Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy New Month....

Hey y'all
How r we doing???? its the beginning of a New month and my oh! my, we wld close our eyes and open them its DECEMBER again. Now that i believe we r all done with our New year's resolutions and all, I think its time we set the ball rolling right?
I av been making some discovery and i am beginning to think about writing but i wont let u knw what its on for now, as well as get my website up for PHOTOGRAPHY.
As u knw i love to mess with my camera and i am thinking of going into portraits and artisitic graphics and editing, still learning the ropes and o yes need to get my camera, but i av had notable outstanding photographers comment my work and agreed to show me a thing or two
Xprexxion owned by the ever jovial DEJI we call him Deji xprexxion and me thinks he rules D.c
Tunji Sarumi photos he resides in Baltimore and has a Unique way of capturing events thru Pics
Shola Animashaun who is well known in Nigeria, takes lovely pics as well and i get drawn to the way he adds a splash of color to his Black & white pictures.
DRAW - Dr. Wale Ajao, My Cousin who i believe is an exceptional one cause he is a Doctor by profession and puts that aside to go in to mind blowing pictures, he has been willing to teach me a few things i just need time to get it all together.
So there, my goals for this year, I am trying to get myself well equipped and get my friends to model, i believe soon ill be putting up a website where u guys can view pictures and not so much of the finness of it but the artisitic work behind it. Again i stress i am not the everyday photographer yet cuz i knw the critics wld be there to nail me, lol i am just one who loves to invent a different view to a normal pic taken.
On the other hand i say LAUGHTER is the best remedy ..COMEDY is the best shrink, i dont think i av laughed as much as i did this whole weekend, i went on youtube and decided to listen to Nigerian comedians likes of TeeA, Basket mouth(crazy guy), Teju babyface( My Namesake)koffi, Gandoki, I go dye, in short i av had a whole lot of ROTFLMAO. Laughing makes u feel younger and appreciative of life in general, and i must say i give kudos to all this wonderful guys cuz it takes a lot to make others laugh while u av ur own worries like the rest of us all.
I am grateful to have met a lot of people in this lifetime, and fbook as much as we all might not want to admit, has brought a lot of us closer and respectful of each other as fellow contemporaries or even competition.
I pray and hope as we all move on this year to our goals, aspirations and dreams we make the best of what we have, humble ourselves, rid our hearts of any negative feeling towards ur fellow being and just let God take us to the unattainable heights we dream of, HUMBLE URSELVES AND BE TRUE TO WHO U ARE, ull be surprised how gr8 u wld become......
On that note.............
Mola says Peace & love!!!

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