Friday, May 30, 2014


It must be a dream, the faint cry is definitely not your reality
Struggling through sleep, shutting out that noise…
The guilt in your chest if you lay there one more second
You blink your eyes and the sound gets audible, your child
No one ever has the perfect rule to being a mother
If God blessed you with a child, he sees you through each phase……
Half awake, with a headache, the TV on, bumping into clothes on the floor
You stretch out and carry your little one, cuddling him to sleep
Then your hands are wet, where is the water you touched????
Then your chest feels wet too, the adorable one is all wet, !!!DIAPER CHANGE
You grab the wipes, diaper, butt paste, and change the little one
That sweet sound of their cry… you have to change the little onesie
Then the little fingers grab at your breast, its feeding time……..
Tired, barely enough energy left in you, you feed your child
As he latches on taking all he can take, while you pray not to doze off,
He takes his fill and you cuddle him again as you rub his back for a burp
Finally the burp, slowly drifting back to sleep, zzzzzzzz
Thank you Jesus you say as you slowly creep back to sleep
Then the alarm goes off 6am? What! I just closed my eyes
But no darling that was 2 hours ago, you have been sleeping since 4am
Gently creeping out of the bed, so you can have some quiet……
The sweet melodious cry and you pick him up for another feed….
After his fill, the burp, he lays comfortably in your arms, sleeping
You smile through the tiredness, the headaches, the issues you think you have
And smile at the gift of life God has blessed you with, the humbling experiencing
Being responsible for another life, watching each milestone and getting through it!!!
The nights you stayed up as he was born, the nights you barely slept cuz he was ill
The mornings you had to come in late to work for his doc’s appointments
The days you had to call off work, because of a cold/congestion he couldn’t shake off
The days you realized you hadn’t eaten all day, the days you were to burnt out to cook
The times you find a pacifier in your handbag, your car keys in the laundry basket
Your cell phone under the bed or in between a heap of clothes, or in the fridge
The days you fantasized about shopping for yourself and smile knowing who are u kidding
Every shopping is now all about him, Mama can always mix & match and if she can’t tough luck
Its all about you Kiddo.
And no matter how tired, frustrated, scared, unsure we mothers get atimes….
Always remember God knew you could handle it!!!

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