Saturday, January 2, 2010


Its been a while...............
I fell in love with u as hard as i fought not falling

I cld not believe cupid shot me his arrow, more amazed at how fast i fell again
Do u not learn?? Cupid has shot one too many and they end up broken!
I resisted falling but i fell anyways, ur Charm was irresistable....
This time like many others I fell hard but with a difference,

I fell with reserved strength to rise when cupid left a hole in my heart.....
I was ready to laugh at cupid when it decided it was time to leave,
Ill be fine cuz u wont be the first to leave..................
All these thoughts in my head i loved u still
Days gone by, months pass and Years have rolled by,
Cupid's arrow slowly reveals its beauty
The reflections are captivating to the eyes..........
I fight it , but can u fight urself????
I try not to look in ur eyes cuz i see my future but scared its a mirage
I try not to hold u for long, cuz like a ghost i predict ull become
I try not to think of you, even though my thoughts cant process anything else
I try not to dream of you, cuz waking up is like torture and ill rather remain in trance

I try not to believe love found me........
Loving u flows like a rhythm, sweet and pleasing to the ears
Loving u makes life simple and optimistic
Loving u gives me reason to smile
Loving u has taught me maturity
Loving u has blessed me
Loving u is what ill choose to do in another life!!
I av found the one to whom i am ALL to.........

~ TejuMola


Anonymous said...

...eventually, we always do find "...the one to whom i am ALL to........."

Fallen Truth Betold said...

"Loving you is what I'll do in another life"
Those words, will remain with me. I lik'em :)