Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey pple,
             Howdy? welcome to another end of the month...guesss this is how the countdown begins to another Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Hope everyone has been gr8, cuz i av been and its all thanks to God.
School has started in earnest and its no joke but we r doing it, my first paper was graded and lets just say i still got the brains (lol). Each week unfolds with its assingments & expectations, this week its a team presentation and i love my team members! phew! compared to my last class o no this is a cool one. Anyways that aside, my personal ish!! not much has been going on with me, same ol same ol been a bit boring but cooking up stuff in my head. I said earlier i was writing sum juicy stuff well soon ill let u in on it...just that these days too much typing is numbing the finger.
I am on twitter catch ur girl on there, cuz i am a shameful twitterholic and i love it, its therapeutical and more enjoyable cuz i have the best twam ever. i keep talking about them, they might not even knw their worth but its like this.....U knw wen u think u av no one who cares or sees u, ur fam got ur back anyday and i say so cuz Twitter cld be a ridiculous show of annoying fame and immature brains. My pple we r the coolest ever so if u want to knw hop on the ride and ff @teyjuhmohlah on twitter thats urs truly.!
My wknd is sorta quiet, staying in watching movies and late afternoon have to read sum chapter on my team assignment, all ill say is i better get that money! :)
Well february i am hoping wld be better and it has to be the lovers definitely wont let us hear it! St. Valentines has started hovering, lol.
Have a good wknd y'all and stay blessed! Mwah
Sorry i am boring just had to blog its been a while..................


Anonymous said...

Oh well... sounds like the year is fully up and running.. ace dem books!!!

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Hmmm might try that twitter thingy again....
February is gonna be better.
Get that money mami.
Goodluck in school!!!