...Its a huge pleasure being a part of the Twam.I Love every single member of the group.